My name's Mykan Spotswood and this… this is my new life.

It had been one week since Things Changed for me. Before I was just a lonely seventeen year-old guy…

My mom died when I was born, and my alcoholic, psychotic father beat on me and my brother everyday… Luckily he got thrown in the nuthouse for life, and Danny and I got pensions and permits from the town.

A few more rocky trails were along the way, but I like to focus on the here and now.

I had a whole load of new friends, among them was old friend Wyatt Williams from Junior-High. I was the owner and Manager of my own store, Comic-Caver; that dealt with comic books and collectors items.

Even though I couldn't hire employees to help me run the store, as I needed the money to pay for my own bills and taxes, since I lived on my own in an apartment across the street from the mall. My new friends agreed to be my freelancing co-stars in my own series of comics that I made… and I paid them all very well for it.

Easily… the most wonderful thing to happen to me was Amelie. The hottest girl in the mall; the French Girl with long blue hair, an articulate accent, and large… er… Twins, but I didn't bother about those.

So far… she and I had been couple for only a week now, but we already looked like the cutest couple you'd ever see.

She was my inspiration for all my work, my reason to live and right to go for, and most importantly… I loved her for just who she was. Not just beautiful, but smart, fun, mature, and tough… she even liked kids.

Yes, sir… life was pretty sweet.

"Intro Song"