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"Help me, Lord Sesshomaru!" Her shrill cry caused his amber gaze to glance in her direction. Her arms flailed and she screamed as the demon's claws wrapped around her skinny body, his hand squeezing her with a crushing sound.

He felt his bones tingle as he saw her, helpless, in the demon's hands.

Rin's eyes widened in a fastened horror as she looked upon the lizard looking demon that held her captive. His strong claws gripping her body harder and harder. She felt her bones ready to snap as the grasp continued to overwhelm her small body.

Suddenly, the grip of the demon was loosened. He cried out in pain as Sesshomaru's sword slashed upon his arm. With his loosened grip, Rin was free to submit to gravity, plummeting down towards the earth.

With a sudden and single cry of pain, Rin's head bashed against a rock, knocking the young girl unconscious.

Sesshomaru's eyes widened. For a second, he felt his heart stopping and his skin crawling.

He breathed a silent sigh of relief when he saw her breathing. She was still alive. He looked around for Jaken and Ah-Un, but they were both gone somewhere. Sesshomaru had no choice. Fluently, he gathered her into one of his arms, pressing her against his chest so she wouldn't fall.

The demon recovered from his lost arm, and launched himself at Sesshomaru, his claws squirming upon the ground as he scrabble as fast as he could, fangs flashing in the dark moonlight, tail swishing through the air.

Before the demon could even comprehend what was going on, Sesshomaru's sword was through his throat and back in the sheath, slowly walking off into the distance, a little girl cradled in his arms.

Milky moonlight and the treetop canopies greeted her glazed eyes as they blinked open slowly. Her chest and arms ached, and her head was throbbing painfully. She closed her eyes again. She remembered… she remembered…

Sesshomaru! Her eyes flew open, and she would've leaped to her feet if not for the banging in her head. She sat up quickly, and the throbbing in her head intensified, forcing her back down into a laying down position.

"Rin, you really shouldn't push yourself. Your human body can't take it." Came the squeaky voice of Jaken. She recognized it. She remembered. She was being squashed by the demon when Sesshomaru had cut off the arm, and her head had hit a rock. After that, everything went black.

She rolled over from being on her back to her side to look at Jaken. He was sitting near her, roasting a fish on a fire. Rin felt something warm on her back, and when she turned to look, Ah-Un's back was pressed against hers.

Jaken glanced at her, and looked annoyed. "Are you going to eat or not?" He demanded in his shrill voice. Rin nodded, pushing herself up slowly. This time, her head hurt only a little more. She reached for a fish and a stick, pinning it to the branch before beginning to roast it in the fire.

She glanced around. His familiar face, his monotone voice, his deep eyes, they were all missing. Where had he gone?

Rin turned to Jaken, who was gobbling down his fish. "Hey, Jaken?" She asked. Jaken stopped and turned to her, blinking.

"What, Rin?"

"Where did Lord Sesshomaru go?" She asked. Jaken snorted. To him, Rin was just an annoying girl. He had no idea why his Lord would allow her to follow him. She was such a nuisance!

However, Jaken answered her question. "I don't know where he went! Lord Sesshomaru simply told me to make sure you didn't get yourself in trouble, and then left."

She blinked suddenly as she took a bite of her fish. She remembered what she had been dreaming about…

Her train of thought was broken as she recognized Lord Sesshomaru appearing out of the darkness. His slow and steady footsteps brought comfort to her. Almost instantly, the pain in her head was wiped away, like his hand when he had wiped away the fire when her kimono had caught on fire.

His calm gaze connected with hers for a brief moment, flashing in the firelight. She smiled up at him, before stuffing her face with roasted fish. He swept by both of them, resting by a tree. He felt relief prickling at his arms as he saw that she was all right, and as chipper as usual. He had been worried about her, worried that her small body would be broken. When he had carried her, he hadn't sensed any broken bones, but she was a young human.

Rin looked out into the dark forest. She wondered where Sesshomaru always went when he went out at night. He always liked going out on his own. She hoped he wasn't fighting, she didn't want him to get hurt. But then again, he was Lord Sesshomaru. He was powerful and untouchable. Nobody could hurt him.

Still, she always felt so unprotected when he wasn't by her side. She hadn't really saved his life, back at the time she was in the woods and found him simply lying there. She had brought him food, but he had saved her life. He had brought her back to life when those wolves had killed her. He constantly saved her. He was her guardian.

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