Suikoden V: More than…

Suikoden V: What they feel

Chapter I: More than…

Disclaimer: I do not own Suikoden V and its characters.

Authors note: This is my first fic that has chapters in it. It focuses around three people

are trying to deal with their feelings.

-- Chapter I --

It has been almost a year since the war, that the Godwins had started has finally ended. The new parliament that the young Queen Lymsleia Falenan constructed is going strong due to the idea of the new queen of composing the senate with representatives of each town. Now, everyone has a voice to share with the queen for the good of Falena. The young lady of the Barrow's family, Luserina, is lending a hand to the queen as her new spokesperson. And the other SODs in the previous war were also lending a hand in rebuilding their beloved nation.

A new Queen's knight was formed as well under the authority of Prince Frey Falenan with Lyon and Miakis. Kyle and Galleon had retired as Queen's knights after the warfare and as for now the new reformed knights are looking for talented apprentices to teach the skills of being able to protect the royal family.

The young queen had just finished a meeting with the parliament. She was sitting on her throne with Miakis by her side. She glances at a certain silver-haired commandant with his former bodyguard standing on guard. The pair was having fun and was laughing together with Frey cracking a joke and Lyon blushing every given time. Lym groaned, she has been spacing out lately and seems to find herself staring at Frey.

"You know, He will surely melt if you keep on staring at him…"

Tease Miakis at the queen. The former princess turns red and shot death glares at her friend. "W-what are you jabbering about!?" The young Queen's knight grinned even more it's really amusing to tease Lym, she is easily gets embarrassed and it never fails to make Miakis days interesting. The young knight lean down at Lym's ear and softly whispered, "I know you more than anyone else". Lym gaze at Miakis' mischievous smile and glowered at her. Miakis chuckled and continue, "Admit it…you like him"

Lym's eyes widened and she blushed even more. She stares angrily at Miakis and said indignantly, "H-how dare you a-assume such things..!"

The commander, Frey, became alert at the sudden outburst of his sister. He approached the queen and asked her; "Are you alright your Highness?" a hint of worried was written upon his face. Lym gestured her hand as if emphasizing she was fine and trying to avoid eye contact with her brother. She stomp away from the throne, she need to be alone and being with Miakis and her mockery will surely not help as well as seeing Frey.

She knew whatever she was feeling was one of the greatest mistakes a sister could ever commit.

Miakis giggled as she looks at the upset queen, but as soon as she met the gaze of Lyon she smiled sheepishly and said "I'm innocent!" Lyon sighed she knew Miakis was the reason of the mood the young queen was in now. Lyon gazes at Frey who was worried at his sister. Frey intends to pursue the queen but was prevented by Miakis.

"Don't, you'll make it worse." She said sternly.

The prince tilts his end innocently trying to comprehend what his comrade meant and watch as his sister storms away from the room.

Meanwhile, the queen returned to her room. She covered her face with her white silky pillows. Under it she can't help but silently cry her heart out.

"Ma-maybe sob Mi-miakis was right…ma-maybe I do…li-like Frey…whimper

Oh Mother…Father…I'm sorry sob"

Miakis who had just arrived stay guard at the door as she heard the mourning of the queen. She blamed herself for saddening Lym and pondered it would be better to leave the troubled sovereign alone.

"Oh your highness, it's a-alright to like…someone."

Miakis felt sorry for the queen.

The hours of darkness came; the queen has still locked herself in her compartment and refuses to have visitors. Servants came to deliver her dinner but she declined them.

She has no appetite and she wasn't in a good mood. She knew whatever she was doing

was very childish.

"But your royal highness you shouldn't skip meals. It's u-unhealthy,"

said the maid that was starting to get annoyed.

"I told you, I'm not hungry!!" shrieked the immature queen.


"It's alright, give me the tray. I'm going to feed her myself." Guaranteed the

Purple-haired Queen's knight. The maid nod, she gives the food at Miakis and thanks her as well.

Miakis with her spare key unlock the door. She entered the room; Lym greeted her by tossing a pillow that was easily evaded by the skillful knight. "Oh come on, that's an awful welcoming!" pout Miakis as she put the tray in the bedside table. "I told you all not to disturb me!" grumbled the queen; her eyes were swollen and puffy. "You really look horrible!" Miakis said bluntly, Lym frown at the knight and retorted "How dare you criticize your queen!! Do you want me to hang you or maybe fry you with the sun rune!?" Miakis giggled and continue "if you keep on crying…you will end up like an ugly barnacle, which was so ugly she died." Lym gazed at Miakis weirdly and sighed, such nonsense. Then silence fell over them for awhile. Lym broke it with a sudden question.

"You like…Frey too. Right Miakis..?"

"W-what? Are y-you talking about!" stuttered Miakis. She can feel her cheeks were getting warm. Lym smirked she knew that she hits the spot like her; Miakis also harbored deep feelings to the prince. "I-I j-just adore him!" defend Miakis to the young queen who was grinning even more. "Adoring someone is different…you like brother" Miakis redden even more and keep on shaking her head. Lym continue to mock her knight after all it only comes once in awhile when she is the one winning this little childish game with Miakis, "Now, I can avenge all those times she makes me feel embarrassed…Wahahahaha! Sweet revenge!"

"I told you! I DON'T like Frey…!" Miakis was starting to get annoyed.

"Oh come on…tsk tsk! You can't hide the truth from me! I am the almighty queen after all," said Lym. Then Miakis gaze at Lym, seriousness envelop her face as she gave up; she bowed down her head, clasps her hands together and confessed.

"J-just like you...I t-think I have fallen for the prince too…"

"Oh! Miakis…"

-- End of Chapter I --

Author's note: that's the first chap. I know that Lym loves Frey as a its kinda weird or impossible that she loves him more than that…but I'm just thinking what if she likes her brother more than what it seems. As for Miakis I guess I just got inspired by some of the fics out there. Oh..please forgive my lack of humor. Thanks for reading.