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Chapter 1

Hermione Granger sat herself down on one of the chairs across Headmaster Albus Dumbledore's desk. Next to her sat Minerva McGonagall. Remus Lupin, who currently worked at the Ministry as an auror was standing behind Albus. On one side of the office, not far from Hermione, stood Severus Snape. All of their faces had expressions of sadness and sorrow, except of course, Severus whose face remained emotionless—though his eyes did reflect a bit of emotion, similar to the others. Hermione of course, knew what was coming long before. The news to come would have not surprised her.

"I am sorry Miss Granger," Albus started with sadness in his voice. "Remus here has just informed me that your home has been attacked by Death Eaters." He paused for a moment before he continued, and looked into Hermione's eyes. "They—your parents, didn't make it."

Hermione slowly nodded her head in understanding. She could feel the tears in her eyes build up moments ago. She refused to cry. Still, she was unable to stop a single tear to escape and flow down her cheek. She sulked her head down and looked at her fingers. She started to fidget with them on her lap.

Her parents had just died. They were murdered by Death Eaters who were dark wizards and followers of the Dark Lord. She knew that this time would come. She just sat there for a few moments, staring blankly at her fingers. A number of emotions were running through her and yet, she didn't react too much.

"We are truly sorry Hermione," Remus said with all sympathy. "If we, the Order knew, we would have tried to stop them, and possibly save your parents. We didn't have any intel though," he said as he shortly glanced at Severus. He wished that Severus was still a double agent for the Order. However, his status had been revealed last year by the Dark Lord, nearly costing him his life. If he still was a double agent, surely, Hermione's parents would have possibly been saved.

"Do you need anything Miss Granger?" Minerva asked as she looked at her prized student. She was surprised towards Hermione's display of emotion. The girl was neither shocked or surprised. If she had burst out and cried, she would have held her and comforted her. Obviously, it didn't happen.

Once again, Hermione didn't say anything. She shook her head. Was it because of denial or because she knew that nothing could have been done? Now was the time she thought to herself. What time though? The beginning of the end, or the beginning of a new beginning? Some secrets were about to be revealed.

Suddenly, the doors had burst open. A wizard with long platinum blond hair had just walked in.

Remus and Albus pulled their wands out right away when they saw Lucius Malfoy walk in. Minerva then too pulled out her wand and stood up from her chair moments after them.

"Mr. Malfoy!" Albus exclaimed. "How dare you step into my office, unannounced and uninvited!"

Albus, Remus and Minerva of course knew that Lucius was a possible suspect since he was a Death Eater. In fact, he was the number one suspect that came into mind. After all, he was one of top Death Eaters within the ranks.

Lucius stopped midstride as soon as he entered the office. Both his arms and hands were up in the air. He had no intentions of fighting with them. Even if he did, it would have been too late for him to pull out his wand at that certain moment.

"I am demanding you to leave my office!" Albus said aloud.

Before Lucius could say anything, a soft female voice started to speak.

"He's with me," Hermione said as she looked up at the headmaster.

"What?" Albus, Remus and Minerva gasped in shock and complete confusion as they looked at her.

Hermione stood up and repeated herself more clearly the second time. "I said, he's with me." She then looked at Lucius, slightly nodding to him when he nodded to her in terms of greeting each other.


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