Black Conscience

xX Start Xx

Colored lights illuminated his face as he sat there. His visual screen was switched off. The light came from the dull glow of the multitude of buttons and switches which surrounded him, like the memories which momentarily rose to the surface of his mind.

He didn't know when this had become a habit.

He would make his way to where ever his knightmare was being stored for the moment. With singled minded tenacity, he would avoid or brush off anyone he encountered along his way, regardless of their greetings or concern. Light would illuminate the cockpit as the hatch opened. He would step inside, sit in the pilot's chair, and press a button.

The door would would close and once again seal him in the darkness.

He would sit there for minutes to hours at a time, oblivious to everything outside. He didn't know if he would ever leave that space, if it not for his prior obligations. He sat, holding in a shaking fist the knight's pendant which she had given him, listening to his voice and laughter.

No matter how dark it was inside Lancelot, Suzaku knew it wasn't as dark as his own thoughts.

Xx End xX

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Well... Suzaku has his got angst on! (que the fangirl sqeals)! Like most of my stories this idea acosted me as I sat innocently and unaware. Instead of my regular 'the words are writing themselves' session, the whole thought originated from this single image I had of Suzaku sitting in the dark gloom of his knightmare, head bowed, and fists clenched as sinster laughter echoed inside (the cockpit or his head? Alas we may never know XD).

Keep in mind that I have not been keeping up with R2 so I may be woefully behind times, making this fic completely illegitimate. Oh well.

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