This is my new fiction, and this time is a Crane x Viper story, hope you like it! Gotta go!

Starry Night

Chapter 1: The Outdoor Activities

It was a beautiful night after the dawn of the Valley of Peace. After when the Furious Five, the Dragon Warrior and the kung fu master have finished their dinner.

Master Shifu stood up and said calmly, "Students, come with me." the others were confused and followed him.

"Um, Master Shifu? Where are we going?" asked Viper but he didn't respond as they continued on walking.

"Hey, Po. Do you have any idea where will he take us in the middle of the night?" Tigress whispered to Po.

Po shook his head and he said, "I don't know, you know he always like to act so mystic, right?" the others were agreed, sometimes Shifu does really like to keep a big surprise behind them.

During their walking, the Furious Five noticed that the trail was pretty familiar for them. This trail was kinda… familiar… Where'd we see before? They thought as soon they reached the end of the walk.

"Stay close, students. This trail is sort of slipper." Shifu said. They slowly walked beside Shifu and it was a river trail and with some slipper wet rocks, he knew Tigress afraid of water so he decided to carry Tigress in bridal style as he helped her walk.

Tigress was blushed by that moment as she said, "Po! I'm not limp so you don't need to carry me!" she lied, actually she was enjoying it, Po chuckled at her as he continued on after they had across the area.

Viper was at the last of the line, suddenly something light up her curious. A glimmering little thing was flying around as it flew through the forest. Viper didn't think of anything as she thought, 'I can follow up the group right after I finished the sight of that thing…' And then she left her group instead of followed the glowing fly.

'I feel bad for Viper, she's quite afraid of being the last of the line.' Crane chuckled by that thought as when he turned his back, he was shocked, Viper wasn't there and not even in the front.

His heart started pounding fast with frighten as he shouted, "Master Shifu! Viper is gone!!" then the others caught his attention as they turned their backs.

"Ah man! I can't she did it again!! I knew this trail was sort of familiar!!" Monkey shouted.

"Neither do I! I could still remember that clearly just like yesterday!" Mantis grumbled.

"Guys! Back there it was you two who put that stupid game!" Tigress blamed at the two masters.

"Um…Guys…" Po was confused of they saying, e wanted to cut in but they were too busy on arguing, he turned to his master as he just slapped his forehead.

"QUIET!!" then the arguing was over as the others turned their faces to Crane who was over worried of Viper's disappearance. "Have you finished? Good. Now can we please go look for her now?" he pleased as he tried to control his anger.


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Next Chapter: The Old Memory


"Old days." Tigress silently said.

"Hey! Guys!" then they turned to Po who was still confused of their words or more like curious of their past.

"What, panda?" asked Shifu, started become impatiently.

"Um…Actually I don't know what you guys were saying of 'old times', 'stupid game' and 'familiar of this trail' these stuff! What happened? Is it happened before I came here?" he asked, and then he could see the Furious Five were glaring as it means, 'Isn't it oblivious?' look.