Chapter 5: The Music Competition

When they have arrived to the centre of the Valley of Peace, they saw that this was a couple love songs music competition. And they heard some couples have sung different love songs by the rolling choice.

"Okay, folks! This is the last round and we need one more couple to sing our new love song, so who will be?" the pig host asked.

The crowds were noisy, apparently there were other couples but didn't have courage to stand up on the stage, Shifu thought that this was the end of the patrol as they wanted to head back to the Jade Palace.

But suddenly, the same fire-flies from the Sacred Field of Harmony were gracefully landed on Crane and Viper's heads and the villagers were gasped by that sight.

"Looks like we have a destined couples, come up on stage." the pig shouted and they cheered, the kung fu masters, even Shifu, were trying to hold their laughs of couldn't wait to see how Crane and Viper handle of it.

"Now there's a roll choice music, when it hit, you will sing whatever it hit on the song." the pig told them and he left them on stage to rolled the music choices.

When the point stopped, it pointed at the song named 'Could I have this Kiss Forever', and the music started to play.

Although, Crane saw Viper's azure eyes have appeared afraid, then he gently lift up her tail, Viper has blushed at that state as they heard the crowds were 'ohhhh's and the masters and the Dragon Warrior were gasped at that sight.

Viper then has an eye contacted to Crane's, he winked as 'We can go through this.' look, and she believed in him as nodded. Then Crane started to sing.

Crane: Over and over I look in your eyes

You are all I desire

You have captured me

I want to hold you

I want to be close to you

I never want to let go

The crowds started to gasp of his amazing voice, even the masters. And now it was Viper's turn.

Viper: I wish that this night would never end

I need to know

This song seemed like their theme song, it made them spill their feelings out. Used the singing to tell them how your feeling. The music started getting into complex.

Together: Could I hold you for a lifetime

Could I look into your eyes

Could I have this night to share this night together

Could I hold you close beside me

Could I hold you for all time

Together: (Viper: Could I) (Crane: Could I) Could I have this kiss forever

Together: (Viper: Could I) (Crane: Could I) Could I have this kiss forever, forever

Viper: Over and over I've dreamed of this night

Now you're here by my side

You are next to me (Crane: next to me)

Viper: I want to hold you and touch you taste you

Together: And make you want no one but me

I wish that this kiss could never end

Oh baby please

Crane and Viper started to blush in scarlet, they wouldn't know that this song could be so release your hearts out.

Together: Could I hold you for a lifetime

Could I look into your eyes

Could I have this night to share this night together

Could I hold you close beside me

Could I hold you for all time

Could I could I have this kiss forever

Could I could I have this kiss forever, forever (Viper: And ever)

Together: I don't want any night to go by

"It must be their destiny." Shifu murmured as he smirked.

Without you by my side

Viper: I just want all my days

Together: Spent being next to you

Lived for just loving you

And baby, oh by the way

There was surprised and awed in the air, the two masters were totally in their world.

Together: Could I hold you for a lifetime

Could I look into your eyes

Could I have this night to share this night together

Could I hold you close beside me

Could I hold you for all time

Together: (Viper: Could I) (Crane: Could I) Could I have this kiss forever

Together: (Viper: Could I) (Crane: Could I) Could I have this kiss forever, and ever, forever!

The song ended and there was a cheer and chorus of encore. The two masters were shocked and blushed all at sudden, Crane looked at Viper and she nodded slightly, he smiled as Viper hopped on his back and soared in the air.

"Man, do you have any ideas where could they possibly are heading?" Po asked curiously to the rest of the Five and Master Shifu.

The rest of the Five both stared to each other, and then Mantis spoke, "I think we know where they are, come on." He said as they quickly ran back.

"Hey! I'm not a runner, you know!!" Po shouted.

Roof of the Jade Palace

Crane landed on the roof and gently placed Viper on it, and they sat down and stared the stars in the sky. Just like they did it when they were young, they used to sneak up at night to have a beautiful star viewing and they shined brightly jus for them.

Viper giggled, "Wouldn't be fair that we disobey Master Shifu?" she asked.

"I'm sure they'll find us within 10 minutes." Crane replied.

Viper laughed a while and then she looked up at the sky, "The stars are so bright like they used to be, nothing change and stand at the same." She silently said.

"Yea." He sighed. "Look, for what I after told you about I love you thing. You wouldn't think that it was just a friendship love, would you?" he nervously asked.

"Maybe," he was widened but then she added, "or maybe not." She smirked.

Their eyes were connected again as their lips were almost touched, and they kissed. And it was the time to fire up the fireworks which the rhythms of the fireworks have made their kiss more passionately. They have been waited this moment for a very long time, not just kiss on the cheek or forehead but the kiss of true love.

Soon, they slowly broke up the kiss and stared to each other, "I love you." They said in unison.

And then, they heard a burst of laughter as they quickly turned around, and they saw their fellow masters, the Dragon Warrior and Shifu had been watched the whole scene, "I am so can't wait to tell the folks about this!" Po was laughing in crazy until he got stopped by the couple's glaring.

"I knew you two will be here!" Mantis claimed.

"Fine, you caught us and what? Kick your butts down the way to the bunkhouse?" Crane teased.

Shifu then chuckled, "No, Master Crane. We were just accidentally come here to have a good view of fireworks or the stars, that's all." He said.

"Right." Viper humped.

They made the whole ground laugh, which of course making jokes about Crane and Viper, as the group kept on laughing. Crane and Viper stayed back though, not talking yet, as the two figures were whispering to each other.

"I can't believe they did that…"

"I know Viper, I know. It was wrong to say an excuse to us, cruel to also those fireflies trick us like that…"

"We really have to thank them later on for that..."

"I totally agree, bab'…"

"We should go before they make more jokes…"

"Yeah, totally… But Viper…"

"Yes, Crane…"

"I love you."

"I love you too."

With those last few words, the two passed each other another quick kiss, right at the time the others were looking at them. They gave their 'ohs' and 'aws' as Tigress was giggling into her paws until she got accidentally placed her paw on Po's, both stared to each other and then blushed in scarlet.

"Looks like Tigress has finally crushed on someone." Monkey teased. This time Crane and Viper could tease them back.

Crane and Viper have finally taking a seat down. Shifu opened his mouth as his eyes were looking over at Crane, eyes seeming to dance with joy.

"You know what this means, don't you, Dragon Warrior?"

"I… I believe so…"

"Yes, indeed. We'll all be joking about you for the next few days."

"Also next week." Tigress piped in, closing his mouth after he said that…

"More like next month…" Monkey mumbled, holding back a snicker as he took a bite out of the dumplings…

"More like next year…" Po giggled, taking her own bite out of the noodles…

"Dude, we're gonna be making fun of you for the rest of your life!" Mantis laughed out loud, the other joining into their laughter as Crane and Viper blushed under their sight, laughing with them also.

But while they were enjoying watching the view of fireworks and shining stars, they didn't notice that Crane placed his wing over Viper's body and pulled themselves much closer, and Tigress has placed her head on Po's shoulder.

The fireflies from the Sacred Field of Harmony have flew into the gracefully into the sky and met every single starts in the endless sky...


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