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Note: This is a "trailer" for a NegixNodoka fanfic I just thought up yesterday. It will probably show up next year, depending on when The Gaelic Hunter ends. I just remembered a character I had adopted, and the idea struck. An explanation of him is down below.

Negi easily blasted apart the great door that separated him from the bridge of this large airship. He's been hunting this bastard for too long. Now, with him straight across the room, he wouldn't be stopped by anyone.

Somebody applauds his blast of the door, and he could only guess who it is. Knocking apart a pair of guards charging at him with swords, he hears a soft melancholic voice.

"Congratulations, mage of this world. I actually believed you wouldn't make it this far, but here you are, defeating my guards as easy as a dragon would."

The smoke caused by the blast cleared away, revealing Negi's form to his opponent. And Negi got himself a good look at the one who spoke. He is heavily armoured with seemingly high-tech armor, while a helmet covering his head but revealing his face is worn, possibly just for show. Also he has a blood red mantle held together on his sides with a golden thread.

His face seems a bit surprised to Negi on the other hand, despite his little speech.

"A child? A child managed to penetrate the hull of my ship, bested every guard and blasted apart a heavily reinforced door?"

Negi doesn't answer him. He doesn't need to. His stare on him is enough.

"Heh. Must've been some heavy training you took, kid. I'm impressed."

This granted him a reply from Negi. "Thank you." Although not in his cheerful tone, more of like the tone he has heard Fate Averruncus speak to him with.

"Now, is there any particular reason you boarded my ship, or did you do it just for the thrill?" This commander asks. Negi just release his tense stance and now stood calmly like his opponent.

"Where is Nodoka-san?" He says in what can best be described as angry but calm tone.

"Nodoka-san? You mean that girl with the purple hair who can read minds? That's her name?" This commander says a bit confused at the young boy's request.

Negi nods. "I want her back." A straight blunt demand couldn't really get one anywhere, but after what Negi had done to the ship, something like that could be obliged.

"Oh, sorry, I can't. There are plans in store for her. And we're not the kind to just give something we like back." He says calmly and almost eerily with a gaze to shock a chess master. Negi doesn't back down, returning to his stance.

"Then I'll to take her back using force." He says, the energy of his Magia Erebea returning to its more powerful state.

His larger, non human opponent had to laugh. He had bested demons, champions and avatars of gods in close combat, and a child could think he could defeat him? This brat is either a fool or really good.

"Bring it, boy. Show me what you got." Fashtar replied before battle commenced.

A/N: Alright, this Fashtar is not to be confused with me. This is the original Fashtar of whose name I adopted.

At first I took him for becoming a renegade warlord, leading a revolt against a lich who's been butchering his people in endless conquests. For several months I left him at that.

This time we're talking about a powerful Emperor who's been systematically conquering both worlds and dimensions, halting only to return when he's grown stronger.

Also, he is more powerful than Evangeline used to be in her "golden age". As for what he's done with Nodoka, it will be revealed in the coming story.