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Chapter 55

"Please lie back down on the bed and relax," Dr. Michael Agner told Hermione. "Unbutton the bottom part of your blouse as well."

Severus helped Hermione up on the bed and let her lie down. He sat right next to the bed on a chair, and squeezed Hermione's hand after she did as the doctor requested. He wasn't sure if he was the one nervous or her.

"How is your morning sickness?" the doctor asked as he took his seat on the chair, on the opposite side of the bed. In his hands, he had a chart and a pen.

"This morning it was terrible," Hermione answered. "There are days though that it doesn't hit me."

"It usually is that way. Morning sickness lasts throughout the entire first trimester. It varies with different women. Some don't even have them," he informed the couple. "You don't have much questions Professor," he said. Usually the father's to be were the ones that had the questions and did most of the talking, and not their wives.

"I've actually read some books for expecting fathers," Severus replied.

"Those are always helpful. Without them, I think father's like you would always coming running to doctors like me. Asking questions left and right, and non stop worrying about your wife," Dr. Agner chuckled.

Hermione glanced at Severus who didn't speak. She barely gave him a smile. She could just imagine him at a loss if he didn't buy those books. Ever since they knew she was pregnant, whenever she saw him reading, it was always one of the pregnancy books. It no longer was material on positions.

"The first trimester is usually the most fatigued trimester for pregnant women. Poppy tells me that you've been really sick the past two days?" Dr. Agner frowned as he glanced at her chart.

"Yes, she nearly got pneumonia," Severus replied.

"That's not good," Dr. Agner said with a light hint of worry as he placed the chart down on the table nearby, and tucked his pen in his breast jacket pocket. "I assume that you've been feeling more tired and weak since you were sick?"

"Correct," Hermione replied as she glanced at Severus. It was hard to miss the look on his face—worry. He had barely left her side since the day she ran off.

"This is going to be a little cold," Dr. Agner warned just before he squeezed some gel on Hermione's stomach. He reached out for the ultrasound device and planted it firmly on her stomach. "Well hello there," he said as he looked at the screen."


Severus's heart stopped for a moment, and he gulped when he saw the tiny form of the fetus of his son as the doctor pointed at it on the screen. Size was only four to six millimeters. Tiny yes, but he could see it—his son. He turned to face towards Hermione, who was getting all teary eyed when he looked at her. All he could do was smile.

Tears were starting to form beneath Hermione's eyes as she looked at the screen and saw her son for the first time. Deep in her cervix, he was growing inside her. As she turned to look at Severus, she saw that he was happy with a simple smile and a bright glint in his black eyes.

"A child made out of love…"

Her heart swelled as she looked at the man that loved her—the man that she loved. Why was she denying herself the truth the past few days? All guilt disappeared from her as she thought how stupid she had been. "Severus," she called him softly, slightly pulling on his hand, urging him to closer.

"What is it Little One?" he asked with worry. Was she tired? Did she want to vomit?

"I love you," she admitted, as a tear slid down her cheek.

Severus smiled and bent forward kissing the tear away. His heart beat for her as he heard the words that she had not said to him in the past few days. "I love you too," he whispered to her just before giving her a peck on her lips.


Hermione stared at the picture of her unborn son as she remained to lie down on Severus's bed. Severus was seated at her feet, massaging her feet with some massage oil. He was pampering her, and she loved it. After they departed from the clinic, she had apologized to him, and as always, he forgave her.

"He's so tiny," Severus stated.

"Yeah," Hermione said as she lowered the picture. She looked at the stomach as she lifted the grey shirt up slightly. "I still can't believe that there's life growing inside me."

"Our son is growing inside you."

"A son made out of love."

"No doubt," Severus said as he lifted her foot and brought it up to his lips to kiss her big toe. "Are you tired or feeling nauseous?"

"Just tired, but I feel okay. I actually am enjoying this massage," she sighed contently as he pressed her tendon. She then was somewhat disappointed when he put her foot down and slid out of the bed. "Hey, where are you going?" she asked with a pout.

Severus bent down and kissed her firmly. "Do not worry Little One. Your massage and pampering has just begun. I must go to the bath and have your aroma therapy bath ready." With that, he left and walked towards the bathroom.

Hermione smiled to herself as she closed her eyes. Severus was the perfect and loving husband in all ways. He took good care of her and loved her. He was her man, her husband, her love.


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