Yes I finally got around to making a Chazz/Jaden, Jun/Judai, or whatever else you want to call the pairing fic. It's become my new obsession thanks to Mysteries of the Subconscious. Thank you oh amazing author I'm not worthy TT

I know it's been done already but I really wanted to do a vampire fic simply because Chazz makes a good vampire, and Jaden a good victim. But beyond the first two maybe three chapters I have no exact plot line, still working on it so bear with me.

I know for a fact that I'm tired of the clichéd 'the older brothers are the villains'. They are evil in the series don't get me wrong but I want to make this story something, well…different.

But anyway now I'm babbling just read the story and reviews that critique are appreciated. I'm taking a creative writing course when the school year starts so any advice I can use to improve my writing is accepted and considered.

Warnings: This is Yaoi, if you don't like it then don't read it. It's rated M for cursing, some violence in later chapters and of course the thing we all secretly look for in a Yaoi, hot guy/guy sex (don't deny it you know you do). But I might change the rating later. I've never written a sex scene before so I might not end up being able to do it. Simply because I know I'm gonna end up not liking how it'll turn out.

Summary: Chazz Princeton has it all, good looks, a 4.0 GPA, a wealthy family. There is nothing in his life that isn't perfect, well except for the fact that he's a 500 year old vampire, as 16 year old Jaden Yuki soon discovers. But with that discovery the brunette's life is turn upside down as he falls deeper and deeper into Chazz's mysterious life, and the supernatural, monstrous world he lives in just under the nose of normal humans. Oh yea and did we mention Chazz also has a craving for Jaden's blood.

Chapter 1: Secret revealed

It was past midnight, but you didn't need to look at a clock to know that. It was obvious by the eerie quiet that filled the streets. Not one soul was out; they were all tucked in their beds fast asleep, except for two people.

One was silent, almost invisible if it weren't for the street lights reflecting off his pale skin. He was dressed in a black trench coat that moved behind him with each graceful step. His dark grey eyes seeming like a black vortex: they just sucked you in and were just as deep. His hair, the only thing that looked even close to being normal, was his black hair spiked in a most unusual way, yet still remaining silky smooth with an attractive glow from the lights.

Though he was beautiful, his cold eyes and his hard facial expression made him seem unapproachable. Like if he so much as glared at someone then the poor victim would feel pain all over his/her body by the sudden sharpness of his eyes.

He could even freeze hell ten times over, if he desired, with a mere glance over his shoulder.

This handsomely beautiful boy was Chazz Princeton

The second one was nowhere near as beautiful, nor as graceful for that matter. His movements weren't straightforward; rather, he would walk as quietly as possible then suddenly dart into a nearby ally, or behind some trash can, watching the beautiful boy with nervous intensity.

He was dressed in a casual dark red blazer with beige colored pants and matching shoes. His eyes were chocolate brown with specks of gold to anyone who looked close enough; otherwise you would say that they were honey colored. His hair was very unusual, it was a dark brown but the dark brown became a lighter brown the closer you got to the roots.

While he was not as handsome, this boy looked more approachable, his eyes warmer and more gentle. He was the type of guy a girl could confess her love to and in response would smile warmly and let her down gently, so as to not hurt her feelings. Even if he did he would find a way to make her laugh again and suggest that they should be friends.

This wonderfully kind boy was Jaden Yuki.

As of right now though, Chazz Princeton was unaware of the fact he was being followed by Jaden Yuki. As Jaden wanted it to be, if Chazz were to find out that Jaden was stalking him without him knowing…well…just scroll back up to paragraph three, you'll get the idea.

Jaden sat very still listening to the light, almost invisible sounds of footsteps on the pavement.

What part of his mind told him this was logical? Stalking Chazz Princeton, most handsome and mysterious guy in school, like a common criminal.

'Stupid Sy, if he kills me for following him it's your fault' Jaden growled in his head trying to calm his racing heart as he glanced around the corner to see where Chazz would go next.

To his surprise, Chazz suddenly paused; Jaden could hear his heart pounding in his ears as he backed away hiding from his possible line of vision.

'Shit, shit, shit!' he panicked in his head screwing his eyes shut in an attempt to make himself blend with his surroundings like a chameleon. 'He knows he totally fucking knows I'm following him, shit!'

After realizing nothing had happened he opened one of his eyes then peeked around the corner just in time to see Chazz's black trench coat disappear into a nearby ally way.

'That's weird' Jaden thought as he carefully creeped forward, staying out of the ally way but able to peek into it. 'This ally way doesn't go anywhere'

Jaden had assumed that Chazz would simply walk home, and Jaden would only have to follow him there so he could get out of the dare he was forced to do early.

But this was not the case; it seemed Chazz wasn't going to allow him the privilege.

As he looked in he suddenly noticed that there was no Chazz in the dead end ally way, only a woman in her early 20s with long black hair and in her clubbing attire. By the light of the street lamps he could tell her face was flushed and her movement uncoordinated from having just a touch too much to drink. She had a key in her left hand trying to use it to open the door to her apartment, but again, no hand-eye coordination due to alcohol.

Again Jaden was confused, 'ok there's a drunken woman, but where did Chazz go?' he asked himself frantically, searching every possible corner for the boy. There was no way he could have given him the slip, and Jaden was positive he saw him enter this ally way. 'So then where is he?'

Just as Jaden was about to give up and go home, he saw something flash out of the corner of his eye.

Emerging out of the shadows from the back of the ally, he walked with unparalleled grace as he usually did but there was something strange about the way he was walking. It was careful, each step calculated to be the world's quietest step, as he approached the drunken woman with a predatory gleam in his eyes.

Jaden was shocked by this as he continued to watch. He would have never pegged Chazz to be a rapist, he could easily get any girl he wanted so why force himself on someone. Hell, girls probably wished Chazz Princeton would force himself on them.

But yet here he was, about to take advantage of so poor drunken woman who would never remember this in the morning.

'This is wrong, I gotta help her' Jaden thought taking a small step forward, ready to tackle Chazz if he had to. Even though he didn't even know this woman he could just stand by a let her get raped.

'No stay, wait!' his instincts were screaming at him 'let's see what happens first, we may be over reacting'

Jaden bit his lip and took a step back waiting to see what would happen next. He wasn't one to question his instincts, they never failed him before, and he hoped they wouldn't fail him now.

The woman was completely unaware of the danger, still trying to get her stupid key into the stupid lock that seemed to keep moving away just as she was about to slip it in. God how her head was killing her, she just wanted to get in and get a goodnight's sleep before she had to deal with the massive hangover she would receive in the morning.

Suddenly she heard the beautiful sound of a key sliding into the lock and clicking into place.

She smiled triumphantly, 'Success!' She cheered in her head as she turned the key. She had succeeded in pulling the door open a crack when an arm passed by the side of her head, and lightly pushed it shut.

The woman gasped in surprise and fear as she quickly turned around preparing to slap the person who had violated her personal space.

She would have slapped him too, had her stalker not been so stunningly beautiful. She stopped her hand and left it hanging there in mid air while she just stared at the boy, taking in his every detail.

Chazz gave a light smirk at her reaction and lightly stroked her cheek. "What is your name?" he asked his voice smooth and sweet. But he asked it so softly that Jaden had to strain his ears to hear it.

"M-my name?" The woman squeaked softly, feeling a sudden jolt as he touched her cheek. His hands were icy cold against her flushed face.

Chazz chuckled a little at how nervous she was. "Yes, I would like to know your name?" he asked putting a little purr in his voice as he lightly wrapped his arms around her waist.

Jaden face began to heat up at the tone of voice he was using. 'It's like I walked into some cheesy romance story' he blushed a little at the sudden change in behavior of the usually cold hearted Chazz. He knew he shouldn't be watching anymore, Chazz's love life was his own business, and yet he could look away it was like watching a train wreck, only not. Jaden mentally slapped himself for not being able to come up with a good example for his sudden interest in what was happening. He also couldn't explain the sudden tug his heart was now feeling.

"It's Laura" she muttered shyly, trying to glance away from those beautiful eyes so she could think, but she soon found she couldn't turn away, and she was far too drunk to be thinking logically.

"Hmm…Laura…" he murmured softly in her ear, letting his tongue roll over the name, sounding it out in a way that made her breathing stop before becoming irregular.

Jaden didn't hear what he said, but judging from the girl's reaction it must have been something seductive. For a moment he briefly wondered what it would feel like to be held like that, if someone whispered sweet nothings in his ear like that, or if that someone were Chazz.

His thought process came to a screeching halt as that thought crossed his mind. 'What the hell!? I'm not interested in Chazz!' he snarled in his mind as if trying more to convince himself otherwise than anyone else.

Chazz could feel her edginess melting away, with every little thing he whispered in her ear. Acting seductive was never his strong point; in fact, it took him everything he had to not say something sarcastic and unromantic to his target whenever she said something unintelligent. But he could tell this would be easy seeing as how she was drunk.

Very lightly he cupped her chin tilting her head so she was looking at him and he leaned in not taking his eyes off her's as he brushed his lips against her's in a teasing way.

Her eyes were as wide as saucers, when their lips touched. She could not believe what was happening to her she had to be dreaming. 'If I am please don't wake me' she sighed contently closing her eyes as Chazz's lips worked his way down her jaw line and to her neck.

Jaden grumbled quietly as she heard Laura moan softly at the feeling of Chazz's smooth lips. 'I hope you get AIDs you whore' Jaden hissed spitefully in his mind. Though why he felt a sudden dislike for Laura was beyond his understanding, he hardly even knew her.

He was about to leave, his heart clenching painfully at the thought of what would happen next, but then suddenly something caught his eye yet again.

Laura had her eyes closed, so she didn't notice but Chazz was smiling in a way Jaden had never seen before. It was hungry, malicious, and frightening because in that smile Jaden could see that his canines were growing longer and becoming pointier.

Jaden gasped again in shock and fear, unable to move or look away. 'C'mon feet move, we gotta get the hell out of here' he tried to process the thought, but his legs refused.

Chazz sunk his canines into the unsuspecting girl's neck drawing blood. She gasped in pain; her eyes shot open as her sensors were screaming 'DANGER DANGER!' but it was too late she couldn't get away now. Now she was really hoping this was a dream.

Once his teeth were all the way in her neck he began to suck. Laura began to feel her own blood being sucked out of her body. It was really not a pleasant feeling.

She looked over Chazz's spiky hair and noticed a boy with a red blazer just staring his eyes scared and shocked, she could also tell he was quivering.

"W-why are you just standing there?" she asked Jaden as Chazz was on his second gulp. "H-help me" she sobbed.

Chazz stopped drinking when he heard her speak. He pulled his teeth out and licked up the remaining blood that stained the side of her neck.

Laura fainted from a combination of blood loss and alcohol but was still alive.

After dropping her body on the ground rather harshly he turned around giving his stalker a good hard glare.

Jaden felt his hands quivering as Chazz slowly began to stalk forward; it was all making sense now. He always thought Chazz was far too beautiful to be human, and he was right; Chazz was a vampire.

Chapter end

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