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One Leroy Jethro Gibbs was in the elevator, headed for the forensic lab, Caf Pow! in hand. It was early. Too early to show up without any type of bribe to make Abby work as fast and as he needed her to. The new case had been a strain on all of them and he needed his Goth to work her magic. Hmmm… "His" Goth? Alright, so there was no use denying the fact that Abby was a lovely girl. Woman. Whatever. And he had nothing but respect and fatherly feelings for her. Yes. Fatherly. And when he thought of Abby as his, there was nothing but friendly affection there.

So it is perfectly understandable that he felt just fatherly feelings and friendly affection when he came into the lab and saw Abby kneeling under her desk. Apparently, she had not yet had time to put on her lab coat and was kneeling, bent over a computer, in the shortest skirt imaginable that barely covered her ass. He could see just a hint of her panties, how she was kneeling. Not that he was looking. Not at all.

Not liking where his mind and other parts of him were headed, he coughed, trying to catch her attention. She straightened up, but didn't turn. She pretended to sniff the air.

- Human. Approximately 6' tall. Holding…, - she sniffed the air again - … hmmm… A caffeine-based drink…

- It seems to be pure caffeine, if you ask me. – he retorted.

-Oh, Gibbs, you sly sliver fox you. It's a bribe! I just know it is. Well, tough luck. My computer is on the fritz and you're not getting anything until I fix it, - she said, kneeling back down, holding the Caf Pow! – but thanks for the refreshments.

He sat on the chair, next to the counter, which provided a nice view of Abby's curves.

- Abby, you're in one of the best equipped labs in the country. How can the computer possibly be broken?

- Ok, so you caught me. It's my home computer. I thought I'd get in a bit of work while… well, while working. Your results won't be done in a few more hours anyway, so I might as well be productive…

Gibbs leaned against the counter. One little impure thought wouldn't hurt anybody. So the gunny allowed his mind to drift, over Abby's leather boots, white stocking covered calves, up her thighs and to the hem of her skirt and what appeared to be…

- Leroy Jethro Gibbs!! Were just checking out my ass?! Shame on you – Abby scolded. – So, see anything you like? - she asked, wiggling her ass for dramatic effect.

- Maybe…

And this was their usual banter. A little flirting here, a bit of sexual innuendo there, a sprinkle of this, a hint of that, it was what made their relationship of boss and lab rat work. But there had always been a lab coat involved, covering those long legs of hers. And now there she was, bent over again, and he could imagine running his fingertips under her skirt and then slapping her hard. She'd deserve it, too. For wearing those short skirts and tight shirts, taunting him like that.

Suddenly, Abby leaped up from her computer, cursing loudly. Gibbs was at her side instantly.

-What happened? – he asked.

-Nothing. Shit! I cut my finger on the motherboard. Look – she said, pouting and pointed a bloodied finger in his face.

-Come now, Abs. It's not so bad. Give it here.

Before she had time to argue or react in any way, he placed her finger in his mouth and started sucking on it. It was an entirely different type of physical contact. Sure they hugged and gave each other little pecks on the cheek, but this was… Abby's mind failed to come up with a better word than "hot". He slowly sucked, while moving his tongue over the small cut on her finger. It tickled a bit, but that tickle went straight to her core. Oh, this was wrong on so many levels. This was Gibbs. She shouldn't be turned on by anything Gibbs does or was doing.


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