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"Do I really have to do this?," I asked from the back of the Impala.

"Yes!!," all three guys said at the same time. I gave an agitated sigh and sank into the seat, my arms crossed in front of me.

"But why do I have to actually attend the school? I already have my G.E.D. Why can't Sam just pretend to be a teacher?" Dean just smirked.

"She has a good idea Sammy. You could easily pull it off."

"Don't start Dean," Sam looked at his brother in warning.

"What I'm just saying, it would be just as easy for you as for her."

"We already covered this," Sam said turning around to face me. "We need somebody to get close to them to determine if they'll be a threat or not in the War. A teacher can't do that as easily as a student."

"Plus you are girl it should be easy," Dean said with a smirk that would make most girls melt. It just annoyed me.

"Are you saying that I should try to get one of them, maybe even all of them, into bed, Dean Winchester?" Sam and Mason turned to look at me; Dean glared at me from the rearview mirror. All their faces clearly showed that if any one of those guys tried that, they would kill them. I, of course, had to have some fun since they were making me do something I didn't want to. "That's not a bad idea. Definitely make the assignment more tolerable. I wonder how long it would take to get them in bed. I'm thinking maybe two or three weeks. What do ya say Dean? Wanna place a bet?" I leaned over the front seat and gave Dean a smile.

"No!!" They all shouted at once. I just sank back into the seat once again. This time with a smug look on my face, knowing I had gotten to them.

"So how exactly are we going to pay for all this? I highly doubt tuition is cheap."

"Don't you worry Pup, I got it covered," Mason said to me.

"You can't keep using your trust fund Mason. You need to have something when you get out of this life."

"I don't think I'll ever stop kiddo. I've been at it for far too long and it's really all I know. Besides I didn't use any of my money. The new Provost of the school is an old childhood friend of dad's. Some strange things have been happening and he knew what dad did for a living so he called me to help out when he learned dad had passed."

"And he thinks these boys are behind it?

"No. He doesn't really know much about them. He has heard rumors around the school and town about their families but there is nothing concrete. He basically gave us the same information we found doing our research on the town," Sam replied. He was continuing said research in the front seat of the Impala; going through news articles and what not trying to find a possible connection between all the victims.

I was still upset that I was going to have to get to know these guys. I had never had an easy time making friends. Everybody thought I was too weird. Huh, if only they knew. I was relieved by the fact that I didn't have to stay at one of the many crappy motels and continue with research duty.

All of the guys had years of experience on me. Sure I had been training since I was five but my mom and dad never let me out into the field until I was about thirteen, that wasn't the case with them. Mason had started training at the age of five as well but he went on his first hunt when he was eight. Dean and Sam trained and hunted for years. Not quite as long as Mason, being as he was older than even Dean by about three years, but long enough to be able to refuse to let me into the difficult hunts.

Mason's mom had passed when he was seven. Our dad had been on a hunt and from what I gathered an enemy came to settle an old score. Mason had been lucky in the fact that he had been with his grandparents at the time, his mom not so much. It took a toll on our dad and he left Mason in England with his grandparents while he tracked the bastard to America.

During another hunt he met my mother, who was from a hunting family herself. They teamed up to finish the hunt and fell in love. Two years later they were married and when Mason was fourteen they had me. After I was born my mom took over the roadhouse that her mother had run and raised me there. I grew up around hunters and learned many different things from the stories that were told. I would have inherited that place if Ol' Yellow Eyes hadn't burnt it to a crisp like he did with Harvelle's Roadhouse. He was determined to leave us with as few numbers as possible.

Mason went to school in England because our dad didn't think it would be wise to pull him from a place that provided him with some satiability. He always came to Texas for his vacations and trained. Our grandparents were also hunters and our grandpa made sure Mason knew how to fight. My mom really didn't want me to hunt but she knew it was likely to be inevitable so her and my father prepared me for anything and everything they could think of. They knew there would come a time when they would be gone and I would need to know how to protect myself and my family when I had one.

I grew up knowing Sam, Dean and their father John. Bobby had brought them down. John seemed so happy to find others that were fighting the same battle he was. A couple of times when John was on a long hunt the boys would stay with us at the roadhouse. I'll admit I had a crush on both of them at some point in my life but that faded and they both became my brothers; every bit as protective over me as Mason. I think Sam was worse because he wasn't used to the older brother gig. Dean had Sam, so he took the brunt of Dean's protection. Dean knew when to lighten up on me but then there were times he got protective to the point were I thought he would handcuff me to something in the room to make sure I was there the next day.

It had been about six months ago when things had taken a wrong turn in my life. Ol' Yellow Eyes was ready for his war. Mason and I were on a job in Utah when Dean called. He told us Sam went missing, that Harvelle's was gone, and he wasn't getting an answer from our place. This threw me into a panic and we raced back to Texas. When we got there nothing was left standing. I saw my mom's ring and our dad's tags and realized neither one had made it out.

A couple days later after trying to figure out whom we had lost and what our numbers were down to, Dean called saying they had Sam and they need our help bringing down the bastard. Mason and I were there in a heartbeat. Needless to say we didn't succeed in stopping Jake. Dean killed the Y.E.D., which we later learned was Azazel, but the Devil's Gate had been opened. We managed to get it closed but not before an army was released.

We split up a couple of days later to cover more ground, but kept in contact incase something happened, which it did. Shortly after we finished a gig in Tennessee we got a call from Bobby saying to meet at his place. When we got there tensions were running high and we soon learned why. Dean had given his soul to bring Sam back to life and Sam, trying to free Dean, shot the crossroads demon with the colt. After I had calmed down, and stopped hitting them for their idiotic moves, we decided to stick together. Dean wanted to make sure somebody would be there to look out for Sam when he was gone. Sam wanted help to get Dean out of his deal.

We agreed of course. We were the only family any of us had left. Granted it was a truly messed up family, but that didn't matter. We found a gig in Iowa. A shapeshifter was lose. Needless to say it was difficult. I was going out to get some food when I ran into the shifter in the form of Sam, literally. I totaled Mason's car when I ran down the fake Sam trying to get away. I was already injured from our fight earlier and the wreck didn't make it any better. The guys got the bastard while I was in the hospital for a few days. After that we made our way back to Bobby's to recover. The guys tried to hide it but I knew the fight had taken its toll on them too.

We only spent a few weeks at Bobby's, or actually I did. My wrist had a slight fracture, which was great compared to what I really could've had, so I had to wear a brace. When you have three older brothers in this line of work they won't let you do much anyway, even less when you're slightly injured. So I spent my recovery time at Bobby's trying to help fix the Colt. Shortly after I was healed, Mason received the call that was leading us to Ipswich, Massachusetts. Mason's car was still in repair at Bobby's so we all had to go in the Impala. It was turning into a long trip. With three guys who were 6 foot or over and four tempers things were bound to be interesting. At one point I thought we were all going to get a weapon from the trunk and deal with each other, but we managed to find a quick hunt along the way that took care of our aggression. It was nighttime when Mason shook me awake.

"We're here." The guys had decided that to make it look real and, according to Sam, we might be here for a while to deal with the boys, we needed a place to stay that didn't charge per night. Mason did some looking and managed to find a small house for rent. When I got out of the car I was shocked by what I saw. Small house my ass.

"This is what you call small Mason?," I asked as my mouth hung open and I gawked at the house, no scratch that mansion.

"Compared to the other places around here? Yes." We had all agreed that since we didn't know how long this would really take we would be better off with a house instead of an apartment, even though I would be living in the dorms at Spencer. Dean and Mason said that we needed a place to train and stay sharp. In apartments, the neighbors would be more apt to call the police during our training sessions and since Sam and Dean were still wanted by the feds this was the best option.

We walked into the ill furnished house. Mason had just gotten the basics: beds, couch, chairs, tables, and a television. We didn't need much since we were hoping that this wouldn't take to long. I claimed a room, changed, and crashed. I had a long day ahead of me tomorrow what with starting school and all. Lucky for me winter break was just about ending. I knew when I went tomorrow it would be part of my own personal hell.

I never liked school. I always got into fights with the boys and the girls just thought I was too weird. I got kicked out of the last school in our district when I was in 7th grade so my mom decided to home school me. It was completely fine with me. I'd hang out at the bar and do homework while I worked. I felt more comfortable there anyway. We all had the same goal in life; take out as many hell spawn as we could before we kicked the bucket.