"Neko?" yelled Cappy "Neko! Come on! We don't have time for this! We have to..."

Cappy stopped as she saw a woman standng in front of her. She had pale white skin that shone like the moon. Her brunette hair slid down her back with shining gold and blood red highlights. she had a blood red shirt on and black leather pants with black boots. She looked around the age of 16 and seemed very angry and ready for a beat down.

Cappy looked back and forth and finally after two minutes of silence said, "...Can I help you?"

"I'm looking for Shino Aburame! Where is he!?"

"Shino? What the-!? I don't have time for this."

Her shirt turned a darker shade of red which surprised Cappy.

"You WILL tell me where he is!" she yelled as she pulled out a sword from her side.

"WHOA!" yelled Cappy as she started to run.


Naruto was helping Cappy and Gaara find Neko but she was no where to be found. He just helped Gaara look for 3 hours now and he was getting worried. He sat on the roof and stood looking at the sky. It's color reminded him of Cappy's eyes. How he loved staring into those eyes. That's when he started thinking. Cappy was strong physically but mentally she was weak. He was her wall to lean on and the person who vowed to protect her. He loved her and would always be there for her even if it costs him his life! He will-


Naruto was almost knocked off his feet when Cappy ran past him.

"Cappy!?" he yelled when he was knocked off the roof by another girl, one he didn't recognize but knew was a threat what with the way she was swinging her sword at Cappy like a maniac, "CAPPY!" he yelled.

"TELL ME!!!" yelled the girl.

"I'm telling you! I have no idea where he is!!!" yelled Cappy back as she flipped off the building and saw Neko right below her.


Neko sensed Cappy above her as she stepped to the side as Cappy fell on her butt.

"Ow..." said Cappy as she got up, "Neko! There you are! We gotta get out of here! This crazy girl is OMG!"

Neko and Cappy jumped out of the way as the girl came swinging her sword down upon them shrieking. She got up and snarled at Cappy. She then saw Neko and had a face of pure shock. Her shirt turned white as she lowered her sword.


"That voice...," thought Neko, "Myth?"

I know it's not that long but with everything happening I didn't have a lot of time and I know everyone has a plot for their own character so...here you go ^^