Words: 1,006

Author: KcRae

A/N: Multiple POV. Hope you're satisfied and let me know if the format is okay, I usually don't write multiple view points in one chapter. Thanks again for reading.


Casey hurt. Deeply. She'd always imagined while he joked and poked fun that maybe when she left in the morning it didn't hurt him too badly, now she knew she'd been wrong. She remembered him waking up as she crept out the door, trying to be quiet. Now she was watching him get dressed, only he wasn't doing it quietly because he was sneaking away, he was doing it quietly because it hurt him too. She could tell. He'd been great, wonderful actually. A night with Cappie had always been a night enjoyed but now he had to leave her, go back to Rebecca. Casey hated the girl for it but knew the guilt would kill her if Rebecca had gone in search for Cappie and found him in Casey's room. Rebecca was still her Little Sis after all.

"Case, I-" His voice broke. Casey was reminded of the hotel lobby.

"Go Cap, its okay." Even though it wasn't. Casey tried not to be selfish.

"No, it's not. But it will be." She didn't have time to think about his remark because he kissed her on the forehead and was out of the room before she could respond.


He hated to leave her there. He knew how bad it felt but he couldn't leave things with Rebecca the way they were. Besides, he'd be back. He'd always be back whether he consciously chose to be or not. He'd just follow his feet and there he'd be.

Right that moment though he needed to talk to Beck's. Sort some things out. When he went in the room was pitch, no street light could penetrate Rebecca's room the way it had Casey's. He was trying to be quiet but he heard movement and suddenly the room was flooded with light. He hid his eyes slightly with a groan.

"Hey Cap." She startled him.

"Becks, you're up?"

"I've been since you left." Oh. Cappie felt a pang of guilt tighten his chest. He hadn't wanted it to be like this. Cappie has been called a lot of things by a lot of women but cheater had never been one of them.

"Becks, I'm sorry." He really meant it. He'd been weak.

"Don't be. We're not even together anymore." He didn't think she looked angry, just sad. If anything that was worse. "Cap, we're over. We've been over. I just wanted a little more time and I got it. Thank you." She was positively lucid. Cappie didn't know what to think.

"No, don't thank me Becks. I shouldn't-I was wrong." She smiled then and tilted her head.

"For what? It's always been Cappie and Casey. I knew it the whole time. Cap, even Rusty knew." She laughed and it nearly broke him. He wanted to be with Casey but he'd been unfair to Rebecca. He'd been a jerk, he'd been like Evan.

"I'm still sorry. I didn't mean to do what I did. I didn't use you." Rebecca sighed and sat on the bed. "I didn't mean to treat you bad Becks, I was unfair to you." He meant it.

"Yeah, you were. But it's over now and…I had fun. We had fun." He smiled and sat down next to her.

"That we did. Are you really okay?" He put his arm around her as she sagged against him.

"I'll be alright. You know, I don't like her right now, but Casey's not so bad, at least I can respect her." Cappie almost fell of the bed. "I saw you with her; you really do care about her don't you?"

"I-uh, yeah." He was really too shocked to say anything else.

"Good. Then you're off the hook."


She watched him leave. They'd had their goodbyes and now he was gone. She'd known it before but seeing it happen still hurt. She'd be okay though, she was Rebecca Freaking Logan after all.


Casey was still lying in bed. She was watching the sunrise because she couldn't sleep, no matter how tired she was. She just kept playing in her head all the times she'd walked away from Cappie and how much it hurt the one time he'd walked away from her. Well, if she counted the lobby two times, but who was counting? Then Casey thought about Rebecca. What would she do when she saw them together tomorrow? How would she look her Little Sis in the eye? She was so lost in thought she almost didn't notice the door open. She braced herself for Rebecca but when she turned around it was Cappie standing in the first light of day. His hair was messy and his eye's had bags under them. He was smiling this soft, weak smile at her.

"Cappie?" It was all she could say. She wanted to get up and run to him but he looked a little rough around the edges. "I thought…what about Rebecca." He shrugged his shoulders.

"She was awake, the whole time. We're over. She, uh, doesn't want me to screw this up again."


"She says 'Hi', by the way." He walked over to the bed and sat down heavily. "I mean that is, if you want, I guess I just-"

"Cap," she tugged him down to lay next to her, "I do want."

"Good." He smiled playfully but she could see the relief as his shoulders sagged. "So what would you like to do today madam president?" Casey thought about it. There were a lot of things she should do and several things she wanted to do, really though only one thing stood out.

"I think, pie?" He laughed, turning towards her and kissing her cheek.

"Yes ma'am."