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Among many soldiers was the last place I thought that I would meet her again. I had left her no trace for her to find me with. For all she knew I could be dead with the others. But our paths did cross again. She approached me that day. That day that we had finished our shopping in the castle town. I was unsure what to say. I had no idea what she had been through, what she knew, if she had become like the rest… Her eyes were not the same as they once were. They were filled with hate, hardened with the cold stain that could belong only to one who had taken a life. What caught my eye the most was what she carried at her side. A sword. "Swords are used to kill people anyway. Why would we need anything like that?" That was what I remembered about Karla. I didn't know how much she had changed but that was it. I knew she had.

She recognized me almost the instant her gaze laid upon me. I was surprised. I had changed much since the last time she had saw me. I didn't imagine that I could be identified as the same person. Her joy at us being reunited was beyond what I would have imagined but still I couldn't get passed the look in her eyes and the sword at her side. Perhaps she had become the same, maybe more cunning, than the others. What if it was a trick? It crossed my mind. She would be close to me as we once were and kill me while my guard was down. If she sought after what my brothers had, that was a prospect that I could not overlook.

I didn't know how to express affection, concern, or happiness. None of those emotions came to me any longer. Their memory had faded away into dust, into a lifeless section of my mind that would never be renewed. I needed to hide behind those cynical thoughts. It was the only way I knew how to function and the way that I had survived. Her countenance sunk as I revealed all to her. I had killed them. All of them. Yes, I had slaughtered our father and siblings so that their blood ran into the depths of where we once called home and so that they could walk this earth nevermore. I remembered clearly everything about our childhood. That was why I couldn't trust her. We were always the same, her and I. We were innocent together. Now that I had changed, so she must have. Karla and I were not meant to live as normal people. My response to her joy could only be one thing. I had to take her life.

I proposed a duel that she did not want to partake in. Finally, she agreed. The time had come. My little sister stood before me, her head bowed in a defeated manner as I with my sword prepared to end her life. There was no other way. The strong must die. "Karla, are you ready?"

"Yes. Do as you wish, brother. When I fall to you, I will leave no regrets."

I had nothing to say. She was going to do nothing? Not even draw her blade? I was taken off guard.

"We are less than human now. We are no different from our swords themselves. Our hearts are cold, and we count the days we live solely by the flesh we cleave. What meaning can there be in such an existence?"

We became the swords that we carried at our sides. Yes, that was a fitting statement. I was modeled to become what my father saw as an object of perfection, something to kill without hesitation, one who thirsts for blood. My skills were sharpened to kill just as the sword was sharpened to cut.

"Cut me down, brother. I simply wanted to hear your voice before I died. Now I have. I am satisfied."

She looked at me, those eyes saddened. She reminded me of Conner. It made sense to me then. I had never understood why Conner let them kill him without a struggle. He didn't believe he deserved to live. He hated what he was forced to become. He, just as Karla stood before me now, believed that death was better than living to bring death to others. Death was better than being what I had become. I put my sword back within its sheathe.

She looked at me wordless. It seemed that my gesture being the opposite of what I said confused her.

"Karla… You haven't changed. But I have. I must have. When I am with you, I remember the past.


"Go where you will. I will not fight you." I would not become the same as them. I would not kill needlessly for the sake of killing. I refused to live a pointless being.

"Brother….brother, what will you do?

"Well…" My quest was clear. Eliminate the strong so that the weak would never have to become what I had. The weak could be innocent. Without the strong, the weak would no longer be weak. They would be human. Her and I both knew the truth of it. I would not raise my blade against those who did not wish to fight. Regardless, my need to quench my thirst for violence still existed. It had developed and it would never go away.

"I won't stop you….I doubt you can resist the destiny of our blood for long….So I will wait for you. On that scarlet plain. I will wait for my brother to come home…"

She said nothing else. She left, leaving me to stand alone yet again, so many thoughts of the past tangling themselves in my mind.


We had no home.

Perhaps for the first time in either of our lives we could start one.

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