Note: Okay, don't ask where I got the idea from. I kind of didn't sleep. And this is what happened. I was just sitting at my laptop, minding my own business. When the plot bunny hit me. Literally. And it had hot wild bunny sex with my brain. And this is the baby that it created. I hope you enjoy!

Note II: So, I was reading through this earlier today and I decided to make a few changes. Nothing really serious, just the way a few things are worded. XD

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Once upon a time, there lived two bunnies named Harry and Draco. Harry was a black bunny and Draco was a white bunny. And they were special bunnies. They could talk. One day, Harry decided that he wanted to go frolicking in the meadows.

"Draco," Bunny Harry said. "I want to go to the meadows."

"Okay, Harry," Bunny Draco agreed. "We'll go to the meadows."

And to the meadows they went. Just a few hops later and the bunnies were at the meadow. Harry was happy to be at the meadows and Draco was happy to see Harry happy.

"Draco," Harry said as he started hopping around. "Come frolic with me."

"Okay, Harry." Draco said. "Anything for you.


And so, bunny Harry and bunny Draco frolicked in the meadows together. They were happy little bunnies. Until Harry tripped and hurt his front paw.

"Draco!" Harry cried out as Draco quickly hopped over to him. "It hurts! So much."

"It's okay, Harry. I'll help you get better." Draco promised as he nuzzled Harry's face.

"Really?" Harry asked hopefully.

"I promise," Draco vowed. "I won't leave your side."

And so Draco helped Harry back home and didn't leave his side until he was completely healed - except to get food, of course. Just like he promised. He slept beside Harry, helped Harry bath, got food for Harry and even snuggled with Harry when his paw hurt a lot.

Then, one day, Harry's paw was all better. He could walk and hop and frolic again. Harry was a happy bunny. And Draco was a happy bunny because Harry was happy.

They were so happy that they had bunny sex all day long. Neither of them could be happier.

There you have it. I just couldn't resist the bunny sex at the end. Hope you all enjoyed it. Remember to review. You wouldn't want to make Bunny!Harry sad. Because that would make Bunny!Draco sad, too.