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Chapter 12

The 8 villians (Nastasia, Jojora, Doopliss, Tiny, Blooper, Hammer Bro, Pinker, and Shy Guy) had easily entered Chucklehuck Woods. They were also in the BeanBean Kingdom and weren't far away from their HQ.

"Are we freakin there yet!?" Pinker complained.

"WHAT DO YOU THINK!?" Doopliss yelled.

"Will you shut up! You're gonna attract the zombies to us!" Jojora said.

"Well, if you don't like it, then you should of put a ring on it!" Hammer Bro said.

"What the french is that suppose to mean? I swear, I'm gonna slap all of you if I get a headache from this." Blooper said.

"Please keep your thoughts to yourself. I don't think any of us are keen on thinking about violence..." Doopliss added.

Suddenly, little creatures scattered all over the ground, in the same direction, right before them.

"EWWW!!! MICE!!!" Pinker shrieked.

"Ugh! That drama queen is gonna get us killed!" Blooper whispered, not even paying attention to the mice.

"What are they running from...?" Nastasia asked. They all looked back and saw "them".

"Sigh...here we go AGAIN!" Hammer bro said. The 8 ran for their lives, as fast as they could, stepping on mice on every step they took, but that didn't stop them. They eventually came to a small factory and entered it.

They room they got in, had boxes piled everywhere and a door at the other side of the room.

"Hey...I know this place! This is the factory where they create Chuckola Cola!" Pinker said.

"Seriously? Well, looks like we had some good luck..." Blooper said as he opened a box and found...dynamite?

"What the french?" Doopliss said as he looked in to the box. "Why are these here?"

"I don't know, but we're taking them. We need them badly." Tiny said.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?" Somebody yelled in the room. They saw the person and it was a beanish Girl, from BeanBean town.

"Us? We're just here to hideout from the zombies!" Jojora exdplained.

"And what are YOU doing here? Where's your parents little girl?" Doopliss said.

"The name's Bubble and my dad and I decided to hide out here from the chaos and he went outside like ten minutes ago to check if it was clear. But wait...shouldn't he had come back by now?" Bubble said.

"Has it occured to you that your father was eaten alive by zombies and you may be next?" Hammer Bro asked.

"No...no way! That's awesome! I've never been killed before!" Bubble cheered.

"Yeah, well, good luck on surviving." Nastasia added.

"Thanks guys, you're the best!" Bubble said.

But suddenly, the door they came through smashed open and in came limping the zombies in great numbers.

"What do we do, WHAT DO WE DO!?" Pinker yelled in panic.

"We're getting out of here, that's what we're gonna do!" Jojora said. The group ran to the other door, tried to open, but it was shut tight.

"Ooh! I'll use my wand! Wait...oh...I think I dropped it back in the woods..." Jojora said.

"Of course! We always get the bad luck! It makes sense now!" Hammer Bro said.

The zombies had already crowded almost half of the room, and they were all getting closer by the minute.

"Screw this! I'm going in and beat them to death!" Blooper yelled. He ran over to the zombie crowd and went in. Right after that though, everyone saw Blooper getting chewed by a few zombies and one of them, actually ripped one of his "tentacles" off with ease.

"NOOOO!!!!" Tiny yelled. She ran over to where Blooper was being chewed on and she grabbed his remaining tentacles to pull him out of there.

"S-stop...please...let me go..." Blooper weakly said as he was coughing up blood.

"No! You're part of the...team!" Tiny yelled, suddenly, she accidentally ripped off two of his tentacles which made her fall down, right underneath every infected person she could see.

There was another scream that came from the crowd, but that was it.

"OH NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!" Pinker screamed at the sight of Blooper and Tiny being munched on. she began running in circles: literally.

"Tiny is an idiot! She deserved to be killed, it was too late to save Blooper anyways..." Doopliss said.

"Be quiet and find something that can get us out!" Nastasia said as she noticed a metal door that blended in with the wall, a feet away from everyone and had a number pad.

"Maybe this will lead to somewhere..." She whispered. She began typing in random numbers on the pad.

"That is not the passcode." It said.

"Screw your passcode!" She said and grabbed a plank from the floor and began jabbing the pad.

"OH MY GOD!!! SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME!!!!" Bubble screamed.

"You're not even being attacked!" Doopliss yelled.

"Oh...I'm not? Well...that makes one of us." Bubble said, while looking over at the zombie crowd.

As Pinker continued running, one of the floorboards became really loose and she ran in to it, which kind of twisted her leg a bit, which caused pain. But more pain was soon to follow as a zombie caught her from falling, but it began biting on her neck violently.

"SOMEBODY HELP ME PLEEEEAAAASE!!!" Pinker screamed as loud as she could. More and more of the infected began to join the feast of Pinker.

"Damnit! This is NOT getting us anywhere! We're all gonna get killed if we don't do something!" Jojora said.

Meanwhile, Nastasia somehow got the door open by the electric wires in the pad.

"Yes!" Nastasia cheered silently. As the door fully opened she saw, unsurprisingly, more zombies in the room, chewing on dead bodies.

"Um, I don't think so." Nastasia said as she slammed the door shut.

"Wait wait! I have an idea! Let's use the dynamite from the boxes and throw them in to the crowd! It's the perfect plan!" Hammer Bro said.

"Gee, you could've thought of that five minutes ago!" Bubble complained.

"Oh yeah, as if it's MY fault!" Hammer Bro said as he got out some of the dynamite.

By the way, you're probably wondering "Where is Shy Guy" or "How come Shy Guy never talks", well, he's sitting in the corner of the room, whimpering. Since Shy Guys never talk, I only let him talk when he REALLY needs to.

Hammer Bro got the small sized dynamite out but wait...how could they light it up? Oh wait, there were matches in the box, which would make sense cause you need fire to light up explosives...anyways, he lit it up and threw them in to the crowd.

"I hope every one of these things die." Doopliss whispered as he ducked down with the others.

There was a very loud sound of an explosion, and most of the zombies were knocked down from the impact and only a few got killed or burned. Many stuff was blown away also at a high speed.

"Did...it work?" Bubble said, uncovering her eyes from her hands.

"...No." Jojora replied unhappily. Every zombie she saw, got up with ease and continued to limp slowly over to the remaining group. She only saw 2 or 3 zombies ACTUALLY dead on the ground.

"AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!" Nastasia screamed. "DOOPLISS IS...DEAD!!!"

"What!?" Hammer Bro shrieked. everyone looked over at Doopliss and he had a plank with a pointy tip impaled in to his chest.

"OH MY GOD!!" Bubble shrieked in tears.

"THAT'S IT!!!! WE'RE BLOWING UP THE DOOR!!!" Hammer Bro yelled.

"YOU COULDN'T THINK OF THAT EARLIER!?!?!?" Nastasia yelled in tears.

"WE WERE PANICKING, OKAY!?" Hammer Bro yelled in reply. He lit up another small piece of dynamite with ease and threw it near the door. The four hid behind a big pile of crates.

"Shy Guy! Get over here or you'll be killed!" Jojora yelled. Shy guy was only a few feet away from the door.

"When you see her, hold on a little longer, and you'll be safe." Shy Guy said in a quiet reply.

"What..." Was all Jojora said. The dynamite suddenly exploded, sending stuff flying everywhere and a wood plank actually impaled right in to a random zombie's eye. After a few seconds, the remaining four got out of their hiding spot and looked at the doorway, the door was gone and they could easily get in to the next hallway. They looked over where Shy Guy was, and only found his dead burning body, covered in debris.

"I just can't believe it...after all we've been through, already half of our team has been killed..." Hammer bro said.

"Well, we gave it our all and we can't stop now, no matter what." Nastasia said. They began to run towards the hallway but something else stopped them.

"YOU GUYS!!! HELP MEEEEE!!!" Jojora screamed. The three saw her getting pulled in to the zombie crowd. She was getting deeper and deeper in the crowd and she couldn't fly her way out because of so many zombies towering over her.

"JOJORA!!!" Nastasia cried. She could see Jojora in the very far back for a short amount of time, but she couldn't see her no more. It was too late to save her anyways.

"Come on! We need to go!" Hammer Bro yelled. The three ran in to the hallway, and in to a small room full of barrels, out of that room and in to another hallway that lead to the entrance of the place, and ahd a door that led to a basement. But the entrance was blocked by, you guessed it, zombies.

"Oh, this never ends does it?" Bubble asked.

"You JUST realized that it never ends being in a zombie infested world?" Nastasia asked.

"Well, I'm just a kid, ya know." Bubble replied.

"I'm going in!" Hammer Bro quickly said. He ran as fast as he could in to the second zombie crowd near the entrance.

"What is he doing!? Doesn't he know he'll get blood all over his clothes if he dies!?" Bubble said.

"I guess he just tried to save himself..." Said Nastasia in a depressed voice. Suddenly, the girls heard HB scream and they heard his guts being torn apart which made Bubble threw up in her mouth.

"That's it! I'm hiding in there!" Nastasia said briefly and went down in to the basement.

"Wait! Don't leave me here!" Bubble said. Unfortunately, a zombie toad had grabbed her by the wrist and began to pull her in to share the feast with the others.

"GET OFF OF ME YOU SLIMY, DISGUSTING...WEASELS!!!" Bubble screamed. The toad bit in to her arm which made her scream in pain and let her guard down to get in the zombie crowd.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!" Bubble screamed very loudly as almost every part of her body was getting chewed on. And there was nothing she could do to stop the pain.

In the basement, Nastasia found some windows near the low ceiling that clearly led to a way out. But the grond was flooded with zombies.

"UGH!!! Why does...oh screw it! I'M GOING IN!!!" She yelled to herself. she ran in the crowd, only seconds later to find herself getting her neck bitten, her chest ripped open, slowly, and her fingers getting ripped off with ease.

"GOD HELP MEEEEE!!!" Nastasia screamed in pain. Sorry, Nastasia, nobody can help you now, not even God.

On The Excess Express Train, In The Lobby:

"Oh wow, I didn't know they made sweaters in size fat fuck!" Diddy yelled, insulting Birdo's sweater that she found on the ground.

"WHAT THE HELL DID YOU JUST SAY!?!?!?!?" Birdo screamed.


"Well, I know somewhere you can slap..." Diddy said with a smirk.

"Eww! You're disgusting!!" Ms. Mowz commented.

"Hahaha! This is pure comedy!" Iggy said.

"I know, and I never thought something so depressing and scary such as a zombie virus can REALLY bring out peoples inner "crazy"." Morton added.

"What? Why would a zombie virus be depressing?" Lemmy asked.

"Probably because of how people these days would do anything to create destruction." Larry answered.

"For example: bowser. Our dad would do ANYTHING to destroy Mario and/or create his own kingdom." Ludwig added.

"Yet he always fails in doing that. Guess that proves how ignorant he is...or was..." Morton said.

"Now, tell me what the hell is wrong with you!? Why are you acting like this, you don't usually do stuff like that!" Said Dixie in a loud whisper.

"I'm fine, in fact I'm so fine, I trun myself on!" Diddy said with a giggle.

"Grrr! That's not funny!! You are gonna tell me what is wrong, RIGHT NOW!!!" Dixie demanded.

"Nope. Don't feel like it. Good night!" Diddy replied and instantly fell to the floor and went to sleep right away.

"Diddy...please tell me what's wrong...I gotta know..." Dixie whispered to herself.

"It's his dad's death." Kammy said.

"Oh! Oh...it's you...how do you know that?" She asked.

"Because, I've read somewhere that if you see your own siblings die right in front of you, it can make you lose self-control and make you go...well, insane." Kammy explained.

"Really? But, we didn't see DK die though, we only saw him running in to the crowd..." Dixie replied.

"Well it was close to it. Anyways, I can cure him if you want. You know, make him go back to normal."

"You'd do that? Seriously?"

"Sure. It will help the situation anyways."

"Okay...do it."

Kammy waved her wand in the air in circles and pointed it at Diddy's body and a blue ball if light flew out of the tip of her wand, in to his body.

"There. He'll return back to normal. The effect will wear off if you mention that DK is dead or somewhere along those lines."

"Cool! Thanks! But wait...why are you doing something good for me, if you're the bad guy who's working for Bowser?"

"You see, at the beginning of working for him, I liked it and all, and got what I wanted, but the years went by and it just got so old and unpleasant so I sometimes messed up his evil plans without him knowing it."

"Oh...I see. It's good that you did that. No wonder Bowser always fails in his evil plans!"

"So we all agree that we think this Ashley stuff is bull?" Goombario asked, sitting with Goombella, Koops, Kooper, Sushi, Bow, Flurrie, Vivian, and Ms. Mowz.

"Yep. Pretty much. I think she's just having nightmares and thinks that it's a message of some sort. Why does she think she's always "the chosen one" if you know what I mean?" Vivian asked.

"I agree, everything about Peach is as fake as Pamela Anderson's boobs." Sushi added.

"Well...not everything about Peach is fake. I only think the Ashley part is fake. It's probably hallucinations." Bow said.

"You guys need to do some research. There was a girl named Ashley about a few years ago who killed all of her classmates at her school and some teachers as well. She even burned her best friend alive as well. A few "lucky witnesses" said that she had supernatural powers and saw her floated off the ground." Goombella said with a shrug.

"Oh I think know of that story. She's dead though..." Flurrie said.

"Maybe she came back to life by being infected?" Koops asked.

"Impossible. A dead person can't come back to life as their respiratory system has no function whatsoever." Kooper explained.

"He's right. So either that's her ghost, or it's all fake." Vivian said.

"It IS fake. The zombie virus was probably an accident or a purposely made device for world destruction..." Sushi said.

"Device? Usually in zombie movies it's made by chemicals...and maybe blood too..." Goombario said.

"It's better off not knowing anyways." Flurrie said. Goombella gave her a suspicious look.

"Not knowing? It's better knowing so it doesn't happen again in the future!" Koops said with a shocked face.

"I know, but we're never gonna find the creator of this anyways so what's the point?" Flurrie replied.

"You seem to give up WAY too easily Flurrie...no offense." Kooper added.

"I know, and aren't YOU the one who is always determined and never gives up when it gets rough?" Bow asked.

"Yeah, but that was in the past. This is right now and is very overwhelming!" Flurrie answered dramatically.

"Right...whatever you say..." Goombella whispered in response.

"Dude, I'm telling you, we should just ditch this group and chill back at the kingdom! We're already dead so the zombies can't infect us!" Boo gestured.

"I don't know...the action here seems pretty tight. Plus, these guys have been my best friends ever...it just seems so wrong leaving them here." Dry Bones answered.

"But come on...the only thing we can die from is fire, well I can't die from it if I'm not invisible, but that's what will happen if these guys go ballistic on the zombies and use everything they can!" Boo gestured again.

"I'll think about it." Dry Bones answered.

"Okay, you have an hour, but if you don't decide, I'm leaving without you." Boo warned.

Meanwhile, Toadette was longingly staring at Yoshi for the longest time. Toad was in the bathroom so he didn't know what was going on.

"Are you in love with him?" Ludwig unnoticingly said which her jump.

"Oh! Um, no I'm not. I'm just...staring in to space...yeah." Toadette lied.

"Ha! It's okay, I understand, you are attracted to somebody else instead of your BF, it's completly normal." Ludwig said.

"I guess...Yoshi has always been my best guy friend other than Toad...and he's so nice and funny and...more attractive..." Toadette said, not knowing what she just said that out loud.

"What? You're in love with Yoshi?" Morton said, butting in the convo.

"No I'm not! I just said that he was my best friend...that's all." Toadette lied again.

"Nuh uh! You said he seemed attractive to you and attractiveness ALWAYS equals with a crush." Ludwig corrected.

"Toadette, I can't believe you're in love with another guy! How unfaithful of you!" Iggy said, bumping in as well.

"NO!! And I NEVER said that too, Ludwig! I only said I LIKED him as a friend! Can't you get that through your head?"

"Who do ya think you're kidding Toadette? You're trying to hide it, but we can see right through ya." Morton said.

"No chance, no way." Toadette said with a pout.

"Why deny it, please tell me." Iggy asked a little TOO nicely.

"Well, it felt so good when I started out with Toad, and I still have that feeling, okay?"

"You need to get a grip girl, or you'll be crying your heart out." Ludwig said with a smirk.

"It's too cliche, okay!?" Toadette said, almost in a yelling voice.

"Well, you keep on denying on how you're feeling. We saw ya saring at him for minutes on end. Face it like a mature person." Morton stated.

"You're way off base! I won't say it, and I know it's not true!"

"Give up, or give in, check that dino, you're in love!" Iggy said in a romatic voice which kinda freaked out Morton and Ludwig.

"Get off my case!! I'm not in love!!" Toadette yelled, having an angry face, but blushing at the same time.

"Don't be mad, it's okay that you're in love all over again." Ludwig said. Toadette wanted to slap all three of them, but instead she looked back at Yoshi.

"Is this for real?" She thought.

"Mario, I need to sleep, this is the ONLY way to find out how to defeat Ashley and stop the infection!" Peach begged.

"I don't know, what if you get physically hurt somehow? I can't even bear seeing you get beaten up violently by some witch!" Mario replied.

"Please. I'm gonna do this whether you like it or not." Peach stated. Then she finally laid on the ground and went to sleep.

"Oh...I'm just looking out for your safety, Peach." Mario whispered as he looked over at Luigi, sitting in a corner, with his head down.

Meanwhile, in the bathroom:

"God, I am sorry for the sins I have committed and I know that have pleaded for an apology many times, but I can't help what I feel and I would like it if you would help me get rid of these "tensions" I have all the time right now." Toad prayed.

"Sigh...my family is probably dead right now. N-no! I can't think of such thoughts! I wan them to be okay, and safe and with other people that can help them. Nothing else!" He said as he looked at himself in the mirror.

"Ugh, I hate it when people say I'm ugly. Well that just makes them even more ugly than me for bringing down somebody just because of their looks!"

Suddenly, there was a squeak noise. It sounded like a rat! It was a rat anyways, he saw it on the floor, moving its head about.

"OH MY GOD!!! PLEASE DON'T HURT ME!!!" Toad screamed like a little girl and jumped on the counter sink, but then realized, it was WAY smaller than him.

"Oh wait...that thing can't hurt me! Haha...come here little fella!" Toad playfully said as kneeled to the ground, but when the rat ran full speed directly at him, he realized that was no ordinary rat. Its eyes were blood red.

SPLAT! The rat got squashed with ease by Toad's foot.

"Ewww! I got its guts all over my shoe!" Toad shrieked. Suddenly, the door slammed open.

"Is everything alright!? I thought I heard a scream!" Ms Mowz panickly said.

"No, I'm fine. It was just a rat...that was infected." Toad added. Mowz looked down at the bloody mess at what once was a rat.

"Disgusting! Atleast we know the virus can infect animals too..." Mowz added.

"I guess you're ri- OHHAAHHHH!!!" Toad screamed as a zombie unexpectedly crashed out of the mirror and grabbed on to Toad with ease.

"OH SNAP!!!" Ms. Mowz shrieked as she grabbed a shard glass from the crash.

"SOMEBODY HELP MEEEE!!!" Toad screamed as his neck was being bitten on violently.

"TAKE THIS YOU ASSHOLE!!!" Mowz screamed as she stabbed the zombie in the head, but the zombie reacted quickly smacked Mowz right in the face. The zombie dragged Toad in to the "tunnel" that was behind the mirror.

"Oh no...please, you can't take Toad..." Mowz said in an almost crying voice. She went up to the "tunnel" only to find darkness.

"I have to warn the others!" She said in a panic. But unfortunately, she was grabbed by that same zombie and easily dragged her in to the "tunnel".

"OH NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" She screamed as all she saw was blackness around, and only felt the pain in the side of her neck.

"I could've sworn I heard a sound come from here!" Yoshi yelled as he ran to the bathroom. Everyone except Peach and Diddy followed him there.

"And that doesn't mean there was the sound of a zombie, people! ...Right?" Sushi said.

Everyone got to the bathroom and saw a shattered open mirror with some sort of passage, and blood on the floor.

"Wait...Toad was in here...no, please tell me he is still alive..." Toadette said, with tears almost falling from her eyes.

Suddenly, 3 zombies jumped out of the passage and ran toward the group.

"OH FUCK!!!" Larry yelled and slammed the door shut. The 3 zombies were banging on the door violently to get their "meals".

"That was freakin Toad and Ms Mowz in there!!!" Toadette yelled and she slumped to the floor, crying.

"Toadette...I am so sorry..." Birdo said in comfort.

"Shit, I knew we were gonna be in trouble on here as well. Why can't these pathetic excuses of undead corpses leave us the hell alone!?" Lemmy yelled.

"They won't leave us alone. They know where fresh blood is, they can even smell it, okay? Nowhere is safe..." Bow said.

"Well, there has to be at least one place where its safe. Come on, we need to go back in the lobby and prepare ourselves for anything else that could happen." Mario suggested.

"Just...leave me here, please. I'm too weak to carry on...and the memory of my boyfriend dying and seeing him as a zombie will haunt me forever..." Toadette sobbed.

"Come on Toadette we need you here. I'm sure there is one thing that can help us you can use." Yoshi said. Toadette stared at Yoshi for a few seconds, but it seemed to be longest time to her.

"Okay...I'll stick with you guys..." Toadette finally answered. The group went back to the lobby, trying to forget seeing Toad and Mowz as zombies.


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