When They Cry Detective Killing Chapter

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Part 1- Ryuzaki Ryugu

The girl was sad.
She spent her whole life in the well.

The girl was sad.
She was the only person inside the well.

The girl was sad.
She was the only one that could survive as long as she did in the well.

The girl was sad.
Even when the downpour brought in a new hope to the well.

The man walked down the empty dirt road. The moon was high in the sky. However, his long journey paid off. He had finally arrived at his destination.

A sign in front of the man said, "Hinamizawa Village."

"Hmm… now that I'm here I guess I'll need to find out where he lives."

The man was young, not even out of his teens. He had messy, black hair and he slouched when he walked. As he walked through the night, he kept his hands in his pockets, as if he was trying to keep them warm.

"Hey! What are you doing outside at a time like this!?"

An elderly woman had opened her door and walked outside when she noticed a strange person was standing right outside her property. The woman wasn't that tall, but she had vigor in her voice. The guy took his right hand out of his pocket and stuck his index finger near his mouth. Apparently, he was observing the woman.

"Hey! What are you looking at!?" the woman yelled.

"I was wondering why a woman such as yourself would come out of her house in the middle of the night," the man said.

"I needed some fresh air. What about you? Hmm… you don't seem to be from this village. Who the hell are you!?" the woman yelled.

"Ryuzaki Ryugu."

"Ryugu? Someone else from the village has that surname. Are you a relative?"

"I'm Mr. Ryugu's son."

"SON!? Don't lie to me! I'll make you wish you were never born!"

"Why is it so hard to believe? If you don't believe me, you could get a blood sample from each of us and have it analyzed."

"I've known that man for quite some time and he's never brought up anything about a son!"

"That's because I was taken away by someone when I was a child. However, this is no place to talk. I can barely see, which can be rather bothersome."

"Fine, then. Come into my house. It's not like someone would attack me in my own house with everyone in it."

"Attack you? I seek to live here. I would rather not kill a resident. Besides, I protect people, not kill them."

"You're a very odd person. Follow me."

Ryuzaki followed the old woman into her house. The interior was large, so she led him to the family room.

"Have a seat," the woman told Ryuzaki.

At once, he squatted to the ground, his knees touching his chest, his baggy jeans getting dirt on his white long-sleeve shirt.

"What are you doing?" the woman asked.

"You told me to take a seat. This is how a sit."

"Why would anyone sit like that?"

"If I don't sit like this, then my reasoning ability is reduced by approximately 40."

"You… are… odd. Mion! Get in here!" the woman yelled.

No later had she said anything than a girl a few years younger than Ryuzaki bounded into the room. The girl had long green hair, but had it in a pony-tail.

"Yes, Oni-baba?" the girl, Mion, said.

"Make some coffee!" the woman said.

The woman stared at Ryuzaki, who stared back with his eyes that had almost black circles under them. Neither of them dared blink an eye at each other. They were silent for several minutes, so if someone would've walked in, they would probably assume that the old lady and the eccentric stranger were having a staring contest. Finally, the woman broke the silence.

"Well, Ryuzaki was it? I'm Oryo Sonozaki. Now that we've been introduced, you should start telling me why you are in this village."

"Well, I was working on a case in the…" Ryuzaki was interrupted by Oryo.

"Case!? Are you with the police or something!?"

"Um… no. Most of the time, I work alone. I'm a private detective."

"The people of Hinamizawa don't get along very well with the police."

"Well, we share that in common. Most officers are very incompetent."

"Yes, I know what you mean." The woman seemed to have someone in mind while she said it.

"Well, as I was saying. I was working on several cases, and my mother was helping me. The stress got to her and she got angry at me. She forced my adoptive father, Quillsh Wammy, to kick me out of the house. He thought that it would be interesting to see how someone like me would do trying to live somewhere. So, he told me to go and live with society. I was unable to bring anything with me, and since I'm under the age of 18, I can't legally live on my own. I searched for my father, who moved here about one year ago."

"How does this explain how you are Ryugu's son?"

"Well, your first question you asked me was why I was here. So I decided to answer that question first."


"Sorry to make you angry. Um… let's see. Where to start. Well, 17 years ago, I was born to the Ryugus. However, there was something wrong with my brain. The doctors said that I didn't have long to live. However, an inventor named Quillsh Wammy told my parents that if they would give him legal possession of me, that he'd perform an operation on me to make me live. They decided that even if they couldn't see their son, that it would be better to let him live and not see him than just let him die."

"Excuse me!" The girl, Mion, said as she entered with a tray of coffee and sugar cubes.

"Thank you," Ryuzaki said as he grabbed his cup. With the cup, he grabbed about 15 sugar cubes and started stirring them with his coffee. This freaked out both Oryo and Mion.

"Hey! Watch out! Your coffee will become grainy!"

"Don't worry. I normally drink my coffee this way," Ryuzaki replied. He downed his chunky coffee in one gulp.

"Um… Oni-baba, why is there a... um… awkward man in our house."

"Mion! This is your friend, Rena's, brother, or something like that."

"That would be correct, although I've only seen her once and I've never actually talked to her."

"This is troublesome. You see, right now, Ryugu is obsessing over his girlfriend. He tends to neglect everything else," Oryo said.

"That's okay. All I need is lodging and I should be able to live here. I'm pretty sure I could find a job somewhere. I don't suppose you have any computers do you?"

"No. And what do you mean by job? Someone like you should be in school. Your only a year ahead of my granddaughter, here."

"School? Never been there," Ryuzaki said. A dumbfounded look was on Mion and Oryo's face.

"Um… then how could you get a full-time job? Most ones around here require reading and writing and the such," Mion explained.

"Just because I didn't go to school doesn't mean I can't read. My adoptive father worked on my brain and I understand most concepts easily. My IQ is actually higher than 99 of the people in this world."

"Well, actions speak louder than words," Mion said.

"What would you like me to do, then?"

"Come to school tomorrow and play cards with my club. This will be your test. Hey, if you beat me, we'll even provide lodging for you."

"That's quite alright. I think I'd rather live with my family. Maybe I can get my father to come to his senses. Where does he live?"

"It's far too late to go there, now. It would just upset them to have to wake up in the middle of the night," Oryo said.

"You think so?" Ryuzaki asked.

"Would you like to be woken up in the middle of the night?" Mion asked.

"I don't normally go to sleep until about one or two."

"Look, we have an extra room, so stay in it until morning," Oryo said.


"Mion, show him to his room."

"Yes, Oni-baba."

Mion led Ryuzaki down the hall to the stairs. She led him up the stairs, down another hall, up a second flight of stairs, down a third hall, and opened a door at the very end. The room had a futon on the floor and was connected to a bathroom. On the wall was a desk and chair. There was a lamp and phone on the desk.

"Here's your room. Tomorrow you can come to school with me. We'll most likely meet Rena and another boy named Keiichi along the way. And while you rest, Oni-baba and I will get your record and get you in our school."

"You won't be able to find my record anywhere. If it was that easy to find my record, I wouldn't be alive. How else could I be the world's greatest detective?"

"Huh? How can someone as young as you even be a detective?"

"My adoptive father raised me to be one a detective. Of course, much of it had to do with the experiment he did on me to keep me alive. With the intelligence that I gained, I began solving numerous cases all over the world with the alias 'L'. However, I no longer have access to any equipment, so I am no longer able to solve anything due to lack of information I can obtain. So, I am no longer L, just Ryuzaki."

"Hmm… we'll see just how smart you are with our club activities. If you have the most losses, then you'll have to wear a… unique costume. And you might be the only person Rena can legally take home, if you are who you say you are."

"Okay. That's fine by me, although I have no intentions on losing your game."

"Well, that's it I guess. Good night. I'll get you up at around six."

"Okay. Although I normally get up at around four to work on cases, I guess I will sleep until six then since I can't work."

"Um… you normally wake up at four? And you go to sleep at one? No wonder you have such dark eye bags. Well, good night!"


Mion closed the door to the guest room and left Ryuzaki alone. Ryuzaki looked at the futon on the floor, then to the chair at the desk as if pondering what he should do.

"Well, it would be rude to get their futon dirty."

The morning sun rose, and the cry of the cicadas diminished. Soft knocking came from outside the door to the Sonozaki guest room.

"Um… Ryuzaki? Can I come in?"

It was Mion. She was standing outside of Ryuzaki's door with a robe on. She knocked on the door again. No one answered. Mion slowly opened the door and looked inside. Ryuzaki was in his standing-fetal-position on the chair; his body facing the wall.

"Hello? Ryuzaki?"

Mion walked up to Ryuzaki and looked at him. His eyes were wide open, staring at the wall in front of him.

"IYAA!" Mion screamed.

This seemed to bring Ryuzaki to his senses.

"What is it?" he asked monotonously.

"Were you just asleep, with your eyes open?"


"That is so creepy."


"Look, we were able to forge you a record and you will start school today. Hurry up and get ready!" Mion said.

"I already am."

"What? Those are the clothes that you wore yesterday. They're dirty, now. Of course! I forgot that you didn't have anything with you. So I guess that means that you don't have an extra set of clothes do you? I'll go get some."

Mion hurried out of the room, rather happy not having to stay with such an odd person any longer. Ryuzaki looked around the empty room. Seeing as how there was nothing there, he looked at the desk and opened a drawer. Within it lied a magazine. He took it out, and opened it up, holding it with his fingers barely touching the top corners of the pages. His posture looked as if he was holding something really disgusting and that it was unpleasant to hold.

Ryuzaki looked through the magazine, skimming it until he noticed something that caught his eye. In big letters, the title said, "The Dam Leader Dismemberment Murder." Ryuzaki read the whole article and the following articles about "Oyashiro's Curse" in a few minutes.

So, he found out that this village isn't as peaceful as he thought. In the year 1979, the leader of a dam-construction group was killed. His body was cut into five pieces and each piece was given to someone to hold. Four of the murderers turned themselves in, but one was never caught. The following year, two villagers of the Hojo family fell to their deaths at a viewing platform on a cliff. The next year, the head of the Furude shrine, a local village shrine, and his wife died. In the year of 1982, a woman was beaten to death by a drug addict. The woman was a relative to the couple that died two years earlier. Also, the nephew of the woman went missing shortly after her death. All of the events happened around the some day.

Ryuzaki smiled.

"Interesting, I may find something interesting to do while I'm here."

Mion came rushing back in with some clothes.

"Um… I didn't know what would fit you, so I brought a lot of clothes."

She laid the clothes on the desk, right on top of the magazine. Ryuzaki started to pick up the clothes and study them.

"Overalls? In Japan? And aren't we about to go to school? Shouldn't you be bringing me a uniform?"

"Oh, yeah. We don't wear uniforms, or at least uniforms that look the same. Here, try this on."

Mion gave Ryuzaki a white, button-down shirt and some cacky pants.

"Do I have to wear these?" Ryuzaki asked as he eyed the pants suspiciously.

"Yes you do. Now hurry up, or we'll be late for breakfast."

Ryuzaki went to the bathroom, closed the door, and changed. He opened the door back up and walked out with his former clothes in his hands.

"Where would you like me to put these?" Ryuzaki asked.

"Give them to me. I'll go put them with our dirty clothes. Come back after school and they should be clean. Now hurry up and go downstairs to the kitchen."

Mion grabbed Ryuzaki's clothes and hurried out of the room.

"Um… where's the kitchen?" he asked, but to no avail. Mion was already out of earshot.

Ryuzaki decided that he would just follow her. While he was trailing her, she went by the kitchen, so Ryuzaki entered the kitchen, where he was greeted by several people.

"So this is the new guy?" one of the asked.

"Yes. He is Ryugu's son, or something like that," Oryo said. The woman she was talking to had a black kimono on and was sitting right next to Oryo.

"Hello. I'm Akane Sonozaki, Mion's mother," the woman said.

"I am Tatsuyoshi Kasai," a man said in a monotonous kind-of voice that Ryuzaki spoke with.

"Hi! I'm Shion, Mion's twin sister," a girl said. Just like Mion, Shion had long, green hair, but her hair wasn't in a ponytail.

"Hello everyone. I am Ryuzaki Ryugu."

What was seen,
Was a new hope.

What was given,
Was more regret.

What was needed,
Was a reason to live.

When They Cry Detective Killing Chapter Part 2

Can you believe it?

A/N: Sorry for my bad poem at the beginning. There was a poem at the beginning and end of each arc in the manga and game, so I tried to make one for this. But I'm no poet, so I think I screwed that part up. And also, The part at the end (the part that starts with "What was seen," is supposed to be one of those sayings Rika did at the end of every episode of the first season.