He hadn't come after the ice cubes. Part of me was disappointed… another part excited. Because that meant I could have some more fun. Besides… I hadn't fallen in love with Ranger for him giving up easily.

So I waited patiently until the men had returned back to their places from their sudden break and quietly worked my researches, letting time pass a little. Giving them a false safe feeling, letting them believe that I was finished for now.

The perfect time for the next step in my plan. I was pretty sure that this would be the last one. At least I hoped so… I had not much idea of what I would do next, should this fail to bring the wizard down as well. But one thing after the other.

I stood up, smiling up into the camera and stretched myself. Then I walked over to the back of the room where a front of plants and trees stood – and a water spray can. I would have washed a car, but it's kinda hard to find a car here in the 6th floor. So the simple can would have to do…

After I sprayed myself three times an idea struck me… one I was sure would bring the man down – or rather up. It would just be really, really – dirty. Mom would kill herself, should she ever learn of it. But what the heck… I wanted my man. So I squished myself behind the trees and crouched down, spraying myself between my legs… hmm, that actually really felt good. Of course having Ranger there, between my legs, touching my most private parts, would be indefinitely better.

Soon. Soon, Steph.

With a smile at that thought I stood up again, straightening my clothes, well, what I wore, out and stepped into the open again, putting the water spray can down. I felt the heavy stares of the men on me, but not those I was seeking. Well… I could feel him watching. But he still wasn't here.

Ok. Time to help the matter a bit. And to let him know that I didn't care a dime about the dangers being with him could mean to me. I was a target for his enemies anyway. At least I could get what they all thought I already did get from him. Make life worth living for – and death even more. So I looked up into the camera.

"Come get me," I mouthed. An invitation – a plea. But now it was up to him. Either he came to get me – or I'd stop making a fool out of myself and would move on. There sure were enough interested parties alone here at RangeMan. But… none of them was Ranger. "Please," I whispered up at the camera, my heart pounding painfully.

I didn't want anyone else. I wanted Ranger and Ranger alone.

Suddenly, I felt the hair on the back of my neck, heck all my hair, standing up. Oh thank God! He was finally coming!


When the doors of the elevator opened I turned to face him. One glance and I suddenly had trouble breathing. Not to mention that I wished I was sitting. I didn't trust my knees entirely. It's not that he looked desperate or out of control or something. Actually, he looked pretty much in control. But his eyes… they were dark with craving need and I could almost feel his hardness all the way through the room.

Oh boy.

His eyes caught mine and I considered combusting on the spot. Jeez… what had I set free?

The strange thing though was that I wasn't even scared at the pure wildness in front of me. No. I was proud. And anticipating to get engulfed by that wildness. My heart pounded in exhilaration and I couldn't help the smile that formed on my face.

"Babe," he growled. There was no other word for that.

Oh, Batman wasn't too happy about losing his precious control, huh?

Good. Serves him right.

I blinded him with an innocent smile and arched my eyebrows.

So far he hadn't come out of the elevator. I think I had a pretty good idea why and you can bet it made me damn smug. Somehow I didn't think that there were many women out there that could say they made Ranger so hard he wouldn't want to risk walking in front of his men. Not that I thought for a second that they didn't know. But they were too smart to comment. Besides, it wasn't as if they hadn't similar problems as Ranger, no? Ranger knew that as well as me – but sometimes ignorance was the best way to deal with something you didn't like particularly. I should know. I was the queen of ignorance.

Hissing, Ranger said one word, accompanied with a glare. "Come."

For a very tiny, bad moment I contemplated coming right there on the spot. I hadn't minded the shows… they had been fun and basic Burg seduction after all. But I wasn't keen to make a whole porn here in front of the entire RangeMan staff – and the cameras. Besides… for what I had in mind with Ranger I didn't want an audience.

Still, if he thought I would jump and roll at his beck and call he was wrong. So I held up a finger to signalize him to wait a moment, crossed the room to my cubicle and got my bag. I doubted I would return here anytime soon. Swinging it over my shoulder I put the system on stand by, letting it finish the runs in progress, and then leisurely prowled over to join Ranger in the elevator. His eyes never let me out of his sight, his eyes and complexion dark – and hot. He pushed the button for the 7th floor and I smiled in anticipation.

Ranger and I stood on opposite sides and neither of us made a move to get closer or touch. I think we both knew we wouldn't make it out of this elevator if we did. Looked like I was not the only one who wasn't keen to give the Rangemen even more of a show.

We arrived and Ranger, with the fraction of a movement of his head, ordered me to get out. I wasn't too sure if I wanted the beast at my back, but I followed the order anyway and moved out and over to his door, Ranger following me – not too closely. He opened his door and waited with a glare for me to enter. I did him the favor. But I gotta say, as soon as I was inside I felt a bit of my self assurance going pooff. The door slammed shot and I swirled around to see Ranger standing in front of the door, his eyes eating me up but still wearing a very dark complexion.

Involuntarily I gulped – and shuddered – in anticipation. I wasn't afraid of him anymore. Oh, I was afraid he wouldn't want me for more than sex – but the mere thought of him touching me didn't throw me into panic attacks anymore.

"What. Were. You. Thinking?" he pressed out through a clenched jaw. His hands were fisted and I could tell he was just this short of losing his control.

Again I raised my eyebrows and shrugged. "That it was too hot to concentrate on work?" I asked, innocently, keeping the game going.

He was so fast I saw him barely moving, but in one big stride he was in front of me, had packed my shoulders, whirled me around and had me pressed against the wall in a flash, with my feet barely touching the ground. Very good. I wanted them someplace else anyway so I let the bag drop and slang my legs around his middle, putting my arms around his neck to help balancing me. Our faces only inches apart, I held his eyes as I lowered my butt a bit in curiosity. And sure enough, there I felt a hard shaft under me.

A shudder ran through him and with a muttered Spanish curse he pressed me harder into the wall.

"Babe," he breathed, warningly.

I leaned forward and gave him a light kiss, teasing with his lips only a little. "Yeah."

Ranger groaned but turned his head away, closing his eyes. "You. Don't. Know. What. You. Set. Free." Again he said it pressed out between his teeth, but there was a notch of desperation in his voice.

Smiling, I leaned in. "I don't care… Ric," I whispered into his ear.

I felt another tremble run through him as he let out a little gasp. Apparently he hadn't expected that. Well, he'd better adjust to it soon, because I wasn't finished yet. I lowered my butt a bit more, pressing myself against his rock hard erection and wriggled a bit.

Another Spanish curse escaping him, he put his hands on my buttocks and lifted me up and away a bit, causing me to whimper a protest. I glared at him and his dark eyes held my glare, drawing me more and more into him until I had the feeling that he had eaten me up with his eyes – body and soul. His head lowered and he caught my lips with his. But it was only a chaste kiss.

"You should have," he whispered, his hold on me tightening. But he still wouldn't lower me again. "But it's too late now, Babe. No going back anymore," he warned me, a subtle growl accompanying his words.

My heart jumped in elation. About damn time!

I kissed him. Deep. Long. Hard. When I broke it I stroked with my cheek along his until my mouth was at his ear again. "Good," I breathed. "It so happens that I love you. And the only direction I want to go is forward," I confessed with a smile, my voice light. Who'd have thought it would be so easy to say it if it's the right person to hear it?

He froze.

For the first time in my life I was frozen. Completely. Body, mind, soul. Everything was frozen.

Did she just…

Did she really…


With trouble I grew aware that she had drawn back, looking at me with a frown between her soulful eyes. I wished I could have said something to her. Anything. But I couldn't. I just couldn't. God, how could people stand such a frozen, helpless state? And how could they break out of it?

Understanding flickered in her eyes and the frown seized to be replaced by a tender, warm smile. I felt her hands cupping my face and her eyes shone out at me.

"Te amo, Ricardo Carlos Manoso."

Her soft words broke through my stupor and an entire world of nearly unsupportable emotions descended upon me. Not that I cared. All that mattered were the two words that repeated themselves in my mind over and over.

Te amo.

Jesus Christ.

She loved me.

She loved me…

Every sense of reason left me as my heart reeled at the sudden certainty seeping in. Her lips touched mine and my body came alive in a burst of searing fire. I crushed her to me and invaded her mouth with my tongue, meeting her passion with mine, causing it to explode ten folds. Hungrily, I drank her essence into me, until I thought I would burst any time now. World and time fell away until there was only my Babe left anymore and my need to make us one once and for all.

La mia. Para ahora y por siempre.

There was only one overwhelming need left in me. To bury myself as deeply in her as human possibly – and some more.

Pero no aquí.

My last ounce of reason penetrated through the haze of this crazy craving. Not like this. There was time for this later.

Mucho, mucho, mucho tiempo mucho, mucho, mucho más adelante.

But not for our first official lovemaking. With difficulty I staggered away from the wall and tried to find my way over to my bedroom, not breaking our feverish kiss though. Walking had become nearly impossible and with my head buried against hers I hardly could see anything. Just good that I knew my apartment pretty damn well…

Finally, after ages, I felt my knees bumping against my bed and instead of trying to keep my balance I let us fall onto the silk sheets. Only now did we break our kiss. She stared up at me, her eyes so open, so trusting, so full of love that I nearly chocked.

No merecí esto. No la merezco.

She moved a hand to stroke over my face, cupping my left cheek. I closed my eyes as the sensations of this trusting, intimate gesture engulfed me and I leaned into her touch.

"I love you, Ric," she whispered. "So much that it almost hurts."


I grinded my teeth and was off her in a flash, my breath going harsh with the struggle to hold myself back. My Babe looked over to me, confused, but her eyes lit up when I started to rip my clothes away from me. I've never gotten naked so fast in my life. I returned my whole attention back to the beauty on my bed who was mine now. When I slowly stalked the two steps back to my bed, her eyes started to shine in a wicked gleam and she welcomed me with a feral smile.

¡Jesús, una qué tentación ella es!

She didn't flicker even with an eye when I leaned down to rip that ridiculous excuse of an outfit off of her, groaning in sweet torture when I saw the proof that she hadn't wore anything under that skirt. Another time, I would take the time to slowly undress her, but I hadn't the patience for it now. I could consider myself lucky that I lasted so long. My dick was throbbing so hard that it hurt like hell by now. I even considered to leaving her boots on. But a faint voice in my head reminded me that we would have it more comfortable without them – and there would be more silken skin for me to savor.

A second later the boots were gone and she finally laid in all her stupendous glory before me. I moved to kneel over her, taking her soft golden beauty in for a moment, before my eyes returned to hers, getting enraptured by the blue depths watching me amused – and aroused.

"Like what you see?" my Babe asked, smugly.

Well, she had every right to be smug. Besides, it wasn't as if she didn't pay me back my appreciating wonder likewise either. I smiled and lowered myself down to her to press two hungry, but tender kisses on each of her breasts. At my touch she gasped and bowed toward me.

At least I wasn't the only one close to instant combusting. Neither of us could hold back much longer. But there was something I first had to get out.

I raised myself a little again to stare down into her unfocused eyes. The sight didn't do much for my weak control.

"Stephanie," I called out, savoring her name as it came from my lips.

Surprised at hearing her name, her eyes focused back to me. Tenderly, I cupped her cheek now and stared into her eyes for a long moment. "Te amo. Te amo, Stephanie Michelle Plum," I said quietly, but as serious as I've ever been in my life. "El dios me ayuda, te amo más que cualquier cosa en este universo."

Her eyes welled up with joy and happiness and she nodded once. She turned her head and pressed a kiss into the palm of my hand, the light touch the last drop to set me free. Completely and without one restraint left in me. With half a cry, I descended down to her where her lips already awaited me hungrily and her legs spread to circle my waist again. Not able to resist the temptation any moment longer I pushed myself deeply into her and this time cried out at the wet tightness that welcomed me home. Our eyes met again at this one perfect moment and we both knew that this was what we had waited for all our life. Her walls clasped around me, squeezing, and I shuddered with the effort to not come right then. Never losing our passionate eye contact I drew back out of her to plunge a second time into her, deeper than before. She moaned, her eyes daring to roll up in ecstasy, but she fought to keep our eyes locked. Our fingers entwined as I started to rock her in a steadily increasing pace and force. She met my every stroke, her walls clasping tight and tighter around me and I knew it was only a question of moments anymore before we would come. With a last forceful thrust I plunged into her and she cried out my name when I hit her inner most center, compulsing around me as the wave of her orgasm rode her, making me come with a roar, that was her name, riding the orgasm with her until I had spilled myself completely into her and I collapsed onto the top of her.

I have no idea how long we were lying there, completely exhausted. At some point I grew aware that she gingerly stroked over my back.

"Dios," I commented, once I found my breath back.

My Babe laughed. "Yeah," she agreed as her hands moved lower.

I summoned the strength to lift my head to look incredulously into her laughing, happy eyes. I shook my head, but smiled. "You will be my death."

She grinned. "Ah no, I don't think so. I've chosen you not just for your Adonis like body, your brain or even all your guns and money."

I raised an eyebrow, amused. "No?"

"Nope." She shook her head. "Mostly I've chosen you solely for your stamina. Which is, as I remember, excellent."

I threw my head back and laughed out loud. But I didn't contradict her. Couldn't deny the truth after all. And a certain part of me was already rapidly rising to prove her choice right.

"See?" she asked with a grin as she felt the growing inside her, her eyes darkening though.

Instead of answering, I moved to kiss her tenderly. I've never been a man of many words. I let actions speak.

Damn time my Babe finally started to learn that language.

With a laugh she broke our kiss and lightly slapped me on my chest. I raised an eyebrow.

"How's it now with that air conditioning?" she asked, her eyes innocently.

Damn. And I had hoped I could make her forget about it. I should have known better and anticipated that this question would come sooner or later. When my Babe was on a mission, she was on a mission and wouldn't stop until she had fulfilled it.

Again I chose to skip any words and leaned in to kiss her again. I think she wanted to break away again to get her answer, but I moved my hip a little and she gave in to our growing need. For now.

I knew she wouldn't stop before she got what she wanted. And by God, I wouldn't survive another day like this one. Besides, I couldn't afford to shoot most of my men for goggling my woman.

And she damn well knew it.

If I wouldn't love her so much I could throttle her.

So I would go check out the various shops tomorrow morning. Well, actually Tank would probably already have found the best offers by then, so I would just have to place the order. I would need to find another way to keep the lazy asses of my men out of the office. Hmm… perhaps I could convince my Babe to let her Grandmother Mazur visit her regularly each day. Yeah, that could do the trick. It would also teach them to tease me about my failure to resist one curly haired woman.

It was pretty embarrassing.

But then, I was now the luckiest man on Earth, so no complaints whatsoever.

Ella vale todo.

La mía finalmente y para toda la eternidad.

The End


Te amo, Ricardo Carlos Manoso. – I love you, Ricardo Carlos Manoso

La mia. Para ahora y por siempre. – Mine. For now and forever.

Pero no aquí. – But not here.

Mucho, mucho, mucho tiempo mucho, mucho, mucho más adelante. – Much, much, much time a very, very, very lot later.

No merecí esto. No la merezco. – I didn't deserve that. I don't deserte her.

¡Jesús, una qué tentación ella era! – Jesús, what a temptation she was!

El dios me ayuda, te amo más que cualquier cosa en este universo. – God help me, I love you more than anything else in this universe.

Ella vale todo. - She's worth everything.

La mía finalmente y para toda la eternidad. - Mine at last and for all eternity.

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