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Naruto is not mine

This is my first real try at writing in english, the first stories are mostly things I wrote as a try out to Simply Love forum.

So, I'm in need of a beta-reader to help me in english..anyone?

Sometimes she missed him, sometimes she would look around her and seek inconciously for black eyes with something close to companionship

Sometimes she missed him, she would look around her and seek unconsciously for black eyes with something close to companionship..

"He's being an idiot again"

Because it was kind of lonely when your only friend was so important to everyone he meets, changing their lives with grins and some weird kind of wisdom learned from being hated and lonely. While he was at it what she was supposed to do?

And sometimes he really was an idiot, and it was very nice to sign and look to the side and say without words.

"Can you believe it?"

Knowing someone was thinking the same and going trough the same… and the extra help to take him out of all sort of trouble wasn't bad.

Sometimes she missed her friend

There are times, when she can't really remember him at all. She's usually too busy not dieing… saving herself and just thinking frenetically about the situation at hand.. she can't see or think of anything past strategies, plans and all the fear she must change into determination and strength.

Only after the battle is done with it, and she has survived in various degrees of damaged, and she is sitting/limping/laying and taking her breath so painfully that her lungs burn… that she remembers.. she can't forget or push away the feeling of waiting. Even as she jumped, dodged and blocked the attacks… she can't stop a small and hidden part of herself from waiting for his smell, body heat and the so unique feeling of his fingers griping her arms/legs/hands a bit too tight… to save her from danger.

Sometimes she missed her teammate… there wasn't really a team of two…

Sometimes she missed that grip of his finger, and the small glare he sent her with it… she would giggle to herself when she remembered it.. he looked like a mother scolding a child..

"How many times do I have to tell NOT to stay in the way of a fast approaching kunai?"

She misses his hair framing his face, and the way he was gentle in his too direct and abrupt way. The way his fingers curled around his kunai when he was impatient…and his adorable habit of twitching his eyebrows when he was annoyed the most.

She even missed the way he would sent annoyed glares at her and Naruto when they made too much noise for his taste, especially in the mornings.

Sometimes she misses something else…

Something… that was nothing more then a chance… a 'maybe'… so uncertain and vague that could as well not exist.

She misses the way they were getting closer…

She misses his favoritism, and it was so ironic she only realized she had it after she lost it. Because when she thinks about it, he treated her better then most… and definitely better then any other girl.

But she couldn't really see it before, only later… with more experience and maturity she got those small subtle hints of something more.

And those overlooked, rare and just discovered moments are what she misses the most. Because even when she didn't know what they really meant… she could already tell they were especial… she already appreciated them.

And from time to time she can't help but miss… miss the chance they would never have..

But sometimes…

Sometimes she missed the boy she loved

But only at night, especially the ones with a beautiful full moon, she would let herself get that kind of lonely.

When her heart ached, and her eyes would get glazed over… replaying happy times and those so precious and rare hints of some kind of affection.

She wouldn't try to consolate herself, or get strength of it… she would just lay there and feel. The ache, the emptiness… the absence of someone dear to her.

And while her pale and calloused finger would trace the frame of an photograph she would let her sadness consume her.

That was not the time to train or try the best she could to be happy, or was the time to imagine, think and daydream of when he would 'oh so surely' return…

That was the time to mourn, to accept and understand… the chances were slim, he would be different, nothing ever was going to be same and if he came back… he feeling anything for her – even the ever known annoyance – was almost impossible… her feeling the same for him was a great doubt.

Would she love him ? Truly love him and not just a memory of someone who didn't exist anymore?

Any answer was somehow disappointing, everything turned out so bad and difficult… and hope was so hard to keep at all times. And know that what she really wanted – late senseis, loud bakas and arrogant crushes – was impossible, was incredibly sad.

And in nights like this, she let herself be sad…just mourn the death of such a simply wish/ dream… Nights like this she gave herself the right to be hopeless… because the rest of the time she couldn't and wouldn't afford that.

But still… sometimes… in the middle of the most simple and routine tasks….she missed the person she loved the most.

She missed Sasuke-kun

So yeah, not that