Title: Silence
Author: baphne.
Characters/Pairings: Edward centric, hinted Edward/Bella
Short summary:All he wanted was for it to stop.
Disclaimer: So not SMeyer


So. Close.

It had been months, but it felt like years. He watched her from across the crowded bar, dancing, smiling, laughing.

She looked so warm and fresh - the smell of life wrapped around her tighter than her small red dress.

Red. It was as though she was asking for it. Begging.

Edward didn't need to breathe but he sighed never the less, inhaling her scent fully into his wasted body. He closed his eyes at the aroma, she smelt amazing. She smelt fresh. His main purpose was to kill that bitch, Victoria, before she could hurt anyone that he cared about, anyone that used to care about him - his mind added bitterly. But he couldn't stay away from this bar, not when the call of the blood was so strong it infused itself into every fiber of his being.

'It would be so easy,' he told himself, 'So, so easy to walk over to her, she wouldn't stop me. She would invite me in, beg me to take her.'

He envisioned it - She would sigh as he pushed her up against the wall, moan as his lips ran along her jaw as she tilted her head back, exposing her long neck. Hunger would be coursing through him and would over take his arousal, his eyes would close briefly as he let the beast out. It would be over in a mere matter of seconds, she would feel no pain. With just the right bite he could easily cut her vocal cords - this would give him even more time to devour her both body and blood.

Warm, sweet, sticky. It would seep down his throat like honey and he would finally silence the monster. His body and mind would be his own again, he wouldn't have to think about her. He cringed mentally at the mere reference.

He ran his onyx eyes over her form. Tan skin, long brown hair framing her heart shaped face that held a soulful pair of brown eyes. She was almost perfect. Almost.

Thoughts raced through his ravenous mind with alarming speed, even for him.

The soft blush on her checks when he extended his hand to her.

The smell of her breath when her lips parted, intent on deepening his chaste kiss.

Her sleeping form calling to him in more ways that her innocent mind could ever understand.

His Bella.

The brunette in the red dress was making her way towards him now, he had been so wrapped up in his own world that he hadn't realized it. Her hips swayed in a manner that he was sure she thought was seductive, left arm swinging in front of her curvy form.

He knew she was speaking to him, but the blood rushing in his ears didn't allow him to hear her. She smelt amazing, it was almost enough to drawn out the voice he knew was going to follow his thoughts.

Edward, it whispered softly. You know you don't want to do it, you know what would happen.

Of course he knew what would happen. Silence, that's what would happen. Pure, blissful silence.

Please, the voice begged. For me.

He sighed again, he would do anything for her - Leave her, listen to her, love her for all of eternity.

"I asked you if you wanted to step outside with me."

This wasn't Bella's voice, this one belonged to the brunette. Edward raised his eyes to her; she could never compare to his Bella.

"No," his velvet voice sounded harsh in his own ears. "I don't."

The monster howled as he rose fluidly from his chair and walked out of the bar in a speed almost to fast for humans. The night air helped him think, it helped him forget.

No matter how many places he went, no matter how many women he saw, she was always inside of him, guiding him on the right path.

An angry sob ripped from his chest as he began to run. He closed his eyes under the shine of the moon, wondering where she was, wondering if she was happy, wondering if he had made the right choice.