Giggles and Smirks by AndromedaMarine

Author's Note: Written on the request of and for the title prompt given by sparklyshimmer2010.

She giggled! He smirked at her across the briefing room table, making it clear what he was thinking. There – she giggled again! It was kind of hard not to notice, since everyone was staring at her for the briefing. Damn – why did SG-1 have to be there? It was so much more embarrassing! She shot the same look back at him and desperately tried not to laugh again. He smirked again, waggling his eyebrows to make her giggle.

"Ahem," Daniel coughed, kicking John's leg under the briefing table. He gave John that look that meant 'knock it off or I'm telling the whole room that you and Elizabeth are going out.' Immediately John stopped sending Elizabeth the looks, but the giggles continued.

Vala's eyes were wide and her smile was huge. She wasn't as oblivious to the exchange between John and Elizabeth as Rodney and Cameron were, and Sam seemed to be catching on. John and Elizabeth barely heard what Sam and Rodney were bickering about.

"It'd be like putting together a...Saint Bernard and a Chihuahua." Rodney leaned back in his chair.

"And the problem with that would be?" Vala retorted, showing off her teeth as she grinned at Rodney.

Rodney coughed and leaned forward. "Well, it's obviously a matter of...oh. You're, um, mocking me, aren't you?" Vala caught about the fiftieth look that John shot Elizabeth.

Daniel gave Rodney a look that said 'don't go there.'

"Oh, no – I'm not from Earth – I obviously didn't get the reference," Vala offered, also seeing Daniel's expression. He wanted to go do something productive. Like kiss Vala.

Rodney brightened. "Oh! Well, they're both dogs -"

"McKay!" Sam practically yelled.

After the din died down and after Elizabeth realized what was going on, she said, "Colonel Carter, please, continue."

John smirked again. "If he speaks again I'll shoot him." Rodney paled, not sure if John was joking or not.

Sam mouthed, "Thank you," across the table.

She giggled again! An agonizing twenty minutes later, when Sam and Rodney were done bickering about yield calculations, the briefing ended.

Vala had figured out that between John and Elizabeth, giggles and smirks was their way of making plans for later. She "accidentally" interrupted a rather spectacular kiss not four minutes after they left the briefing room.