When Angels Sing

Pairing: Chuck/Blair

Summary: For three years he had been gone, and he returned to another world. In this alien planet, she'd fallen in love with someone he loved; and he had loved them enough to have stepped aside.

Blair moved around the counter and handed the glass to her husband, who thanked her with a moist kiss on her cheek. She smiled up at him, then excused herself politely, nodding at the man who Nate had been discussing their finances with. She turned around and walked back to the kitchen, then wiped her palm over the moist trace of her husband's kiss. At the sight, Blair stopped at the entry way.

There he was, sipping a glass of scotch, watching her from behind hooded eyes.

"Look at me, Blair."

She stiffened at the sound of his voice. His voice was one of those things she remembered late at night in her bed, while another man's body pressed against her back and she still felt so cold. His voice washed over her, and Blair closed her eyes and breathed deeply as if she could inhale his voice until it pumped through her veins and she would never do without it.

Blair reached for a glass of water and sipped at it.

"You can't do it, can you?" he demanded.

She took deep calming breaths. Blair went over to the sink to place her glass there. The help would arrive soon, and they would wash the glass and place it back in its place. It wasn't as if it was dirty, but Blair wanted it washed anyway. There might be a faint trace of her lipgloss on the rim, and that was just disgusting. Blair waited for him to move aside, to allow her space to pass. "I need to get this washed," she murmured, addressing him for the first time.

"It's perfectly clean," he whispered

He ran his fingers through his hair. "Why won't you talk to me?"

She refused to meet his gaze. "Let me go," she whispered.

His nostrils flared. He gently took his hands off her. Blair moved past him, and the space he gave her was so narrow that her body pressed against him for a few brief moments. "It's not that easy." He looked up and saw that her eyes regarded him sadly.

Once upon a time, eight years ago to be exact, he told her, in front of dozens of people, that true love meant never giving up. But over the years they had faltered and believed that they'd forgotten that speech. For three years he had been gone, and he returned to another world. In this 

alien planet, she'd fallen in love with someone he loved; and he had loved them enough to have stepped aside.

"It's not our fault," he told her, but they both knew that it was.

i "You can still back out," he whispered into her ear.

Blair glared at him from under her veil as she fitted her wedding dress."Last night was a mistake," she growled. "I cannot believe you, Chuck. You just had to come back to be a best man and you already seduced me."

"Maybe that should give you a clue. Don't marry Nathaniel, Blair. You're just being unfair to him."

"Do you know what kind of scandal that's going to make? I'm getting married tomorrow!"/i

"I'm saying it now," he choked out. "I'm still in love with you." He had loved her enough that as suddenly as he'd returned, he was gone again. She blinked against the stinging pain in her eyes. That allowed the tears to slide down her cheeks. He caught one with his finger and brought it to his lips. "I hate seeing you cry."

Blair turned her face away, because the sensation of his skin on hers killed her. "I won't do it to him again."

iHe bent down and kissed the crook of her neck. His hand made its way to her breast and cupped, massaging it until her nipple was peaked. He backed her towards the window. They were soon engulfed by the thick curtains until they were almost invisible if not for their frantic motions.

"Should we really be doing this?"

"He's not here."

Blair arched her back and moaned when she felt his hot lips right on the pulse under her ear. Chuck pushed her panties aside, not even bothering to take them off of her. Blair returned the frantic motion by pushing his pants down on his hips.

"Blair." He hesitated, and looked up into her eyes. She nodded to say it was okay and to his brain, it made it sound as if it really would be fine. He intertwined his fingers with hers and held on, feeling the diamond of her engagement ring cutting into his flesh. He drove home. She gasped and he squeezed his eyes tightly, his hips moving in a frantic rhythm.

"Chuck, more," she gasped. She wanted to wrap her arms around him, rest her hands on his shoulders and rub the tension that she felt. Instead, his hands were tight as they clutched hers and pressed them against the moist glass. The edges of her vision blacked and she released so 

violently she shuddered and screamed quietly, melting against the window, against his body, liquefied.

As she sagged against him, Chuck released her hand and felt it go around his back, clutching at him, her nails sliding against the sweat. With his free hand he reached for her other thigh and placed her leg around his waist. With the new depth, he felt her grow tighter and even slicker. He rested his forehead against the cool window and pounded faster and heavier. /i

When she passed by him again, he closed his eyes and reveled in her scent. She heard him suck his breath at that exact moment when their bodies mashed together so completely, so tightly. Her blood pumped in her temples then, and her heightened awareness of her entire body blackened her sight. They were pressed together only for that millisecond, but it was enough to send her temperature to fever pitch, to suck the strength from her limbs. And then he closed his arms around her.

"Don't," she whispered.

"Please," was his response.

And for a long moment, they held on to each other in the secret of the kitchen, while her husband laughed and conversed in the other room. Her face pressed into his chest, his nose buried in her hair, they stood in the quiet.

"Blair!" Nate's voice floated to her ears amidst the pulsing thunder of her heart. Nate appeared in the doorway with a screaming toddler in his arms. The nanny stood right behind him. Nate paused and just looked at them, at the small distance between their bodies, his best friend's slow, heavy, calming breathing and his wife's red-rimmed eyes. Chuck saw Nate's throat working. Then Nate blinked, and he regarded them cheerfully. "Look what happened to our angel, Blair."

She stiffly walked over to take the crying baby from Nate. "Did she disturb your deal?"

Nate leaned down and placed a kiss on his wife's temple, then looked down fondly at mother and daughter. "Not possible. But I thought she might want her mom." Nate watched Chuck carefully, before turning around and going back to the living room.

Chuck walked over to her and watched as the child screamed, and Blair rubbed calming circles on her back. The child relaxed against Blair's chest, still sniffling. She looked up at him, and saw him staring at them in wonder. Blair held the baby to him. "Hold her for me."

And when he did, tears rose in her eyes. It was awkward, risky, and absolute perfection. Even her daughter must have felt how right it was, because even the untutored rocking calmed her and the baby slept. She whispered for the nanny to leave.

"Nate's right. She's an angel. I couldn't survive every day without her."

"Leave with me," he pleaded. "We'll be a family."

Temptation whispered into her ear, but she could only say, "He loves me."

"What do you think I feel about you?" he demanded. "What do you think you feel about me?"

"I-" she gasped, "I don't."

"Don't lie," he whispered softly into her ear.

Blair took the baby back from him. Chuck felt the distinct emptiness of his arms without the child. "Please," she said, "let go."

"Don't you think I've tried? I've been trying since that night."

Blair winced and looked away, unwilling to listen to him mention that she had spent her wedding night with him. She never learned. She went over to the stairs and felt him following closely behind. Blair entered the baby's room and placed her in the bed.

"I just can't," he admitted, standing behind her so close he could see her hair moving with his every breath.

Blair turned around. She placed her hands on his chest, patted the lapels of his shirt, then sighed. Blair glanced at the sleeping baby, then back up into his eyes. She pulled him down, and hungrily he took her lips. Tears seeped out of her closed eyelids as she drank in the taste of him. She was starving for him. His tongue meeting hers sent an electric surge through his veins. Instead of the rough plunging he had been used to, theirs melded together in a no less tumultuous way. It was a fierce kiss, but not brutal, ardent, yet calm. "Why?" she asked, when they were staring at each other, gasping in the aftermath.

"I don't know."

Her hand rose to cup his cheek, and he immediately turned his face to kiss her palm.

She looked up at him with liquid eyes and pale, pale lips. "I can't go."

He looked at her unblinking, his breathing steady. His eyes. Always, his stare. It was that look that sent her into his arms long ago, that same look that had her betraying Nate for the umpteenth time.

She turned her face away. Blair did not see him leave the room. She closed her eyes and sat on the carpet by her daughter's bed. And then she was being enveloped into a warm embrace. She opened her eyes and found herself in her husband's arms.

"Did you tell him?" he asked gently.

Blair clutched at Nate's shoulders as she shook her head. "He doesn't need to know."

"It can work, Blair."

She took a deep breath. When Bart Bass had told them that he was sending back for Chuck, she should have expected him. It was her own fault that she hadn't been prepared to face him.

"He deserves to know," Nate told her.

"I'm not putting him through that again. You saw him then, Nate. And that was his mother. What do you think he's going to do when it's—"

The baby was crying now. Nate stood up and picked up the dark-haired little girl and rocked her against his body. He extended a hand to help Blair up.

Blair took Nate's hand and pulled herself up. She placed a hand on her daughter's back.

"He deserves to be with her no matter how long it's gonna be for." He pushed one lock of her hair behind her ear. "Sooner or later, he's going to notice. You can't use me as your reason forever."

"Nate, I've done everything else perfectly," she said, her voice full of her plea.

i "Nate, Nate, Nate!" she cried, grasping at his jacket when he turned to leave.

He stopped, turned around and looked down at Blair Waldorf. She did not look like Blair, nor did she sound like Blair. His ex-fiance looked up at him in tears, her mascara running down her cheeks. She had stuck a knife in his gut on the day they were supposed to get married, and now… But just like he could not help it then, he was still ever going to be hers.

"Please, Nate."

"Have you tried calling him?" he asked calmly. She nodded furiously. "What did his father say?"

"Nobody knows where he is."

And for all the mature posturing she had done, she was still a little girl scared most of all by the humiliation of having her stellar reputation trampled. "Blair, you live in the twenty-first century. This isn't going to destroy you."

And she sobbed, then covered her face with her trembling hands. "I know that I don't have the right to ask."

"You left me at the altar," he stated, reminding her of the reason why he couldn't—and shouldn't—agree.

"I'm so sorry." And then she looked up at him again, her eyes raw, her cheeks flushed, her lips with a tinge of blue. "I swear, Nate, if you do this for me, I will be everything you want to be. I'll be perfect. I'll never fight with you. I won't say a word if you have another woman on the side. You can use all my money for any business you need to use it for. I'll support you in every way possible," she enumerated desperately. "Marry me."

She reminded him of a child promising to be good. Nate shook his head and wrapped his arms around her tightly. "Don't cry."

"Will you do it, Nate? I'll love you forever," she promised.

Nate buried his face in her ear and took a deep breath. Chuck was bound to show up soon. He would never abandon Blair like this, without a word, without a note. Chuck couldn't—not after getting Blair Waldorf to break her engagement on her wedding day.

She pulled away from him suddenly and ran towards the bathroom. He heard the dry heaving from the bedroom. /i

Nate held the baby closer to him, then smiled down at her upon seeing that the child was blinking up at him. "I love you, Lottie," he said, greeting the little girl and assuring her that nothing was amiss. He returned his attention to Blair, and her teary doe eyes. "I can't live like this anymore, Blair. Especially not now that he's back."

Blair reached for her daughter and held her close, then turned her back on Nate. She would deal with the fallout when it happens. Knowing Nate, this would blow over soon, and he would reconsider. She hoped to heaven it did. Softly, she sang, "Hush little baby, don't you cry…"