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The sun having long since set, another night spreading across the horizon, the occupants of the room having left needing sleep, L remained sitting in his chair, toes dangling over the edge and dropping sugar cube after sugar cube into his tea. The only sound in the room was the oddly relaxing hum of the computers and the clicking sound of L's spoon gently hitting the sides of his cup as he stirred his tea. Sitting the spoon down on the saucer with a slight ting sound of metal on china, L reached to turn the sound on the monitors up. As he brought the tea to his lips, holding the cup oh so delicately, he could hear the rustling, light clanging sound of a chain.

His yes drifted over the rim of his tea cup and through the mess of hair that hung in his eyes. The light of the monitors illuminated his already pale face in the darkened room. He watched the young woman on the monitor as she moved from the view of one camera into the view of another. His eyes followed her movement from monitor to monitor. As she passed by the view of one of the cameras in the main room, she glanced over her shoulder, big bright innocent eyes looking directly into the camera as if she could see him. L froze, tea cup halfway back to his lips.

What was she doing? She said nothing; made not a sound sans the sound the movement of the chain shackled to her delicate ankle made. He took a sip of his tea and sat the cup down, reaching for one of the many treats sitting on the tray nearby. He popped the sweet into his mouth, savoring the taste as his mouth watered. His eyes never left the monitor, wondering what Misa was up to exactly. Another monitor showed her entering the kitchen. She was doing something at the counter; she turned, leaving the kitchen before L had the chance to zoom in on her.

L stared almost blankly at the monitor as Misa stepped into the main room again, stopping right in front of the camera. He slowly sat his tea cup down, eyes not leaving the monitor her face now stared out of, as if she were trying to look at L…look into L. He blinked as she held up a plate adorning a small cake as if it were made just for him…two strawberries sitting delicately on top of the fluffy white cloud of sweetness that frosted the cake. With a coy smile, she plucked one of the strawberries off and slowly bit into the fruit before she turned away from the camera.

The room was empty. The only light was coming from the monitors of the many cameras through out the building. A chair sat empty, void of its usual occupant, a cup of over-sweetened tea barely touched and left forgotten by the keyboard. The humming sound of the computers faded into the background, overpowered by the giggling sounds of Misa Amane and the deep pleasurable moan of L.