Velma Kelly – PREGNANT!

Velma Kelly has just seen Roxy fall to the floor, pretending to faint. I can see she did it to get Billy's attention. He rushes to her side, along with Ms. Sunshine (that name always bothered me) and her eyes flutter open. She says some stuff I can't hear, but then I hear "I hope I didn't hurt the baby".

This is me: "Shit".

I know that faking pregnancy is kind of ridiculous, because anyone can find out, but…when she did that, I was so scared. That she knew. That she would give me away. But she couldn't. She couldn't possibly know, I've kept it hidden so well. It's impossible.

I knew that I was being really stupid. She wasn't exactly the sharpest pencil on the block. She was probably just doing it to get the attention of the press. In fact, I know she was. The jealousy in her eyes before she faked fainting was unmistakable. I knew she was faking because after that other woman got so much attention, she looked jealous, and then she looked around as though she were thinking fast. After she saw me, she grinned and then fainted. Then comes the part when I say "shit".

In case you haven't figured it out yet, I actually am pregnant, but why the hell would I want the press to be all over me for that reason? But just look at all the publicity she's getting. Maybe you're right...okay, I'll tell Billy later.

I had sex with a man named Shiloh. Yes, I know it's a weird name. It was before I killed Veronica and Charlie. I was so close to him, and I was trying to prevent Charlie from knowing. A couple of weeks after we had sex, I started getting morning sickness...every morning. I went out and grabbed a pregnancy test from the nearest drug store and ran home, knowing that Veronica would be there. I wouldn't tell her. I wouldn't tell anybody except Shiloh. Shiloh was different from most guys...he was the kind of guy that you were sure weren't cheating on you. I didn't want to feel like I was cheating on him, and that's part of the reason I killed Charlie. I knew that Charlie didn't love me. The asshole.

From the author: I'm so sorry, I'm going to keep writing soon, I promise. I need to go somewhere so I only have limited time on the computer today. I promise I'll update soon.