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So nothing exactly new...but yeah... its how I wished Sasuke and Sakura to meet again

Oh yeah, I had this idea the first time I heard the music to the new opening of the anime.



Pink hair, rebel, framing her face. Feisty green eyes set in an arrogant glare, pale pink lips pressed in an almost feral semi smile.

She was looking straight at him

Sending a look, over her shoulder, that he couldn't quite understand, but that sent shivers up and down his body, and this impatient drive over his body…to move… to do something… He didn't know what, but this something for sure involved Sakura… this Sakura, most probably her lips….at very close distance.

Her hips were moving slowly – were they really? – from left to right, giving her room to turn fully and giving him the beginnings of a somehow peripheral vision – he couldn't take his eyes of those slow moving hips – of one black, small fisted hand.

Five seconds

And suddenly Karin was on her, screaming like a banshee and proclaiming rights of property over him.

He was still looking at her, the way her eyes never left him while her lips pressed a bit tighter and her eyes got this fiery and determined expression.

The Uchiha could see clearly when she turned around, toke a direct blow from Karin – he almost grimaced at the blood coming from her hand - and with her small fist sent the redhead flying across the field.

He couldn't hide the surprise as well as he wished. Sasuke trembled a bit, almost moving, when he got to look at her after that, eyebrows knitted, green eyes narrowed, full lips pressed down in an angry expression…

She still had her arm poised from the punch when Suigetsu came to her. He noted with annoyance that his hands were itching to move, just like they always did, when someone was going at her that fast with that kind of intention…

Habits, he supposed

But she was moving again, and her eyes seemed to scream challenge and making his insides squirm with something close to need.

And while the petite girl evaded attack after attack he found out he was holding his breath, she was fighting in equal ground to them. Until she bent down and there was no 'ground', it was fascinating what explode the ground did to her cute little skirt.

He could see her form, jumping back and perching in the other side of the cliff she created. They needed to move soon… or they would suffer a painful fall to the distant ground bellow.

She was escaping, quite poorly at that... He could still catch her...

He shifted the weight of his body a bit, surprised at the odd trill and warm something that creeped up his insides at the last thought

"Catch her…"

He didn't move, he couldn't move…not when he knew… with a grim and pulsating clarity that he would not stop…

If he got close now…he would not stop...

Karin was up and willing to give chase, Suigetsu agreeing with her for the first time..

" Pinky bring back here those nice legs of yours!"

All movements and intentions of trailing her stopped short at his colder then cold tone.

" Hawk will not follow"

Green eyes still looking at his in the middle of the debris and chaos, pink hair flying everywhere, determination written in every one of her features. He shivered again and narrowed his eyes at the mouthed.

"I'm not giving you up"


If he got close now, he would not be able to not get closer…

They'll meet again for no more then a few minutes...

"I like her"

The almost shy voice of Juugo piped from beside him, black eyes observed carefully while the madness seemed to play in the corners of Juugos eyes.


He turned and left, propping his team to leave without words, ignoring with some effort Suigetsu comments about "The pinkette with delicious legs, on the contrary of Karin hag" and all the killing intent that mysteriously seemed to appears inside of him upon hearing this words.

They would meet again, and then he would move…. He suppressed, yet again, the waves of excitement running trough his body. Next time he would be prepared for this, he would move, and he would make something about that skirt of hers.

It was not right for her to be wearing such a small scrap of clothing… not out in the open at least.

"So feisty! Sasuke all the kunoichis in Konoha are that hot? You know because at Orochimaru's there was only this ugly bitchs -!Ah Karin!"

Next time they'll be completely alone ... then he would show her exactly what he thought of this new Sakura.

And while he was at it, he could make her wear something more decent…. But first he would show her his appreciation to her current attire.

Never was so hard the keep the smirk from forming on his face.

'Next time...Sakura'

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