Sugar and Spice

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The overlooked was often the most dangerous. A truth about reality. Something the Haninozuka family preached and firmly believed. The deadliest enemy wasn't the most obvious, but rather, the one lurking underneath. The one everyone saw but ignored.

Tamaki claimed that she was his daughter. And looked at her with face open and eyes shimmering. Blushed. Demanded that she dress and act like the girl she truly was.

The twins laughed and threw their arms around her. Petted her hair. Snuggled. Saw her the entire school day. Followed her home.

Kyouya just watched. Observed her every move from behind his glasses. Added to her debt whimsically.

And none of them noticed the threat in their midst. The sly thief seeking to steal her away. They saw but didn't realize, not even Kyouya. Too busy jealously watching each other.

Takashi knew but said nothing. As always.

"Haru-chan, do you want to have some cake with me?"

"You look so cute today, Haru-chan!"

"Haru-chan, Haru-chan, come sit by me."

It was just Honey-senpai, after all. No reason to worry. None at all.

Ever Hopeful,