A weekend with Emmett

A weekend with Emmett

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Chapter 2-Edwards Birthday

Bella's p.o.v

I nibbled at my pizza while watching TV with Emmett; I didn't have to be Edward to know he was thinking of a way to make things to me because the whole dinner thing didn't go as planned. As much as I loved Emmett I couldn't wait till Edward got home, the only reason I didn't start having a panic attack was the fact that I knew Edward would be back tomorrow. The silence started to grow uncomfortable.

"You know, it's Edwards' birthday in couple of days" Emmett said fishing for conversation, but his eyes didn't leave the Television

In all the years me and Edward spent together we never celebrated his birthday, hell I didn't know when his birthday was until just now, I wonder what this means. We never picked up the conversation before.

"Really? Why didn't anyone tell me?" I asked, I was hopping Edward would tell me himself.

"I just did! Just don't tell him I told you, he was afraid you would make a big deal out of it"

"Fine, But why?"

"Well, Alice made a big deal out of your birthday and look what happened; you practically turned Jasper into a psychopath and got 7 stitches in the same day!" Emmett said knowing perfectly well that that's not what I meant.

"I mean why would he think I would want to celebrate his birthday, I wouldn't if he asked me to"

"I dunno, but I'm sure you can get him a gift, just don't let him know its for his birthday" Emmett said with a shrug and then he turned his attention to the T.V again

Fair enough, but what? "But what do I get the man that has it all?" I asked,"I'm open to suggestions"

At that moment I knew I would regret that I asked, Emmett's face lit up in the most frightening way. Oh no.

"I have the perfect idea" He said with that same grin and then turned to look at me. "He doesn't own it, He wants it and it will make him feel so much better"

"Sounds good, what is it?" I asked curious, it doesn't sound too bad.

Emmett moved closer to me and put his arm on my shoulder, like he wanted to keep me in place.

"Bella, when a couple like you and Edward are in love, they do something called…"

"EMMETT!" I almost yelled, "What the Hell?"

"Bella, Edward is a 107 year old virgin"

"SO?" I screamed this time.

"HE NEEDS TO GET LAID" By now we were both yelling "All I'm saying is that, Edward might like it if he gets some" he said a little calmer

"Wha- Why- Ahhh" I was about to hyperventilate. "Did he say that?" Of course I would do anything for Edward, but unless it's what Edward wants', I would wait. "Did he say that?" I repeated calming myself with the image of my own personal god beating Emmett to the ground- what a refreshing thought.


"Than how do you know he wants it?" I asked in an irritated tone

"He is a male, sexually deprived and is 107!'Emmett said like he was stating the obvious.

Emmett still had his arm around my shoulder so there was no way I could leave

"Bella," Emmett was about to start his list of top ten reasons why Edward should get laid.

"Emmett, If you say one more word I will tell Edward and he will kill you" I threatened

Emmett pouted in defeat and let me go.

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