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So after reading the epilogue of weluvgirlswithglasses story "Level Up! Love!" I realized that Hiyori has very few fanfics about her or that involve her as a main character. Coming to the conclusion that that just won't do, I decided to write up one myself.

I thought it up pretty spur of the moment, and I've really no idea how long it'll go, though I do have the premise outlined. And please bear through any spelling and grammar mistakes, I've got no beta-reader, so a few things may slip past me. I've gone over and polished it many MANY times though, so I don't think there would be too many.

So yeah, go ahead and read and enjoy, it's gets pretty weird from here.

"Y'know, for a girl who writes a lot of romance doujin and manga, you don't seem to have much romance in your life."

Hiyori Tamura sat in her bedroom, methodically drumming her pencil against her sketch pad. The repeated noise and cool night did little to alleviate the pounding thoughts in her head.


The drumming quickened as she grew more and more frustrated, her left hand flicking the pencil so fast that it suddenly flew from her grasp and hit the opposite wall.

Letting out a groan, Hiyori slumped forward on her table, face squashed against the sketch pad, her glasses painfully pressing into the side of her head. After three hours, she still hadn't come up with anything. Any attempt to think up some new material was quickly quashed under intense negative pressure.

She just...didn't have any inspiration...

Her brow suddenly furrowed in annoyance, she knew pretty well what exactly was causing this writers block. She'd invited her classmates Patty, Minami, and Yutaka to spend some time at her house. Just a nice little get-together between friends...

...Well...okay, Hiyori had had an ulterior motive.

She'd been in a bit of a creative slump lately, and needed some helpful "inspiration" from two of her closest friends. Her best idea's always seemed to come from witnessing the peculiar subtext that practically oozed from the interaction between Minami and Yutaka. Things had been going great...that was until she had left to use the washroom, only to shortly return and find that Patty had uncovered her hidden stash of still unfinished doujin.

Had she mentioned that much of it was the direct result of the previously commented upon subtext?

After grasping her heart from shock and hyper-ventilating a bit, she calmed down enough to slump forward onto the table, her face red from embarassment, and wait for them to finish reading the labours of her passion.

It was when Patty had finally finished flipping through her latest book (which was, strangely enough, NOT modeled after Yutaka and Minami) that she uttered that...horrific sentence:

"Y'know, for a girl who writes a lot of romance doujin and manga, you don't seem to have much romance in your life."



...did she really just say that?

After that, Hiyori had lifted her head from the table to look at her blonde friend through incredulous squinted eyes. The blue-eyed American seemed to mistake shock for confusion, unfortunately, and went on...

"Well, it's just a bit weird y'know, how you can write about something you've never had experience with...I mean, you've never had a boyfriend or anything like that right?"

Hiyori slowly shook her head.

"Well you see!" she exclaimed, her finger pointed upwards to better illustrate her point, "Even Nenene had to kiss Yomiko to know how a first kiss felt before she could write about it. If you don't experience something, how do you know the things you're writing about are accurate?



...had she really just said that?!

Back in the present, Hiyori let out a whine and placed her hands on top of her head, exasperation taking over as she recalled Patty's words.

And the horrible thing was that it made sense! It made complete and unabashed sense! How could she, as a writer and artist, write and draw situations and feelings she'd never been in or had!?

Patty must have realized (a bit to late really) that her words may have some adverse affect on her friend, and quickly stammered out how it didn't seem to matter much considering all the good manga she's put out already ("Really Hiyorin! It's just a random thought I was having, you don't have to worry about it!). This stuttered reassurance, quite predictably, did little to sooth Hiyori's mood.

"Arrrrgh, why?! Why did she have to go and do that, did I do something to make her hate me? Is this some sort of weird karma for thinking perveted thoughts about my friends?!" the sad girl cried out loud as she leaned back and slid her glasses off, though they had left an angry red line on the left side of her face.

Well, I know Patty didn't mean anything by it, she just has a tendency to speak without thinking, though usually she just spouts off nonsense and generalizations she learns from anime. This time she was pretty astute. Erm, not to say she's and idiot...

...The karma thing sounded pretty plausible though.

Hiyori sighed and rubbed her eyes. Since Patty's completely random observation, she had been plagued by self doubt. It was starting to get terribly frustrating.

Sighing once more in a subdued fashion, she slowly got up and walked to her dresser, feeling unusually exhausted. After all, It wasn't every day where one had to reevaluate their entire life's work.

...okay, maybe she was being a little overdramatic, but it was still a bit of a slap in the face.

Quickly changing into her pajamas and placing her glasses on the nightstand, she slipped under the covers of her bed and laid her head down, careful not to disturb the neatly stacked piles of manga resting by her pillow. Maybe it was just temporary frustration from shock, and she would be back to her regular, if a bit high-strung, self tomorrow.

"Yeah," she thought, snuggling into her pillow and closing her eyes, "all I need is some rest..."

"Ne-Neko nyan..."

"Eh, what was that Tamura-san?" asked Yutaka, curious as to the reason her friend was sprawled over her desk. Unknown to the small girl, Hiyori had spent most of the previous night tossing and turning, unable to shake off the anxiety she'd been feeling all day. The bespectacled girl felt even more exhausted, her eyes behind her glasses only white horizontal slits and her face an off colour of blue.

"I-It's as if my soul could escape at any moment," she muttered under breath, only confusing her mini pink haired friend even further. "It's nothing Yu-chan, I just couldn't get any sleep last night is all," she managed to mumble out coherently.

Indeed, she had barely managed to crawl out of her bed this morning, change into her uniform, and slowly trudge her way to the school. She'd even skipped breakfast, not having much of an appetite after such a fit-full night.

"Oh...does it...have anything to do with what Patty-chan said the other day?" asked the shorter but no less inquisitive girl. She may be a bit flighty sometimes, but not everything escaped her.

The question caused Hiyori to sit bolt upright in her seat, back rigid as if she had a steel beam in place of a spine.

"Ofcoursenotwhatwouldmakeyouthinkthatyou'resosillyYuchan!" she said, firing each word in rapid succession and leaving no breathing space inbetween, which left her gasping for air after she was finished. The barrage of words was a bit too much for Yutaka, who cowered a bit under the sudden outburst.

"I-I must have been m-mistaken, sorry Tamura-san," she said, backing away from her currently strung-out friend, feeling a bit overwhelmed.

Hiyori sighed as she watched her friend retreat (most likely to find Minami probably). She laid her head in her hands, adjusting her slightly askew glasses. Getting a good night's sleep was harder than she had thought it would be, her mind just didn't want to let go of the troubling train of thoughts brought along by Patty's poor choice of words the previous day, which had made her anxious and fidgety.

"This is begining to be a problem," she thought.

Lifting her head from her hands and looking around, Hiyori spotted where Yutaka and Minami were on the other side of the room. From the looks of it, Yutaka must have suddenly felt dizzy or light-headed or something, and was now leaning with her eyes closed against her taller friend, who looked down at her with vague worry.

Hiyori's eyes suddenly shot open, her pupils dazzling and her glasses reflecting the fluorescent light of the classroom, giving an almost sinister glow.

THERE, she could see it! Minami would soon slowly wrap her arms around the smaller girl, trying to make her as comfortable as possible. She would ask the smaller girl if she was alright, if there was anything she could do, and Yutaka would look up at her with those soft green eyes full of affection and say that as long as Iwasaki-san was there, she would be just fine. Minami would blush and avert her gaze out of embarrassment, but would hold her dear friend even tighter. The taller girl would then lean forward towards her tiny friend, who would in turn stand on the tips of her toes, and their faces and lips would get closer and closer, until...

Quick as she could, Hiyori whipped out her notebook, clicked the top of her pencil, focused her gaze on her two classmates, pressed pencil to paper...

...and nothing! No matter how hard she tried, how much she imagined her two friends snuggling in one anothers arms and sharing a shy yet passionate kiss, she just couldn't work up the inspiration to draw out the scenario. Her pencil wavered feebly above the paper, unable to process her passionate visions.

She bit her lower lip and raised her balled-up fists to her face, tears streaming from her eyes "It's no good, I can't do it! And I really want to!"

Resigning to her current fate (for the moment at least), Hiyori quietly sniffled as the bell rang to signal the start of class.

I'll figure it out later...I hope, she thought as she tried her darnedest to pay attention to today's lessons. Unfortunately, much like sleeping, it wasn't going to happen. Classes seemed to congeal and run on until she couldn't really tell when one lesson began and another ended.

She continued through this stupor until the bell rang for lunch.

It hasn't even been a day and I already can't handle this, Hiyori thought, sighing morosely as she pulled out her melon bread, though not feeling too hungry even after skipping breakfast that morning. She was quickly joined by her three friends, who could definitely sense something wrong with their fujoshi friend, as if an aura of discontent and misery radiated from the girl.

Minami, being a young woman of few words, had no idea what to say, while Yutaka was still a bit trepid from earlier. Patty, knowing her two compatriots wouldn't know how to handle the situation (and not to mention feeling a tad guilty about the previous day), decided she would be the one to speak up.

"Um, Hiyorin? I-Is everything alright? You seem a bit...a bit..." Her question died in her throat when Hiyori slowly turned her head towards her in such a slow and jerky manner that Patty swore she could hear her neck cracking.

It's like something from Ju-on.

"I'm fine Patty-chan,"she said through gritted teeth and emphasizing the honorific for effect, "In fact, I'm so fine, that I'm going to go take a walk."

And without uttering another word, she got up, walked across the classroom, and out the door, leaving nothing but an unsettling aura in her wake. Her three friends looked on in confusion and trepidation, not knowing exactly what to do, or why their friend was even acting the way she was.

"D-Did something happen?" quietly asked a bewildered Minami.

"She's been acting strangely since this morning," answered Yutaka.

"It's probably nothing serious," said Patty, "she's just having some trouble with her latest manga most likely, she always gets a little moody when she's working hard."

The two girls nodded their heads while listening to the exchange students sage advice. It was rare when she gave such comprehensible explanations. The trio went back to eating before lunch was over, though Patty's mind still lingered on her mangaka friend.

Ah Hiyorin, I hope you aren't taking what I said too seriously.

Hiyori, meanwhile, stalked down the halls, frightening more than a few students with her grim expression and asphyxiating aura. Her mind was elsewhere as she walked.

This didn't make any sense to her, she'd had writers block before, she knew how it felt. Before, all she'd needed to do to alleviate herself from it would be to get a good rest, read some yuri manga, and even watch Minami and Yutaka for a while. That last one always worked without fail.

This was...different.

She couldn't sleep, she didn't have the interest to eat or read, and watching her two friends play out her vague fantasies had done nothing. It just felt wrong.

Of course it's different, the whole situation's different. Not only can I not think of any good material, anything I do think of just doesn't seem...right. I..I have no experience to compare them to, I've no idea if I'm being true to the material!...D-Does this mean I'll never be able to write another manga again?!

Hiyori grabbed her head in distress, this was getting a bit overwhelming.

No! There has to be something I can do, I refuse to give so easily! I just...I just have to...do something, something drastic! Yeah, that's it, Something drasti-"

And then it hit her, like a mack truck going at full speed and carrying a full load. She needed to do something drastic. She needed something to compare her ideas to, she needed experience...

...I need to start dating.

She immediately clasped her hands over her mouth even though she'd only thought those words. Her faced turned scarlet as she tried to rationalize her current thoughts.

Okay, okay, okay, let's just think about this for a second. I need to get some...dating...experience so I have something to compare my manga to...that's pretty drastic, isn't it? Sure it is. Now, I can't just go off and shack-up with any old person, she winced at her own choice of words, I need to plan this, make sure that this'll help me get over my writers block.

Sighing lightly, as little of her anxiety seemed to drain away, she started to plan.

Okay, so, I guess since I'm writing a yuri manga, I suppose I should date another girl..., a heavy blush crept across her face, ...But what kind of girl? The characters in the manga are a shy, somewhat awkward underclassman who secretly pines over her senpai. I...suppose that would be me.

She looked thoughtful for a moment, crossing her arms and placing a hand under her chin in the classic "thinkers" pose.

That means all I have to do now is find an upperclassman who, while tough on the exterior, has a softer and gentler side which will open up gradually until the shy "kohai" (that would be me) can reveal her true feelings. But I only know a few, and most of them aren't what you would call, well, "adequate" dating archetypes.

Hiyori frowned upon this realization. Did she really know anyone who could fit that archetype of the "tough-and-collected-on-the-outside-yet-passionate-and-kinder-on-the-inside?"

"Jeez Konata, do you always have to be like that?"

"Ah Kagamin, you can get so adorable when you get so flustered!"

Hiyori froze on the spot, her eyes going wide. Her mouth went dry and her heartbeat quickened. She DID know someone who fit that archetype, someone who could be tough yet compassionate, who could be the perfect match she needed.

No, no way.

She turned, towards the open door of Ms. Kurosawa's 3-B classroom, and saw the small group of four friends she had become quite familiar with since meeting Yutaka and Patty. But, right now, only one of them had her attention. The slightly-taller-than-her girl with lavender pigtails seemed to stand out amongst the group, like a shining beacon of hope and salvation. Hiyori knew, she KNEW, that this girl was the one who could help her. She would be the goddess of her inspiration!

And at that moment, she thought of two words which summed up her thoughts completely.

Ah, crap.

End note:Yeah, that's right, I'm writing a fic in which Hiyori will try to seduce Kagami. Weren't expecting that were you? It seriously doesn't get any weirder than this.

I'm not even sure how I came up with it either, I think I stayed up too late one night and tried to go to sleep when SHAZAM, Hiyori tries to get together with Kagami. Ha, okay, I'm being a little facetious, I'm not entirely sure that's what's going to happen here. While I usually love a happy ending where the corresponding girls manage to beat the odds and wind up together, I have to say, Hiyori/Kagami is such a weird pairing, I'm not entirely sure it would work out. That's not to say I won't try my hardest to get as much mushy fluff as I can out of the two.

I have to say though, getting the characterizations down has been pretty tough. I'm not sure if it's because I haven't really written much in a long while, or whether I don't have enough Japanese schoolgirl spirit in my heart. Probably an amalgam of both. Really though, I've tried to portray Hiyori and the other characters as close I could (Hiyori was particularly tough considering she didn't have too much character development in the anime).

I'm also debating how much Japanese I want to use in this. I'd rather not use insane amounts of gratuitous Japanese, mainly because one, I don't speak or write Japanese, and two, I'm going to assume most of the people reading this may not know the language and I'd rather not confuse them or make them scroll down to read lists of explanations and definitions. I think I'll just go with a few honorifics and a couple phrases now and again. I think the only word I used in this chapter was "kohai", which is basically the opposite of a "senpai," IE underclassman and upperclassman respectively. I think. Internet don't fail me now.

Anyway, please read and review, I'd really love to know whether or not anybody likes this...really odd thing I've put together. Be the gods and goddesses of MY inspiration, codsarnit!


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P.S. I'm long-winded by nature, so please bear with me through these overly-long ending notes, I'll try not to do it too much.