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Chapter 7

Jaden sighed in a guilty way as Chazz's hand drifted over his sister's closed eyes. His eye was healed now (thanks to Chazz's blood) so now it was the moment of truth, it was time to erase her memories. Chazz noticed this and glanced up.

"It has to be done Jaden; your sister is a very frightening individual." Chazz smirked as he lightly touched her forehead. The memories running through her head were very powerful and vivid like they had happen yesterday instead of years ago. Every detail was cataloged to perfection, the number of every book on a particular shelf, the colors, the sounds, and the people all the way down to what brand shirt they were wearing. It seemed a shame to pull a section of it out. "Would your sister happen to have a photographic memory?" He asked truly intrigued.

"Yea she does, why do you ask?" Jaden raised an eyebrow; he was feeling a little put off by the sudden interest Chazz was showing in his sister but he would be a good friend and be supportive if they grew to like each other. His sister was amazing after all, far stronger then he could ever hope to be. He sighed sadly at this thought.

"No reason, her memory is just so clear. She documents everything and keeps it in her memory like it's important. Even memories of you two as kids are as clear as day." Chazz suddenly snickered like he found something hilarious.

"What!? What did you see!?" Jaden pouted wanting to be clued in on the joke.

"N-Nothing" Chazz coughed trying to stop his laughter. He glanced up at Jaden with a smirk on his face and a gleam in his eyes. "When you were born your airhead for a mom thought you were a girl and named you Renee before the doctors had to break the news to her that you were a guy." That was it; Chazz was on the floor laughing while Jaden stood there, a blush tingeing his cheeks pink.

"She remembered THAT! She was only one!" Jaden huffed wondering if he should attempt to kick his new friend in the side or just save his own foot by simply staying there to glare at him in menacing way.

Oh wait there was always the guilt trip option.

"My poor sister…" Jaden sighed crouching down to Chazz's eye level. Poor Chazz had no idea what he was planning. "While you stand here sifting through her memories she's wounded and bleeding badly and you're not even attempting to heal her." Jaden sniffed letting false tears pour down his face, and for good measure he threw in the quivering lip. "Why do you despise my sister so…?"

Chazz froze, his evil expression softening to a look of guilt. "Fine, fine turn her over" Chazz waved getting up off the ground. He was planning on just erasing her memory and leave her with battle scars but the guilt was tugging at his frozen heart that HE was the one who caused the wounds and SHE was the stupid caring sister that would rather die of blood loss then let her brother deal with a few more minutes of minor pain.

Jaden obliged carefully turning his sister over to lie on her stomach.

"We should consider ourselves lucky my teeth didn't pierce her skin." Chazz grumbled puncturing his left thumb with his teeth.

"Yea, I was wondering about that, what would have happened if they did?" Jaden asked, now was as good a time as any to ask questions.

"Vampire venom would have been injected into her body and she would have turned into a vampire" Chazz said simply letting the blue colored blood slide over her scratches. She visibly shivered at the contact. "When I'm feeding it's different because I'm sucking the venom back into my teeth, but I was too far gone to be logical I would have bitten her and left her to turn vampire so I could get to you quicker."

"Oh…" Jaden said quietly shivering involuntarily, 'what a scary way for him to put it, 'to get to me'…'

'Hey Jaden, ix-nay on the ear-fay, remember…you promised your blood sucking friend you would get over your fear of him so the two of you could be closer. So stop shivering and just plain being a girl… Snicker Renee…Bwa ha ha! Classic, you totally set yourself up for that one.'

"Are you finished!?" he snarled out loud making Chazz's head turn. Jaden quickly covered his mouth with an 'eep' as Chazz gave him a look like he was nuts. ('You mean the nuts your mom didn't see when you were born?' The puff ball chuckled…Stupid Kuriboh. He was never gonna live this one down)

"Um…no I'm not…are you feeling ok?" Chazz asked a little concern as he brushed some loose strands of brown hair aside to touch his forehead. He felt a little warm, but anyone was warmer than him.

"No, I'm not ok, Chazz do pixies exist too? Because I have a very cruel, sadistic pixie in my head right now and it doesn't want to leave." Jaden groaned he must have been sounding like total idiot.

But Chazz didn't look at him like he was an idiot, rather his eyes became unfocused, the look that Jaden noted to be a look of someone deep in thought. "I was aware they existed but they're very rare." He muttered taking his hand off Jaden's forehead.

Kuriboh hissed hatefully, 'It's because of those monsters, those Slayers; they took them all to 'Examine' them'

"Examine…?" Jaden said once again out loud. Chazz's eyes widened then became hard and smoldering.

"He doesn't need to know that…" He growled not at Jaden but at Kuriboh.

"Know what?" Jaden asked confused.

'Chazz doesn't want you to know the gory truth, the reason Pixies like us are rare is cause those devils dissected them all to death. They said it was to figure out our rare magic, which was total BS as I quickly figured out when none of the pixies captured ever came home,' Kuriboh hissed, his anger clawing at the inside of Jaden's head.

Jaden moaned in pain holding his head. 'That's awful' Jaden thought in his head. Chazz was finished with Serenity and was standing beside Jaden rubbing his forehead and temples with ice cold hands.

Jaden looked up at Chazz once Kuriboh was able to calm himself. "Who are the Slayers?" He asked quizzically not really realizing he asked the most taboo of questions.

Chazz's eyes hardened to and ice cold look. "That is none of your concern…" He said in a cold emotionless tone that made Jaden's heart ache.


'Jaden don't badger him, they've hurt him too, I can tell' Kuriboh spoke in a serious voice. 'Basically the Slayers are like the supernatural FBI. They manage things in our world and see to it none of us are discovered by humans. But over the last couple of decades something bad has happened. Their leader is a total crackpot who wants the supernatural to be destroyed. I guess you could say he's racist.' Kuriboh said in a very all-knowing voice. 'They'll look for any excuse to take a vampire down; the Slayers fear them the most'

'Why?' Jaden asked in his head, gazing at Chazz. He was looking down and to the side with his jaw clenched.

'It's because vampires are both powerful and high in numbers. When a side has both quality and quantity you don't wanna mess with that side, or rather, you do but you turn them against each other first'

Jaden blinked, these Slayers were really that cruel?

Chazz sighed when he noticed that Jaden was no longer clutching his head then his walked over to Serenity holding his hand over her eyes.

"I'll have to give her fake memories so at least she'll have a story over what happened. Any suggestions?" Chazz asked in a rather cheap attempt to change the topic, so much for the smooth suave vampire.

Even stranger still…it worked. "We could just say I was beaten up, she engaged them, got her shirt damaged, beat up Kim, while you took out the other two?" Jaden smiled lightly, that was believable enough.

"Oh thanks for reminding me, I'll have to take care of the senior girls' memory and give them something to replace it." Chazz grumbled angrily.

"I'm sorry…" Jaden muttered more upset by the fact that it was because of him Chazz had to go through so much trouble.

Chazz looked down at Jaden his confusion clear on his face. "For what, reminding me? Its fine really I'm just mad I got so careless enough to forget that, while you…" he very lightly flicked his forehead while smirking "The most idiotic student here, had to remind me."

Jaden rubbed his forehead with a pout on his face, but the fact that Chazz was giving him something that resembled a smile made him smile too.

Chazz covered her eyes with his hand and there it was, the sudden camera flash and as he removed his hand her eyes were wide open as memories left and reentered her mind. After five minutes her eyes were closed and she went back to a peaceful slumber, unaware of all that had happened that day.

"Now if you'll excuse me" Chazz muttered brushing past to the door. "I have a mess to clean up and I'm sure you and your sister would rather be alone" Chazz gave him a half wave over his shoulder.

"Hey you want to sit with us Monday?" Jaden asked with a lopsided grin on his face.

Chazz froze for a second before answering with a controlled calm. "Sure…I mean…if I must."

Jaden almost laughed, the joy in his voice was obvious, and no amount of calmness could hide it. "Sweet see ya" Jaden smiled as he sat beside his sister lightly petting her hair.

"Bye, piccolo angelo" Chazz smirked saying the words in an Italian accent so clear and perfect it made Jaden's head spin. 'He could have called me a moron but it still would have sounded hott' Jaden mused as Chazz quietly shut the door behind him.

As if on sudden cue, Serenity's eyes opened up and she glanced over at Jaden, her eyes narrowed.

Jaden was brought out of his musings and put all his attention toward his sister. "Morning lazy" He grinned trying to distract her from his guilt. He would have to make the story somewhat believable if he wanted to protect his sister, and as he knew, he was an awful liar.

"Morning…" She said suspiciously with an eyebrow raised. "What did Chazz mean 'a mess to clean up'?"

"Oh…uh…" Jaden started, the small operator in Jaden's brain was having difficulty coming up with a lie that made sense so instead he went with a distraction. "I think the real question is, why were YOU listening to our conversation?" 'That officially sucked' He didn't need Kuriboh to tell him that, he already knew how awful a topic changer he was.

Serenity raised an eyebrow, "I was awake and that was the first thing I heard so I was curious"

"Well you know…" He could feel himself sweating under the intensity of her eyes "There was a lot of blood; you could get in trouble, so Chazz volunteered to clean it up."

Serenity snorted, "It makes sense, he should clean up the mess; the clumsy idiot caused the most blood to be spilled." She muttered her arms folded over her chest. Jaden exhaled his held breath; he couldn't believe he managed to lie, successfully, to his sister.

Jaden truly wondered what Chazz had put in her memory to give her the impression that Chazz was clumsy. The guy could never be clumsy even if he tried.

"Hey sis you know Italian right?"

Serenity's eyes narrowed again "Some, why?"

"You heard what Chazz called me, what does it mean?" Jaden squeaked, a little scared by the sudden change in his sister's demeanor.

"It means, 'little angel'" She said watching Jaden's expression carefully; she was hoping for a look of disgust or maybe anger that another man would call him that.

She was disappointed however when she saw him blush like a school girl. Not what she was expecting.

"R-really…wow I wonder where he got that from." Jaden stuttered, he knew where he got the name but it would be better to act like he had no idea.

Serenity sighed a little, "I have an idea" then she turned to Jaden a look of sadness in her eyes. "Jaden…do you…like Chazz?" She said uncomfortably.

Jaden blinked then smiled a huge grin, completely oblivious to what she was implying. "Of course I do, we're friends now."

Serenity rubbed her temples, "No, not that 'like' I mean…like like Chazz."

Jaden's mouth popped open forming a perfect 'o', before he laughed shaking his head. "No, no I don't like Chazz that way, honest" 'Liar' Kuriboh chuckled in his mind.

"Oh…ok" Serenity expression suddenly brightened. "You had me worried for a second" She got up and looked at the clock. "You missed class?"

"Just the first 20 minutes" Jaden responded holding out her note. "Here, the nurse wrote these out."

Serenity nodded taking the note, "My offer still stands Jaden, if Chazz gives you any trouble you tell me first. He may have helped, but I still don't trust him." Serenity crumpled her note and threw it into the nearest trash can. "I'm having lunch now, so I don't need this"

"Right…" Jaden sighed, if she just gave Chazz a chance she would probably grow to like him.

Serenity smiled an innocent smile and left plotting in her head ways to protect her innocent brother from Chazz. It was her job after all, and she was sure to do it. But first she needed a new shirt, so she walked to the gym lockers.

Backtrack 40 minutes

To Kim, this had to be the worst day of her life. She was sitting in the office under the watchful eye of the secretary, while the principal was on the phone with her mother, trying to say in a nice way that her daughter was insane.

"Often teens will make up silly stories as a way of getting attention."

She wanted to cry. She wasn't crazy, and she wasn't making this story up. Chazz was a monster and everyone was in danger, but of course no one would believe her.

On top of that, even her friends ditched her in fear of Chazz. This day started out amazingly, she was about to get back at that bitch that dared to stand up against her. A mere junior, a lesser being, a member of the 'Middle class' had bested her.

She wasn't ready to take that; her ego couldn't take that blow. So she had to get back, she had it all planned to perfection. Her acting was even more the icing on the cake. But none of that mattered, she would be finished. She was already the laughing stock of the school, now her mother was going to look down on her even more then she already did.

She pulled her knees close to her chest, burying her head in it so she could cry. Could this day possibly get any worse?

"Secretary?" a voice crackled on the intercom on her desk.

"What is it?" she asked pressing a button.

"Some students have started a food fight could you sort this mess out; the lunch guard has lost all control of the situation." In the background there was a rather loud 'you wanna mess?!' that made Kim laugh.

"Fine I'm on my way" She said getting up. She turned to Kim "Don't go anywhere." She spoke pointing her finger before leaving.

Kim snorted 'Like that's going to stop me' she smirked getting up to make a run for it.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you" A voice spoke behind her making her jump.

She spun around her arm outstretched to swipe at whoever was behind her with her well manicured nails.

The figure caught her arm with ease not even moving from the spot he was standing. His face was familiar to her. His eyes a dark grey, his ash colored hair slicked back. The difference was the air around him it seemed different, more serious. But she definitely remembered him as one of Jaden's friends, Bastion.

"What are you doing here?" She hissed pulling her hand away roughly. She was in no mood to deal with anybody right now. "Shouldn't you be tending to your friend right now? We messed him up pretty good." She smirked, feeling the need to push his buttons.

Bastion froze for a half a second before he relaxed and retorted back in a harsh tone. "Who's 'we'? The only one I see here is a lonely pitiful 'you'."

This opened the flood gates as fresh tears pricked at her eyes. "Did you just come here to insult me?" She hissed wiping her eyes, she never cried in front of anyone and she wasn't about to start now.

"No" Bastion sighed sitting down, crossing one leg over the other and knitting his fingers together on his knee. "I came to listen."

"Listen, to what!?" She shrieked before suddenly covering her mouth. Principal Sheppard was still in the other room talking on the phone.

Bastion seemed aware of that too, as he quietly placed a finger over his lips, waiting for her to calm down. He reached into his pocket pulling out a white handkerchief with a blue 'S' embroidered on it, and holding it out to her.

"Clean yourself up first, you're a mess." She obliged taking the handkerchief and dabbing her eyes and nose dry.

"Ok I'm better now thanks" she handed him back the filthy handkerchief which he regarded with a look of disgust.

"Nice to see you have some class" Bastion mumbled pushing her hand back to. "Keep it"

Kim glared at him and slipped it in her backpack. "Fine I'll wash it and give it back, jackass." She hissed at him finding another chair to sit in. "Now what is it you want?"

Bastion smirked, getting up and offering his own chair. "Let's talk"

She sat down glancing at him suspiciously, but nodded for him to continue.

"It's about Chazz" He continued in a low voice tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. "I want you to tell me everything, every detail you can possibly remember then I wish to offer you a second chance, a chance to get vengeance on Chazz for the way he had humiliated you"

Her eyes widened, did it mean he actually believed her and he was honestly giving her a key to destroy her enemy. She opened her mouth to talk but he quickly placed a finger over her mouth shutting her up.

"Not now, later" he whispered. "He has an ability to erase memories so you need to take this" He held out a pill to her marked 'Slayer' on it. "It will suppress the memories of this conversation from Chazz and protect your memories from being erased."

Kim looked at the pill with a skeptical look; he was pretty much giving her a foreign drug and telling her to take it, for protection, he claimed. "Can I really trust you?" She asked with a glare.

"Hey you know what you saw; it's up to you to decide how you want to live your life. I'm a slayer, this is my job but I can't decide your life. Let me give you a synopsis of the two roads open for you at this moment. Take the pill and I'll make you my apprentice by night, teach you magic and how to fight. By day though you will have to hide your fear from Chazz's ever watchful eyes and act like you normally would before this ordeal. I think that will be no problem for you though." Bastion smirked "You're such a drama queen it's almost frightening."

She glared at the comment, stamping rather hard on his foot. He howled in pain clutching his foot. "And quite strong too for someone so small"

"And if I choose not to take the pill?" She asked ignoring his comment.

"Then you'll lose your memory and go on living your life like you always have. Living in blissful ignorance" He smirked holding out the pill. "Your choice"

Kim smirked back, as she stood up, walking closer to him. "You're making my choice too easy" She remarked swiping the pill and swallowing it dry. "Guess you're stuck with me"

"I wasn't expecting that" Bastion laughed. "I didn't think your ego would permit you to allow yourself to be apprenticed to someone younger then you."

"Yea you would think, but it won't matter. Allow me to make a prediction friend" she smirked evilly gripping his collar harshly pulling him close. "I will excel past you, through pure will and hatred. I'll make you regret your choice" She snarled shoving him back and sitting back down in her chair.

"I'm regretting it already" Bastion rolled his eyes turning to leave. "You know what to do now I assume?"

"Of course, master Bastion" she smirked with an evil gleam. She couldn't be happier at this sudden 180 of her luck. This day was suddenly looking brighter.

Sheppard walked in, noticing her smile. "Is everything ok Miss Tula?"

"Oh yes sir" she smiled a sweet cute little smile that was expected of her. "Everything is just fine now"

Chapter end

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