"Val move! Lets go get in the car now!"

she didn't move, Duncan was pretty sure her heart stopped too. The only movement he saw was her lower lip quivering. He looked up to see the plane swerving in the sky, trying to take control. He grabbed Val's hand once more.

"Please, Val." He pushed his voice, growing more tense. Val shook her head. "We can't do anything!"

Duncan watched, as her face grew serious, rather than sad. "Your right…"

Duncan grabbed her arm and they quickly got back in the car, watching as the plane swerved even faster in the sky, he put the car in reverse, while Val kept her eyes on the airport its self. Every one was evacuating the building, screaming, or just idiotically looking up at the sky. By this time the plane went East.

"Where is it going to land?" Val asked, not really expecting a response. Duncan paused, then spoke up "Its going to land in one of the lakes."

"How can you tell?"

"By now…someone has taken over the plane..."


"So…so the last thing any of them on the plane want to crash and die…the closest places that could be a crash pad that might not kill any of them are only two key places: the lake or the farm that's located west from here…who ever has taken over the plane thinks it's safer to land in the water."

"…Either way, they're all going to die."

"You never know Val, you never know."


It was quiet, the quietest it has been in a very long time…this startled Courtney as she sat up straight, looking around nervously. She slipped off her bed and into her slippers, ran down the steps, and shook her mother awake, who only moments ago was asleep on the sofa before reading the Time magazine.

"Mom? Mom. MOM! Where is ever one? What's going on! Where's Duncan."

"sha- what? Oh sweetie you startled me, Duncan and Val went to the airport…"

"Why didn't they tell me?"

"You've barely gotten any sleep!"

"Who cares? Mom I half to go with them!"

Her mother shook her head, "your staying here. You all are getting way to worried about everything that's going on. You guys are always running or are upset or even hurt! You kids never eat or sleep. Go to the kitchen and make some soup, ill make calls to figure out what's going on. Okay?"

Before Courtney could respond, her mom was out of the room. Courtney collapsed on the living room sofa and sighed, then felt her stomach rumble…he mom was right. When was the last time she had eaten? Courtney jumped off the sofa, and went to the kitchen and made some soup, and looked at the clock.

"3 AM? Jeez…" after she made soup she set it on the living room coffee table, turned on the tv, and sat down. But before she could taste her soup, there was a knock at the door.

"Seriously?" Courtney said, standing up, fixing her skirt to make herself seem as presentable as she could, and went to the door.

"Oh, and I was starting to feel lonely…" Courtney cooed sarcastically as Sam and Jet came in. Sam didn't smile, but had a kind look to her face, as opposed to Jet who was too busy trying not to fall asleep.

"Sorry Court, just wanted to check up on you. Val left last night and we don't know where she went."

"Its fine, come sit down guys, ill get you some soup."


"The airport?!" Sam repeated, looking positively confused. Jet was slowly eating his soup and watching the TV.

"Look, I don't know anymore than you both do. We just need to wait and hope it doesn't go to badly." Courtney said in a reasonable voice. Jets eyes where fixated on the TV.

"Hey Courtney? What movie is this?" Jet asked slowly, putting down his soup. Courtney looked at hiom inquisitively, "Pardon?"

"What's this movie called?"

"Its called Central Morning News…"

"That's sounds like a news program…"

Sam slapped her forehead, "Jet it IS a morning news program…"

"Oh.." Jet stated, "Then this is bad.." his finger clicked the volume button several times.

"-Around 2 AM, plane 257 had technical problems, not responding calls or incoming calls to the caption, and now is having difficulty landing. Near by officials report that the plane commander is refusing to land of the pads and now heading toward nearby land. They also reported that it's a possibility it might land in a nearby river or lake-"

"Holy hell." Sam screeched, spilling soup all over the floor, but no one noticed. Courtney's mom stood silent, and confused. Jet and Courtney refused to look at the screen any longer.

"What do we do?" Courtney asked is a quiet voice

"Johns going to die." Jet bit his lip, tying not to show any emotion. Sam scoffed, "who cares? He deserves it for being a bastered toward Val…he hated her since the beginning so now he does stupid shit like this? Who cares! He deserves to die." Sam stood up, glaring at Jet, who was now standing looking her in the face. Courtney sat still, watching them fight for the first time ever.

"Excuse me? John is sweet, and caring! Remember how he and Val use to be? He wouldn't touch her or hurt her for any reason, he was the true meaning of a gentleman! Greg and Aaron threatened to hurt Val! And you! And Courtney! And Duncan! So he leaves with them so they wont hurt any of us…he was threatening him for a long time…that's why he suddenly changed…he never meant to hurt any of us…and you want to know something else Sam? Val and John where PLANNING to have a child…it didn't just suddenly happen! They're in love…or where…I don't know how Val feels now that he's been gone for so long…but John cant help that he's turned into this guy…so don't say something like that about a guy you only knew one part of."

Sam could only respond by keeping her mouth shut.


Me: Okay please pleaseeee do not hate me…I know that a lot of you hate me for not writing in 5 months-

Jet: 6.

Courtney: I thought it was 7…


Duncan: I thought they do? –Points to the readers, who have torches and guns-

Me: -Backs away slowly- yess that's true…but I really am sorry…I've been so busy and I kinda forgot my password and I also sorta forgot I changed the password so the confused me for a few weeks…hehe..

-Courtney, Duncan, Sam, Jet, Mr. Taco, Senor Buttons, and Jam glare evily-

Me: I said I was sorry!!!!

Jet: Sorry isn't good enough!!

Me: what? You want me to give them kisses and bake cookies until they say its alright?

Sam: sure!

Courtney: that'd be nice…

Duncan: you will still get threatened in reviews…

Me: I know :/ it makes em sad…but guess what?! ITS SUMMERR!! Which means ill be bored…which means ill make lemonade…which means…

Val: your going to write more?

Me: exactly!

Duncan: It depends on if the reviewers are still mad :/

Me: which means I'm still screwed :/ I'm sorry guys!!!!