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I now present:

Bittersweet Something

A bitter thought
I had it all
But I just let it go
Hold your silence
It's so violence

Since you're gone

The sweetest thought
Had it all
Cause I did let you go
All our moments

Keep me warm
When you're gone--
Bittersweet, Within Temptation.

The dense fog parted as solemn footsteps tred across the pavement. The air tasted like of water, heavy and sweet. The moisture in the air clung to the lithe form as he moved, eyes looking everywhere at once. Even the smallest movement caused him distress. Rocks scattered across the street as the precipitation swirled about the stray trees that caged the street. It was a main street too, but it had been virtually empty since he'd arrived off of the dirt road on what he deemed the outskirts of town . It hadn't been his choice to leave the safety of the taxi twenty minutes ago. If only he'd thought to bring more money.

His teal bag wasn't heavy, but the strap was uncomfortable and had begun digging into his tender pale skin. He noticed a spot on the curb that the fog was only slight, and sat down to relieve the pressure of the strap. He pushed back the hood of his warm black zip-up sweater, freeing his long billowy locks of platinum. Returning to the bag he pulled out the map and decided he'd made quite a distance in three days. This place was called Domino, and would be a perfect place to get his bearings for a few days. This caused him to smile brightly.

But even though he'd accomplished that, he still needed something else: A place to stay. At least for a little while. His back was sore from sleeping in the stuffy cab, and ached from the rough night he'd spent on that park bench. He was almost sure it had taken his virginity. Cursed thing.

He couldn't go to a motel because that would cost money, and it was hardly a pleasant thought to search for another park bench. He decided it wasn't doing him any good to sit around and mope.With that picked up the pace and put his hood back on and scampered down the streets surrounded by unforgiving brick residences.

In the midst of his dismay his eyes flickered a little ways down the street where neon lights buzzed and flashed. The sounds of heavy music could be heard as well. As he got closer he could make out the name of the place: Haywire.

Oh, that was comforting.

But at least they were playing music. He'd only rarely been introduced to such heavy melodic notes. He'd hardly listened to anything besides classical, but this was a welcome change. He could feel the lyrics pulsate through his body as if the music was pulling him into the red brick building. Going against his better judgement, his jean clad legs moved on their own accord and moments later he found himself engulfed but the wailing of the song's voice and the people who seemed to be moved by it, like puppets on strings.

He'd never been to a place like this, let alone seen pictures or heard talk of. He'd had never even thought of going. He'd been raised as strictly as anyone could have been. Now was the time to have release.

His dusky eyes moved about the dark hall, examining the people cautiously. He first noticed the people on his left sitting at the bar with what he assumed was alcohol of some sort, their arms were splayed on the metal counter as they banged their glasses. Then he looked to what appeared to be like a lounge area with metal chairs and a few scattered wooden tables, which people had mounted in their care-free states. Then his brown eyes flashed to the floor.

Rising heat and the smell of musk tortured his nostrils as his eyes drifted around the bodies crashing together in a frenzy of the beating music. Bright colourful lights that moved around washed the people in radiance. He wished to know what it felt like. That sweet reckless abandon. His eyes widened in excitement and he let his hood drop to his shoulders as he shuffled to the floor.

But. Yes there is always a but isn't there?

But- before he could take another step and firm hand grasped his shoulder and his heart stopped.

Oh God! No, not yet! Ryou pleaded in his mind. He spun around to face the person who'd grabbed him so suddenly. He feared he knew who it was.

"Hey, you! You don't look Nineteen. Where's your I.D.?" The man with short buzzed cut brown hair questioned with smoke laden breath, his bare arm still grasping Ryou's shoulder.

Ryou froze as he clutched his teal bag, at least it wasn't who he thought it was. It must have been the bouncer, like back at home. But now he had a new problem. The guy was right, he wasn't nineteen. He was only seventeen and he barely looked that!

"Uh, um... uh-- I must have...," Ryou shuddered trying to find the right words to make up a cover. Lies were not his strong suit.

"Well?" the man hardly looked convinced, especially when Ryou hunched his shoulders, which made him look even smaller... and younger.

Ryou was about to make a mad dash to the door in hopes of escaping the menacing bar enforcer. Oh, but if he got caught, and they called the cops he'd ! ... he stopped thinking about it quickly. That was the last thing he wanted to imagine.

What do I do? What, what, WHAT?! He asked himself, mentally banging his head against a wall. A hard one for good measure. How could he have been so dumb? He was done for now! This was the end. Three days gone to waste.

"He's with me, Honda."

The voice came from behind him. It was gruff and deep, easy to hear over the blasting music being played at the DJ's table behind him.

"Then you should keep an eye on him, Bakura. Your little friend is a little young for this club." Honda walked away, sulking. He really was upset. It wasn't everyday he got to throw someone out on their ass. It could have been such fun.

Bakura hissed in agitation at the comment.

Ryou turned to look at the face of his saviour.

Grey shimmering unruly hair circled his face, framing it, parallelling his pale skin. His eyes were deep chocolate rimmed with a trace of unforgiving violet. He stared at the boy with his black coat adorned arms crossed.

"Thank you so much, you didn't have to tell a lie for me," Ryou said in a whispery voice as he bowed his head slightly in respect.

"It won't be a lie if you come with me." Bakura said curtly, grinning wryly at the shorter Ryou.

" But, I- " Ryou made a distorted face, unsure if this was the right kind of person to trust.

"You owe me, right?" Bakura grinned and grabbed Ryou's arm dragging him along towards the bar.

"Gah!" Couldn't argue with that?

When Ryou realised where they were headed he cringed and pulled back against Bakura's insisting yanks on his arm. " But I'm underage!" he blurted out in his defence.

" Don't worry. It's not like you have to drink. I won't tell on you." Bakura smirked continuing his path to the bar. "How old are you anyways? Fourteen? Fifteen?"

Ryou flushed in embarrassment at the statement. He was seventeen, he wasn't a kid anymore. That was precisely why he was there.

"I'm seventeen," he said matter-of-factly siting beside Bakura at the bar trying to sit up as tall as possible. It was uncomfortable.

Ooh, almost barely legal. Ha ha. Bakura thought to himself a bit cynically, releasing a grin in place of his thoughts.

" Hey, Otogi, get me a beer," he shouted turning his head to the black haired man at the beer tap. No sooner had he called a brown glass bottle slid down the counter and settled in Bakura's hand. He raised the bottle to his lips and drank greedily.

Ryou watched in bewilderment as the throat before him guzzled away at the substance. Bakura noticed the look in his eyes and smiled to himself. Putting an arm around Ryou he leaned in close and laughed putting the bottle down in front of him. Ryou could smell the alcohol on his breath.

" I take it you've never had a beer before-- uh?" Bakura paused, wondering if he'd already asked the kid's name.

" It's Ryou, and not really," Ryou said looking in the opposite direction of Bakura. He felt so childish. He was supposed to be an adult! It was time to act like one!


"You like like you could use one. Do you want some, Ryou?" Bakura said, lingering on the new name. He liked the way it rolled off his tongue, but then again, maybe it was all that beer.

What a load of crap."

"Um, uh... I don't kn-"

"You're sure your seventeen?"


" Are you scared?" Bakura smiled, stifling a laugh.

"No!" Ryou shot back, protecting his dignity.

" So, you'll have a drink with me?" Bakura prodded, moving closer. Ryou looked so cute.

"... Yes."

Bakura smiled brightly before looking away from Ryou. " Otogi! Two more!"

The bottles slid down the length of the bar in an instant and rattled in Bakura's hand when he caught them. He gulped down the other half of his first beer before passing one to Ryou, who sat looking at the beer tentatively, his hands folded neatly in his lap. The beer seemed to be glaring at him, egging him on. Bakura's eyes seemed to be doing the same thing.

Ryou picked up the bottle with two hands, putting it to his lips and pushed a touch of the amber liquid into his mouth. He was instantly repulsed and froze. It was so bitter and fizzy and it burned his throat and it was just plain gross!

Bleh! Yuck! Why would anyone drink this?! He thought about spitting it out.

"Ha, ha! Too strong for you? Too bitter?"

Bakura's mocking instantly pushed the thought from his mind.

"Nope!" he sang, gulping down the rest of the liquid and banging the bottle down on the bar in triumph, taking a sigh. Bakura laughed to himself. "Bittersweet."


Ryou nodded roughly.

Bakura called to Otogi, and again more alcohol slid into Bakura's hands. Bakura passed him another bottle. He couldn't turn it down. If this was what was the custom, he might as well follow it to fit in. He swallowed with heavy disgust.

Bakura admired the under-aged-drinker's spirit. He'd be a nice addition to his list. That reminded him. Things had to check out first.

"What would your parents think about all of this, Ryou?"


"I don't know, I've been on my own for bit now." It was better to keep things-- uh, minimal.


Good. "I imagine they'd worry about people taking advantage of you."



"Yes, like being manipulated by a stranger. You know, rid you of your virtue?" Bakura smirked.

"People actually do that?" He sounded alarmed and quickly reached for his drink to hide his concern.

He's pretty sheltered. Heh. Perfect. "Oh, yes," Bakura mocked,"But don't worry, you're among friends. I'll make sure of that myself."

Ryou instantly settled down and smiled as he returned to his drink so he didn't seem so gutless."Thanks, Bakura."

Bakura watched as Ryou guzzled down his beverage. His pale throat bounced up and down as the drink slid into his blood stream filling his mind with liquid fire. Drink up, pretty one.

As soon as Ryou finished a beer, Bakura would have another one handy. He was so generous.

After about four and a half drinks Ryou's perceptions were becoming... a bit flawed? The lights seemed brighter and everything was heavy. But man! It was just so easy to talk. It felt like his jaw had slipped. It felt wonderful

Over the past twenty minutes he'd managed to tell Bakura the details of his three day journey. Of course, he'd left out the start, it was personal after all.

"And that blasted park bench! It was sooo hard and flat," Ryou slurped his head swaying dangerously against Bakura's side, as he swiped his hand across the bar to demonstrate the flatness and knocked over his beer bottle.

Ryou's stomach flipped in fear as the alcohol dripped all over his hair and chin and some dousing Bakura's hands. " I am sooo Sorry!" Ryou pleaded, taking Bakura's wet hands, rubbing them all over his black sweater."This is 'effinately not how I should rapaay you for letting me stay witch you t'night."

" Don't worry about it. But I think it's time I cut you off, before you soak yourself even more. You're a lightweight, Ryou, so I guess I should keep an eye on you for a while," Bakura laughed, enjoying Ryou's drunken attempts at speech and to clean the mess. Bakura couldn't help to stare into the inebriated eyes of Ryou who just stared back as if to say: I don't even know my own name, let alone what you're talking about.


"You're real reeeal nice, Bakura," Ryou smiled, trying to hug him with uncoordinated arms.

" I try," Bakura laughed as he slid his arms under Ryou's armpits to support him. He rose with Ryou in his arms. Ryou walked, er- staggered along willingly with Bakura to the front entrance of the bar. Ryou could hear Bakura mutter something to Otogi and laugh. He assumed it was a goodbye.

Ryou found it hard to put colours where they should have belonged, and it felt like the ground was jumping under his feet, trying to knock him over. The music was still pouring out the door. It made him want to dance. Some lady, the one from the song, was chanting the words of the song as if in a shadow of something important :

If I tell you
Will you listen?
Will you stay?
Will you be here forever?
Never go away?
Never thought things would change, hold me tight
Please don't say again that you have to go

All Ryou could understand after that was a dry question in his ear as hot breath poured over his skin: ''"I hope you like motorcycles."

Ryou's head felt heavy, as if someone had taken a brick to it and poured salt in his eyes. It had hurt to move, but at least wherever he was laying was warm... oh, and soft, too. He moaned and snuggled deeper into the bulky sheets. Even though his head was aching like never before he was in a pleasant position. The blanket smelt of musk, deep and rich. The scent ravished his nostrils as he snuggled closer to the welcome scent taking his mind off of the pain in his body...

Wait! Where was this... and why was the heat concentrated to that area? Painfully, he moved his limbs to search through the blanket. His hand came across a fleshy mass. It was what seemed to be radiating the heat. In shock, Ryou opened his eyes and examined this place where he'd been sleeping so carelessly.

"Hey..." The thing replied as Ryou's jaw dropped. He tried desperately to pull away from the man to no avail. It seemed that he was being held against the other Thing's chest. That's when he noticed that he too was shirt-less!

The Thing- er, man, pulled him back into place. "Go back to sleep... you have a hang over and so do I... sleep it off..."


Even though it hurt his head he thought hard and barely recalled his beer-fest from the previous night, and the guy that had so happily bought all of his drinks and saved him from the bouncer. The first thought that popped into his mind terrified him. Images of the smiles that had been flashed his way that night slapped him across the face.

"I imagine they'd worry about people taking advantage of you."



''Yes, like being manipulated by a stranger. You know, rid you of your virtue?" 'Bakura smirked.

"People actually do that?'" He sounded alarmed and quickly reached for his drink to hide his concern.

''Oh, yes," Bakura mocked,"But don't worry, you're among friends. I'll make sure of that myself."

Ryou instantly settled down and smiled as he returned to his drink so he didn't seem so gutless."

''Thanks, Bakura."

"Oh, dear god! Bakura...W-we didn't DO IT, did w-we...?!" Ryou investigated, pulling his hands up to his mouth, biting the nails in suspense.

Bakura shifted up to face level with Ryou and semi-smiled lazily.

"Well, we actually--"

As soon as Bakura had been prepared to share his tale of the night before the door swung open abruptly.

"Bakura! What time did you get in last night!?" The boy who opened the door was tanned and lean, and looked to be about Ryou's age. The widened violet eyes darted between the two barely clothed boys as the glass he'd been holding fell onto the floor and shattered.

Ryou flashed a nervous expression as he tried to cover up with the sheets and looked between the other guy and Bakura.

Bakura's eyes widened and closed as he sucked in a harsh breath. " Crap... I'd cover your ears If I were you..."

It was as if the whole world had stopped spinning, and everything had gone deafly quiet. All things had halted and the staring triangle of boys exchanged looks of dismay and confusion.

The startled boy standing in the doorway shuddered as he sucked in a long breath and set his arms beside himself stiffly as if bracing himself.

The air rang with a high pitch yell that seemed to blow he and Bakura's hair back. Even though Ryou had his hands over his ears the message still rang loud and clear: