Communication Breakdown



There comes a point in everyone's life when the know that one day, they will have to built a tower out of furniture and for Myers and Mulder, this was that day.

"Where is the pencil sharpener?!"

"It's right there!" Myers pointed right in the middle of the tower of furniture they had made. Mulder's eyes went wide

"What the hell is it doing in there?!" He yelled with his arms open at Myers

"I was making the tower and I shoved it in there! Duh!"

"Agent Myers did it ever occur to you that you should have waited until we finished to put it on the top?" Myers was about to say something then stopped. Mulder looked at him knowing "No I guess not" Just then Miss Swan spoke up

"The pencil sharpener must be on top of the tower to be finished" Mulder and Myers both glared at each other

"Well go and get it" Myers argued. Mulder just stared sideways at him

"You put it in there you go and get it" Myers pursed his lips.

"Rock, Paper, Scissors" Mulder rolled his eyes but did it anyway

"Ha! My Rock breaks your scissors!" Mulder declared happily. Myers groaned

"Damn cheap brand scissors" He grumbled as he proceeded to find the pencil sharpener and pull it out. Now even though Myers had a job to do, he couldn't help but let his mind, and eyes, wander to a very attractive Agent Harp standing watching him in the crowd. Myers put his hand in the tower and grasped something that didn't even resemble a Pencil sharpener and pulled it out. Harp smiled then suddenly there was a loud crashing sound and Myers snapped out of his daze to see his tower toppling over off the stage and into another tower that fell into another tower and so forth. Now there were only a few words in Myers's mind that described this instant…the Domino effect. Everyone watch as Fuller ran for the towers as they continued to topple over, trying to save what he could but it was too late.

"Oops" Myers whispered as the last tower collapsed with a crash. Mulder and Myers both looked to see one big giant mess of furniture all around the room. The crowd erupted into laughter.

"Well that went well, I'll remember next time when I say pencil sharpener, I'll know you'll go for the sticky tape machine" Mulder said to Myers who glared sideways at him. Just then a very angry voice echoed throughout the room.

"10 years! 10 years! I have been here and in that time I have never seen such uncoordinated, unresponsive, destructive Agents!"

"Why thank you" Myers said smiling. Miss Swan's eyes narrow and everyone could see she was fuming

"Ah Miss Swan?…" Mulder started but she had, had enough

"OUT! Get out! You, you, you, you and you!" Fuller, Scully and Harp all pointed at themselves.

"Us?" Karen pointed to the door

"OUT! Get out now! I will make sure your Directors will hear about this, now go home! And don't come back" One by one, Mulder, Myers, Fuller, Harp and Scully all moved out the door and stood on the steps

"So what now?" Fuller asked squinting in the sun. Myers smiled

"You heard the woman, it's time to go home" he said as he stepped down a step. The others looked at each other and shrugged.

"Alright then, home time it is..."


It was a long time later and they were on the road

"Well that went well" Mulder said as they drove back towards DC, it had been raining and the road was wet.

"Well? Mulder, you and Myers managed to single handedly send Miss Swan into a Communication Breakdown and not only that, you managed to ruin everyone's towers with a single pull of a sticky tape machine." Scully said from the back seat, sitting in the middle of Agent Harp and Fuller while Myers and Mulder sat in the front. Myers looked at Mulder and smiled

"We did good didn't we" He laughed as Mulder and him Hi Five each other. Fuller, Scully and Harp all looked at them strangely.

"Since when do you two like each other?" Fuller asked suspiciously. Mulder laughed

"We don't, we just know how to 'communicate'" Scully rolled her eyes.

"Ha ha very funny, you know Skinner's going to want us to explain why we're coming home early you know" she said. Myers looked over his shoulder

"We at least you don't have Kersh. Fuller, Harp and I are all in for a long morning tomorrow" Scully nodded slowly

"I bet you will be, I…" Suddenly a loud bang came from the right side of the car. Mulder felt the wheel give a little and pulled over on the dirt.

"What was that?" Harp asked looking out the window

"Flat tire" Mulder said undoing his seatbelt. Scully nudged Harp and Fuller saw it. Harp winked and turned on a seductive voice.

"Ooh, I always like to see a man get down and dirty" Harp smiled, shocking everyone. Just then Myers undid his seatbelt and stretched, opening the door.

"Well Agent Mulder, this tire isn't getting changed, let an expert do it" He said as they both got out of the car. Mulder shook his head

"Oh, no you don't. Do you even know how to change a tire, Paper Pusher?" Myers strolled confidently along the side of the car.

"Do I know how to change a tire? Please, I was born to change a tire" he said as they both got the spanner, jack and the spare tire out. Meanwhile in the car there was laugher as they listened to the ongoing 'communication' between the two agents

"Now we'll see if they learnt anything from the seminar" Harp laughed as they heard Myers shout at Mulder.

"What are you doing Spooks?! Jack first!..." Fuller smiled.

"Hey, 10 dollars we are here for more than half an hour" Fuller betted looking at the girls. Harp and Scully smiled

"You're on!" They all Hi Five each other and continued to listen to the conversation outside

"Come on Agent Mulder please, can't you see I'm trying to impress Agent Harp?" Mulder raised an eyebrow

"I thought you were into Scully?" Myers smiled

"I am but Harp likes men that like to get down and dirty, and how much dirtier can you get than changing a tire?" Mulder rolled his eyes.

"No, now move a side" But Myers didn't let up as he grabbed the spanner. Mulder was getting more annoyed. He stepped aside knowing it would go quicker if he just let Myers do it.

"Ok fine, go for it" he said stepping back. Myers smiled as he started to undo the nut, but he seemed to be having trouble.

"Damn thing!" Myers said through clenched teeth trying to get the stuck bolt to move. Mulder rolled his eyes and knelt down next to him.

"Here let me do it" He offered but Myers shook his head

"No… I'm… Fine…" He pushed with all his might then suddenly the spanner slipped of the bolt and flew up and hit Mulder in the head.

"ARGH! God damn it, Myers!!" Myers stood up as Mulder rubbed his head hard.

"Oh I'm so sorry! It slipped!" Mulder continued to rub his face, saying things that aren't really important right now. Myers tried a smile "Hey look on the bright side, at least you'll only look like an egg head for a few days" he offered. Mulder stopped and his eyes narrowed as he looked at him.



"Run…" Myers's eyes went wide as Mulder stalked towards him.

"Now Spooks remember what we learnt, we need to communicate to…"


"I think I better go!…" Myers didn't even finish before he started to run down the road with Mulder chasing after him. Scully, Harp and Fuller all burst into laughter as they saw Mulder tackle Myers into the mud. Fuller turned to them

"I bet another 20 dollars we will be here for at least an hour longer" Scully and Harp looked at him, then out at the two men mud wrestling.

"You're on Agent Fuller, You're on" They all smiled as Mulder and Myers both continued to wrestle and Scully couldn't help but think of what Harp had said

"I always like to see a man get down and dirty" She smiled as the two men stood up covered in mud.

'Well this ends a good day' She thought as Mulder pushed Myers down the wet muddy embankment. She laughed 'No, that ends a really good day…' She watched as Myers got half way up the hill and slipped and fell back down again.

'A really good day indeed...'



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