"Are you feeling any better?" Roxton asked, walking into the moonlight living room as he noticed Marguerite perched on the loveseat by the balcony, looking out over the forest.

"Not really, I couldn't sleep." She answered, her voice still clogged up from the cold.

"Still cold?" He asked, watching as she pulled the blanket tighter around herself and slumped back into the cushions, still not having turned to look at him, lost in thought as she watched the moon-beams dance amongst the trees.

She shivered, but didn't answer and Roxton smirked. He noticed her long white night-gown poking out from beneath the blanket and smiled at how peaceful and innocent she looked, when she was like this.
Setting aside the fact that she was miserable and still chilled to the core from her isolation in that god-forsaken meteor.

"Come here." He whispered, pushing at her shoulders to make her sit forward so that he could sit down behind her. She did as instructed,
leaning forward on the small bench until he was comfortable against the cushions, with on leg up on the bench beside her and the other foot still resting on the ground. "Now lean back." She did as she was told, letting out a contented sigh as she let her body sink back into his chest and smiled at the warmth radiating through her when he wrapped his arms around her shoulders, resting his hands over hers where they held the blanket against her stomach.

"Warmer?" He whispered, smiling with his eyes closed and his lips brushing lightly against her temple.

"Inexplicably." She smirked, snuggled down into him as he hugged her tighter and gave in to sleep.

That's precisely how Challenger found them the next morning,
Marguerite's cheek pressed into Roxton's chest and his arms holding her tightly to him. The blanket had found it's way around them both and the small contented smile on Marguerite's face as she slept brought a warmth to his heart. It made him wonder, why they couldn't bring themselves to be this honest when the security of sleep didn't hold them.