Betrayal is one of those things that can make or break you depending on circumstances

Betrayal is one of those things that can make or break you depending on circumstances. It is often seen in either black or white with no middle ground but in reality, betrayal could be seen as gray… if anyone dared to look.

To the light, Peter Petigrew was a betrayer in the black spectrum of things. He betrayed everyone for his own advancement and good people lost their lives for his mistakes. He showed no remorse for his actions, not an ounce of care that he caused the death of two friends and left a child to grow up without parents. He was selfish and did things for his own sake, not caring what happened to anyone else.

To the dark side, Peter did the right thing. He gave Voldemort information that would help him and was rewarded for his actions. This put him in the white spectrum of things and not the black like the light did.

Severus Snape was another example of Black and white. To the side of the Deatheaters and Voldemort, he was a loyal follower who spied on the side of the light for their advancement. He was their inside man, the man who could get them information on Harry Potter and The Order and ultimately bring them victory. They didn't know he was secretly on the side of the light, keeping The Order informed on all activity that could help bring down the most vile wizard of all times. Severus Snapes betrayal was seen in the white spectrum of things. His betrayal of Voldemort and his followers was for the advancement of good. Sure, there was some aspect of it being self-serving as well but in a completely different was then Petigrews.

And lastly, there is Hermione Granger. Her betrayal fell into that special area of gray that no one cared to look into. She didn't do it for her own advancement, she didn't do it for the advancement of anyone else, Hermione's betrayal was forced from her and she hated herself for being weak.

Being in the gray area left her hated by both the sides of the light and dark. The order no longer wanted anything to do with her and Voldemort wasn't exactly her best friend. Her life had been blown apart, turned upside down and stomped on and in the end of everything, she didn't have much of a choice in it.

Her betrayal had cost the lives of several people and injury to many, many more then those who were lost in the war. Everyone, no matter the real reason, saw her betrayal as black, end of story. They didn't look at the fact that she had been tortured, raped and repeatedly beaten for almost five months. They said she should have been stronger, willing to die to protect the secrets and fought harder for everything.

They didn't consider the fact that she had been strong, kept the secrets for almost five months. She begged for death over and over again to avoid saying anything that would cause harm but it never came and when the fifth month rolled around, she finally relented in hopes that they would finally give her the death she so desperately hoped for.

During her captivity with Lucius Malfoy, she had lost many things. Her self-respect was gone, her will to fight was gone and the hardest pill to swallow was the fact that her ability to give Ron the children he wanted was gone. Lucius had taken all of that from her and looked like he loved every minute of it.

Her betrayal caused Harry to win the fight against Voldemort but he wasn't ready for it. He wasn't prepared to fight the powerful wizard and almost lost his life because of it. Pure dumb luck was what saved him but he had lost many people he cared about and when Hermione was discovered to be the cause of it, his loyalty towards her was gone in an instant along with everyone else's.

Her rescue from Malfoy Manor was joyous at first. They celebrated for days because of her safe return but those days were short lived. She wasn't the same girl she used to be. She was detached and isolated herself from the festivities because the guilt was so strong. She knew she would never be the same but the love of her friends kept her holding on, kept her wanting to regain some normalcy in her life… she didn't know those same friends would be the ones to place the final nails in her coffin.

A week after her rescue, She and Ron finally had some time alone. She missed him terribly when she was being held and the thought of him and Harry kept her alive. She wanted to pick up where they had left off, engaged and planning a wedding but when she broke down and told him she could never have children, he canceled the entire thing saying he couldn't live without the possibility of having children. His rejection stung worse then anything Lucius Malfoy had done. Ron had hurt her heart that day and added the first of the two nails.

The second nail was added only a few days later when it was revealed that she had been the one to give Harrys position away to Voldemort. She had tried to reason with him, explain everything that she had gone through but he wouldn't listen. He had lost too much that day and finding that one of his best friends had essentially given him up to Voldemort on a silver platter turned him against her.

When the news spilled out about her betrayal, the wizarding world turned against her. She couldn't walk down the streets of Diagon Alley in peace, she couldn't enter most stores as she was immediately turned away, people pulled their children away from her like she was some monster that would eat them and everyone she cared about cut all ties from her.

She was alone in the world and not a single person held an ounce of sympathy for her. She didn't want their pity or their words of encouragement, all she wanted was to move on with life but it seemed as if no one wanted to let her do that.

Over the course of the next three years, her personality changed, her outlook on life changed and she became a complete and total no body. No one cared if she lived or died, no one even acknowledged she existed and that in it self hurt a lot more then she dared to admit.

No one was willing to hire her, no one was willing to rent her a flat and three years after Voldemorts downfall, she found herself homeless and trying to survive in a world that she had fought to protect for many years of her adolescence.

Everything that had happened to her, each foul name she was called, every rock thrown caused the old, loving Hermione to die and a cold hearted Hermione to be born. The names no longer bothered her, the glares did nothing but make her shrug and every ounce of caring she had, had gone out the window.

She didn't smile at children she passed on the street like she used to, she didn't try to help anyone, muggle, wizard or elf any longer and every day that she woke up, was just another day of hell for her.

The Ministry had started a new department after the war, a secret department that a total of only five people knew of its existence, Hermione was one of them. It appears that she had been being watched for quite some time and when it was noticed that she had indeed become a cold hearted and seemingly without feeling, they approached her with a job that she wouldn't refuse.

She was initially reluctant to take the job but when it came down to it, she simply couldn't refuse it. She was offered a nice place to live, a generous salary and intensive training that would challenge her. The job itself was simple but it required the right type of person to do it and with her jaded outlook on life, it put her as the perfect candidate.

She had a partner but their relationship was one of business and nothing more. Frank Collins was just as jaded as she was and just as smart as well. They were not friends and often worked alone unless their assignment required them both.

Six months into her new job, she had already accomplished several tasks and grew more and more accustom to doing it. The first time had been hard but afterwards, it became another day at work. Her feelings had already been numbed over the years and where most would not be able to do what she was doing, she simply did it and walked away. It was almost sickening how easily it came to her but mercy was no longer in her vocabulary. She was cold, hard and fit perfectly in her job as an assassin for the Ministry of Magic.