Hi, this is my first attempt at a Star Wars fic so please be kind. I know it's very short and quite crap but, you know, thought you might like it anyway. It may turn into a series of one shots depending on if people enjoy it, so let me know what you think. Enjoy.


"Han" Luke called as he neared the Millennium Falcon, causing said head to suddenly appear.

"You rang?" asked Han, wiping his oil covered hands on a dirty rag.

"It's Leia, she says she needs you urgently" Han looked quizzically at the young Jedi in front of him before giving a small sigh.


"In her room" he answered and watched as Han extracted himself out of his ship as quickly as he could without looking suspicious.

Luke smiled as he watched his friend walk quickly out of the hanger bay and down the corridor that led towards Leia's room.


"Ok, have you all placed your bets?" asked Wes, looking around at the slightly worried faces surrounding him.

"Are you sure we're allowed to be here?" asked Wedge nervously.

"Of course" grinned Wes, not very convincingly. "Besides, General Riekan's in the command centre and won't be leaving any time soon, we'll be long gone by then"

"Yes but imagine what he would say if he found us in his bedroom..."

"So we have 43 for a sexual innuendo, 38 for snog her, 39 for slapping him and 1 for nothing... nothing?" he asked with a raised eye.

"Yes" smiled Hobbie, "I think he'll do nothing"

"Are you ill?" asked Wes. "Never in the entire history of their relationship have they ever done nothing. Even Antilles wasn't stupid enough to put that"

"Oi" protested Wedge but was silenced with a wave of Wes's hand.

"Shh" whispered Wes. "He's coming"

Three ears pressed up against the wall as they heard a knock on the door and then Captain Solo's voice.



Upon receiving no answer Han couldn't help but wonder if something was wrong. The kid had said that the princess wanted him urgently.

He palmed the door and found it open so he decided to go in and check that she was alright. Upon entrance he found an empty room, at least that's what he had decided until the door to the fresher opened and out walked the princess wearing nothing but a small towel.

Han's jaw dropped and the princess's eyes widened. He gulped, noticing her long wet hair covering her shoulders, sending water droplets rolling down her smooth skin.

"Han?" she whispered, still shocked.

Broken out of his shock, Han picked up his jaw, turned around and headed straight back out the very door he had just came through leaving behind a shocked and very red Leia.


Wes and Wedge looked at Hobbie in similar shock as he stood there smiling slyly.


"Have you ever seen a really hot girl in nothing but a towel? Especially one you really, really like" At their blank looks he continues. "Your brain turns to mush and you can't think of anything, let alone a sexual innuendo"

"Why didn't you tell me that before I bet on it?" moaned Wes.

"And why wouldn't he kiss her, or she slap him?" asked wedge curiously.

"Easy. That comes from being too embarrassed that you just want to get out of there as quickly as possible, same for Leia"

"Alright then Mr expert, you win this one. But next time it won't be so easy"

"Next time?" Hobbie questioned as Wedge groaned.

"Oh that's right my little chums. Listen to ol' Wes, cause I have a plan..."