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"Do you regert doing it?" Carlisle asked the brunette that stood before him, her eyes were on blond haired baby boy who was just born to

his mother. The baby boy was sleeping peacefully in the nursary at the moment. He opened his eyes and looked right at the Brunette, it was a happy yet sad look on the babies


"No i dont regert it, i know he wanted it... he wanted to be human." Bella said softly and sighed.

"you do alittle, you miss him already." Jasper said softly and hugged Bella tightly.

"i have to deal with it, he will think me in the long run. " Bella said and turned away. The second she walked away form the child it started to cry. "i did it for him."

"And we are glad you did, Edward wanted to be human again for a while, but he will miss you, his soul is bonded to yours, your his destiny." Emse said softly and sighed.

"i know and we will find each other again and much like he found me he'll have a choice... but i want him to be happy..." Bella said and sighed she couldnt cry, she was turned but found a way

to give Edward another chance at life. the way he was meant to live it again.

Bella walked to the cliffs and droped to her knees and looked to the sky, she knew if she was human she would be crying, right now. She remembered when she met the girl who gave her the sercert, a chance to change what

she was, to be human agian, only enough for one person only enough to change her back, Bella didnt tell Edward. she just manged to trick him into taking it, because she knew he wished it more then anything. But she wished she could

be with him, no this was his chance to live agian. if fate brougtht him back then they realy are meant to be together. but at the moment yes she regreted it, she missed him, his sweet voice, his words. his arms around her. She knew this was going to be hard

as hell but she needed to do it. She was going to stay with the Cullen family form now on, and maybe on day Edward would return to her. untill then she would always love him and miss him. She looked at the ring on her hand, his mothers ring and now hers. She sighed and

closed her eyes. "be safe my love enjoy your new life...please come back to me soon" she said and sighed.


"Why do i have to go to Forks again?" Damien whinned to his Mother.

"Because that is where James is come on Damien please do this for me." Emica said and sighed looking at her son.

"fine but you owe me" Damien said and got into the car, it was a very long drive long enough to drive anyone insane. but when they pulled up the house Damien sighed. "This house looks OLD."

"no one has lived in it for twenty years... it needs work yes but we'll fix it up... James found it." Emica said.

"Who owned it last?" Damien said walking into the house it looked as if the last owner left it in a hurry.

"Charlie Swan, He left after his Daughter Isabella died, he couldnt handel being here and i believe he got into a car crash a week later." Emica said trying to remember.

"oh" Damien said and some reason the name hit him hard he couldnt explain. He walked up the stairs and picked out a bedroom. He looked around and something on the floor he saw and he

picked it up. "so this is you Isabella? beautiful... shame you died... i could use a friend." Damien said and sighed.

"DAMIEN your going to Fork's highschool tomorrow!!" Emica said and walked into the room. "you not getting out of it."