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The Introduction of 'The Snowman'

Blondes make the best victims. They're like virgin snow that shows up the bloody footprints.

Alfred Hitchcock

Jennifer Jareau moved towards the front of the conference room, "Alleghany County, Virginia

Jennifer Jareau moved toward the front of the conference room, "Alleghany County, Virginia. Eight women are believed to have been abducted. They're calling him "The Snowman".

"The Snowman?" inquired Derek Morgan.

"Why believed?" asked Aaron Hotchner, overriding Morgan's question.

"Well, the local community believes that eight women have been taken but they've only found two of his victims."

"Only two?" The first time in a long time Spencer Reid didn't have a statistical or historical comment to make.

"The first two." JJ continued, "Shelly Buyers and Jodie Shipper were abducted from their bedrooms in December of 2006."

"From their bedrooms?" Emily Prentiss echoed.

"Yeah, Shelly was eighteen, Jodie was twenty-five. Both blondes, blue eyes, tall."

"So, he obviously has a type." Morgan added.

JJ squirmed uncomfortably; even she had recognized she fit the UnSub's preference. She cringed as she continued knowing it was going to be difficult to get Hotch to allow her to go out to Alleghany. "Shelly Buyers was missing for two days; since she was the first victim the Police didn't really have time to arrange a search. By the time they did they found her body in a snow drift. She was wearing different clothes, and had been sexually assaulted before her death."

"COD?" Rossi posed.

"Strangulation." JJ paused, "But with the temperatures up there the coroner said even if she had survived the suffocation attempt the cold would have overcome her."

Hotch reflected on the case file, there wasn't much physical evidence here. Only photos from the first two victims. They needed more information and he wasn't sure JJ could give it to them.

"So, Jodie Shipper was abducted about a week later, kept for approximately five days, the Police aren't too sure about that because a frozen body is, well, it's hard to get an accurate time of death. Those were the two abductions in December." She drew in a breath and glanced around the room. Reid, Hotch and Morgan were all looking at her, Rossi and Emily were sifting through the crime scene photos and Garcia was intently focused on her laptop.

"Ah, so…" JJ was beginning to get annoyed with herself, she wasn't usually this flustered. She'd been an UnSub's type before and never felt this degree of uneasiness. "Delilah Hanover, twenty-nine, abducted from her bedroom about five days after Jodie was discovered. No body was found. But nine days after her disappearance Ariel Wannamaker, twenty, disappeared too. From her bedroom. And then the abductions stopped. No more bodies found and the limited trail went really cold."

"That's only four women." Reid stated.

"I know. In December 2007 Susie Toole, twenty-seven, was abducted in the middle of her shift at a local cleaning agency."

"How did the Police connect that to the previous abductions, it's a completely different MO." Prentiss asked.

"Susie was blonde, blue eyed and tall. They presumed that he just changed his mode of abducting the women since everyone house had their windows barred after the last year's abductions. After, seventeen days Belinda Munch, twenty-three, disappeared from her job, assistant to a veterinarian. She mainly cleaned up after the animals. The Sheriff was very specific that I relate that fact to you. He seemed to think it was important."

"Well, it does seem with the newer two girls that them cleaning is a factor." Morgan added.

"And then, thirty-two days after Belinda disappeared Cady Plumpton, nineteen, went missing."

"Was she in any capacity a cleaner?" Reid asked.

"Yes. She worked for the rival company of Susie Toole's agency. Another cleaning agency." JJ sent a concerned look over to Garcia.

"But this all happened last year, and the year before, why are we only hearing about this now?" Rossi commented.

"Well, I don't really know but they think it's started up again. That's why they call the UnSub "The Snowman", he only takes the women during winter, when it's snowing. And because the first two were found in snow drifts. But just last night Betty Sumner disappeared. She's seventeen, blonde, blue eyed and tall."

"Call the jet." Hotchner ordered, before leaving the room.

JJ nodded, and turned to stare back at the screen, looking at the women who they had little chance of helping. She started when she felt a hand on her shoulder.

Emily quickly removed her hand, "Sorry, it's ok to be freaked out every once in a while."

"I'm not fr-"Emily's look stopped her statement, "I just, I look like them Em. And you know, usually this, it…it doesn't bother me but right now. I'm scared. I can't…"

"JJ." Emily voice lowered, soothed her. "Maybe you're scared because it's not just you anymore. There's two of you now, you know and that's so perfectly natural."

"You think?"

Morgan had yet to completely leave the room, he'd seen JJ stall and stammer, not something he normally associated with the effervescent woman. Emily was doing a great job of calming her fears, but he had to wonder, maybe JJ would be safer if she stayed in Quantico with Garcia.

"Oh come on, as if Morgan or Hotch are ever going to let anything happen to you now you've got a little JJ in there. And Reid…wow, have you seen the way he hovers. I'd have chopped him up into little bits by now if he did that to me." Emily smirked when her comment had its desired effect. JJ giggled. Her nerves easing off.

"Besides, nobody's going to let you out of their sight in Alleghany. I promise." Emily was completely serious. She'd be in the bathroom when JJ showered if it was necessary.

cringes in anticipation

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