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Saturday and Sunday passed quickly. Time moved a lot faster when you weren't sacred that you were going to die.

Carly went down stairs Monday morning, five minutes before she had to leave for school.

Spencer was on the couch eating a banana.

"How's the fruit?" Carly asked.

"Fruity," Spencer answered.

Carly laughed. It was nice to laugh again.

"You worried about school?" Spencer asked.

"Yeah, it's gonna be horrible. I stayed up late watching the whole thing on ," Carly replied.

"Is it that bad?" Spencer asked.

Carly groaned. "Worse," she answered.

Spencer sighed. "I'm sorry," he said.

"It's okay, it's not your fault," she said.

"Have fun at school," Spencer said cheerfully.

"Thanks," Carly replied and headed out the door.

When Carly arrived at School everyone was staring and lot's of people were laughing at her. She continued the walk through the hallways until she found Freddie and Sam standing at their lockers. There was a crowd staring at them as well.

Carly groaned. "Morning," she said to Sam and Freddie.

"Morning, how was your weekend?" Sam asked.

"Horrible," Carly replied.

"Mine too," Freddie said.

"I wish they wouldn't stare!" Carly said.

"Me too! Maybe I'll beat them all up," Sam joked.

Carly laughed. She hadn't seen Sam since Saturday morning before she left her apartment, Freddie too.

"I'm gonna be late to class," Carly said with a sigh. "I hate schools," she added.

"Tell me about it," Freddie groaned thinking about a school he hated even more.

"See yah," Carly said and walked off.

"I better go too," Sam said shutting her locker.

"Yeah," Freddie agreed. Sam turned to go and Freddie started the other way but stopped. He walked after Sam.

"Sam," He said.

"Yeah?" She asked turning around.

He leaned in and kissed her right on the lips.

Sam kissed back and then pulled away not sure what to say.

"Uh, see you after class," Freddie said shyly and then turned back and walked away.

Sam just smiled.