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Chapter One

Front Page of the Domino Gazette:

My name is Craig Wilson, and today I was given an exclusive interview with both Seto Kaiba of Kaiba Corp., and Maximillion Pegasus the owner of Industrial Illusions.

Seto Kaiba the CEO of Kaiba Corp., has stepped down and has turned the reins over to Maximillion Pegasus. Together Kaiba Corp. and Industrial Illusions have been joined together.

Mr. Kaiba has just issued this statement:

I have no desire to be the CEO of Kaiba Corp., since the unexpected death of my brother. Mokuba had always embraced life and now I am honoring his memory by doing the same, so I have decided to turn Kaiba Corp. over to Maximillion.

Mr. Kaiba has just handed over the keys to Mr. Pegasus and Mr. Pegasus has a few words to say:

It was a very dark day for everyone who knew Mokuba Kaiba; his death took all of us completely by surprise. Seto and I have been in deliberations for a few weeks since the death of his beloved brother.

How did Mokuba die? Well here is the story:

Mokuba was accepted to Juilliard, and Seto really did not want him to go, but Seto also knew that Mokuba was not interested in taking over Kaiba Corp. he would rather study music.

Mokuba had always loved playing the piano, and his music teacher had said to Seto, "I want you to know that your brother is the best student that I've ever had. He loves playing the piano and if he continues playing a good as he is now, I predict that he'll be playing at every well known music venue within the next year."

When Mokuba left Domino for New York, Seto stood there watching the jet until it disappeared, and then he and his wife got into the limo and went back to the Manor.

The jet landed in New York, and someone met Mokuba there by the name of Joseph Wheeler. Joseph was a graduate of Juilliard, he also is a professor of Art. In his spare time, he helps the Art Department by making all the backdrops for all the plays and dance recitals.

When Joseph told Mokuba who he was, they shook hands and something happened, something special happened that drew them together. When Joseph drove Mokuba to Juilliard, he told him about the College and about the great Music Department.

When they got there, Joseph took Mokuba to meet Dean Walter Peters, and after introducing himself, Walter said, "Welcome to Juilliard, I hope that you'll enjoy studying here."

Then after the meeting, Joseph showed Mokuba the living area where the students stayed. When Joseph brought Mokuba to the room where he'd be living, Joseph said, "Maybe later I can show you around and we could go get something to eat."

Mokuba thanked him, and then he said, "I'd like that and thanks for being so nice."

Joseph left Mokuba to unpack and as he was sitting there in the room, Mokie called and let Seto know, "I'm here and I really like it. I've already made one friend and tomorrow I'll begin my first class. Seto thanks for believing in my ability to play the piano."

Seto said, "I'm glad that you got there and that you are happy being there. Please let me know how your first day goes, and Mokie, I love you."

Mokuba smiled as he heard what his brother said, and then he told Seto, "I love you too. Say hello to Tea for me, I'll call you tomorrow." Then he hung up the phone and got changed.

Joseph went back to Mokuba's room and knocked on the door. Mokuba opened it and smiled as he saw Josephs standing there. They left the room, and Joseph showed Mokuba around the campus and then they walked to a small little place and as they sat down at a booth, a young lady came over and asked, "Are you ready to order?"

They both told her what they wanted and as she left, Joseph asked Mokuba, "Where are you from?"

Mokuba told Joseph, "I've lived all my life in Domino that's in Japan."

Mokuba then asked Joseph, "Have you lived in New York very long?"

Joseph told Mokuba, "I grew up here, but then I went to live with my grandfather in Tokyo. I came back here three years ago and enrolled in Juilliard, and I studied drawing and when I graduated, I was considered a very good artist. My grandfather loved the idea that I chose to study art, because he too loved drawing and he always was painting something.

Before his death, I went back to Tokyo and I painted his portrait and when I showed it to him, he smiled and said, "You are one hell of an artist.

When I came back here to Juilliard, I got a job here helping teach art and I was asked to paint the backdrops for each dance recital and for the acting department."

So began Mokuba's first day of studying music and his relationship with Joseph