A weekend with Emmett.

Chapter 1 - Human Stuff.

Bella's P.O.V

"So, tell me again" I began to complain to Edward, "Why does Emmett have to babysit me again?"

Edward looked at me with a serious face. "It's just for the night Bella."

"But Emmett?"

"Bella, you're a death magnet on your own, and he's the only one who isn't thirsty. Bella, I wouldn't let you be alone with him if I didn't trust him, he won't hurt you." Edward continued

"I told you I'm not worried about that." I said as I leaned back into a car seat with a frown on my face.

"Then what is it?"

"I just don't like being baby sat."

Edward chuckled.


"He's not going to baby sit you, he's just going to keep an eye on you." He said as he stopped the car in front of his house and kissed me on my forehead. I sighed and stepped out of the car. Edward was already at my side with all my things in his hand. "It's gonna' be fine"

"I hope so"

We walked up to his house in silence. When we got in I noticed everyone was in the living room waiting for Edward.

"Hellllloooo!" Emmett boomed with a wide grin across his face.

"Hi." I moaned in a low voice

"What's wrong? Is it your time of the month? "Emmett asked with a frown.

I felt the blood rush to my cheeks as I hid behind Edward. I heard low chuckles coming from everyone. "Emmett, control yourself" I heard Edward growl.

"Lighten up Eddie"

"As much as I'm enjoying this, and I am enjoying this, we need to go now." Rosalie spoke up.

"Rose is right." Carlisle said in a low voice.

"Bye, love you" Edward said and then gave me a peck on the cheek.

"Love you too."

And before I new it was just me and Emmett in the room. "This is going to be fun." I heard Emmett say in a low voice.

"I doubt it, I have finals."

"Screw finals, I want to do human stuff!" Emmett complained.

"Human stuff?"

"Yeah!" he said with excitement in his voice.

"Emmet, we do the same stuff you do."

"Humans play catch with bowling balls?"

"I get your point."

"Good," He responded, "Want me to make you dinner?"

I looked at him with a confused look on my face, "Can you do that?" I asked with shock in my voice.

"I can try." Emmett said in a eager voice just waiting for me to say yes.

I'm going to regret this I thought

"Can I say no?" I thought twice


"Fine then," I sighed. Emmett ran to the kitchen at vampire speed. "What are you making anyway?"



Emmett's P.O.V

I can finally prove to Eddie that I can take care of Bella, I mean he'll start trusting me once I make her an edible dinner.

"Emmett, leave it on 180 degrees for 20 minuets" Bella called.

"I knew that." I mumbled but low enough that Bella couldn't hear me,

I did as she said and waited for about 2 minutes, This human food is taking too damn long and X-men is on, Oh well I'll put up the heat to 220 degrees.

15 minutes later

"Emmett, what's that smell?" Bella asked.

My eyes widened when I remembered that I have pasta boiling. "Nothing," I called as I ran to the kitchen at vampire speed again,

When I took off the lid of the pot the pasta had seemed to be done, the only problem is that it cooked itself into the pot. "Damn" I said in a voice too low for Bella, who lacked vampire skills, to hear, "Ok, so who wants take out?" I asked

"The whole dinner didn't work out, huh?"

"I think I killed it" I said in an irritated voice.

Bella chuckled, "Pizza's good for me"

"Bella… " I began and a confused spread across my face.

"I'll do it"

"Thank you" I mumbled .I'm never gonna' get this right.