So… here I am with yet another ASOUE fic. This time, it's Lemony/Beatrice. Based on page 667 of the commonplace book entitled A Series of Unfortunate Events. Enjoy!

Kit, of course, is the sister of Lemony, my former lover, who I fear is now dead. He was accused of murder and arson by Geraldine Julienne another of our numerous enemies. I did not believe the article in the least, but Bertrand convinced me to leave his side, saying that being near him would only bring trouble. I trusted Bertrand, and followed his suggestion, except for cutting off all contact with him. I managed to smuggle a 200-page novel to him, to tell him why I could never be with him.

I strongly regret leaving Lemony's side, as even now, my heart still belongs to him. It can never belong to Bertrand as it belongs to Lemony.

I know that Bertrand was just thinking of the best for me. Even now I feel guilty for marrying a man I can never love with my whole heart. I hope Bertrand never discovers this.

Hope you guys enjoyed :3. I had a lot of fun writing this, even though it is somewhat shorter than my normal fics :D