Prompt: 077. What?

Sideswipe whooped and tightened his grip as his current victim barrel-rolled in an attempt to throw him off. The endeavor was futile of course, the red hellion had already learned how to safely wrap his legs around the seeker to keep himself from falling.

"Can't get rid of me that easily Crackerjack!"

The mech below him growled in response and put on a burst of speed. Autobot and Decepticon were momentarily blinded as they flew into a cloud, and were entirely soaked by the time they shot out the other end.

"You know that doesn't work Decepti-freak, now hold still, I'm trying something new."

Apparently, Thundercracker chose to obey, and it was a wise decision on his part. The last time Sideswipe had tried something new, the seeker had protested vehemently and they had left an interesting blue and red smear on the mountainside. Then again, attempting to steer a Decepticon jet through a network of canyons isn't the most intelligent idea in the first place.

With Thundercracker flying steadily beneath him, Sideswipe slowly loosened his vice grip around the seeker. He lay flat on top of the jet for a few moments, and when Thundercracker continued to fly in a straight line, he pushed himself up onto his hands and knees.

"What the slag are you doing?" Thundercracker's shook once beneath the red twin, and Sideswipe shifted to grip a wing tightly.

"Hush, I have to concentrate."

With the jet holding still once more, Sideswipe tucked his legs beneath himself and rose into a crouch. After balancing there for a moment, he slowly began to stand.

"Are you insane? If you fall, your brother's gonna kill me!"

"Exactly. So don't move."

His hands sticking out for balance, Sideswipe rose steadily until he was standing and shuffled his feet outwards. He stood victorious for a few moments, grinning madly from his perch atop the seeker. It didn't last long however, because Thundercracker's flight path took them straight through another cloud. The sudden shock of cold water was just enough to distract Sideswipe and the red twin tumbled head over heels into the abyss. Apparently, flying through a cloud was an effective way to lose an annoying twin.

A few seconds into his freefall, Sideswipe righted himself and managed to deploy his parachute to break his descent. Of course, parachutes don't allow for a lot of maneuverability, and a bright red parachute accompanied by a bright red mech is hard to miss. By the time he hit the ground, Buzzsaw and Lazerbeak had managed to tear him and his paractute up quite nicely. He responded in kind of course, and the pair limped off to Soundwave rather pathetically after he was done.

To say Ratchet was unimpressed with his antics was an understatement. The surly CMO was apocalyptic. When Sideswipe hobbled into the medbay, supported by his twin and holding a mangled arm courtesy of the cassette birds, Ratchet whipped the nearest tool, sending it whistling through the air towards him. It hit the twin's head with a resounding clang, leaving a sizeable dent in his black helmet.


Sideswipe glanced down at the tool that now sat by his feet.

"It's a ratchet," he deadpanned.

Another tool was sent flying towards the red twin, who had the sense to duck and let it sail over his head before straightening again.

"And that would be a wrench."

Ratchet's optics narrowed to slits as he stormed towards Sideswipe, grabbed him by one of his helmet horns and yanked him towards an exam table. The medic then pushed Sideswipe onto it and began yanking at damaged circuitry that would have to be replaced.

"What," tug "was that slag," tug "WITH THUNDERCRACKER?!" yank "Anyone ever tell you not to play with the enemy?" The burnt wires that Ratchet had been puling on finally came loose and Sideswipe yelped as they were torn out. Apparently they had been part of his sensory network because the pain in his arm was now dulled to a low throb. With the pain nearly gone and Ratchet's glaring face inches from his own, Sideswipe grinned.

"Seeker Surfing."

Across the Ark, Prowl winced as he heard the sound of Ratchet's yelling, followed by the sound of something very large colliding with another something large, which was probably Sideswipe judging by the ensuing yelp.

Word Count: 727

A/N: Oh come on, tell me ya didn't see it coming!