Princess Auction

By Artikgato

Disclaimer: This fanfic is old. Really old. I started writing it after I first beat the game, which was around four or five years ago (I think, anyway). That was before Crisis Core, Before Crisis, Dirge of Cerberus, and even before Advent Children. So this fanfic is oh so very alternate universe (now, anyway). Also, many of the characters might seem to be out of character, either because that's how I wrote them or that's how they seemed to me judging by the game.

Disclaimer 2: Oh yeah, this is a Yuffentine fanfic, aka Vincent x Yuffie. They were so much rarer back when I first wrote this! TT

Disclaimer 3: This fanfic is currently unfinished, and I'm not sure if I'll ever actually give it a proper ending or not.

Author's Notes: Well, this is the (surprisingly short) prologue to what's going to be a very, very long fanfic. So I don't have much to say this time around. Umm, if Yuffie's house seems a little weird, I apologize. I didn't pay much attention during the parts of the game where you got to go inside her house, and so I don't remember much about the layout or the I just sort of made it up as I go along.

And you can blame a bunch of other Yuffentine fanfics I've been reading for the entire "you must be married by age 18 blah blah blah" plot device. :D

Prologue: All I Wanted Was a Warm Bath, Dammit!

            The air was cold and crisp this morning in Wutai. Fall had long since decorated the village of Wutai with its brightly colored confetti of leaves and late-blooming flower petals. It seemed by all accounts to be a peaceful morning in the village, as men and women went about their business of the mornings, children still nestled in the comforts of sleep and warm blankets. Smoke and steam rose from some of the houses as fires were lit and baths were taken, respectively. Yuffie Kisaragi's house was one of those with steam rising from it. Godo Kisaragi's was not.

            There were many things that Yuffie forgave people for. Intruding on her precious bath time was not one of them. After all, it took her bloody ages to boil enough water to bathe in, as Wutai still had not invested in proper indoor plumbing. So when her father came pounding quite loudly on her door, not five minutes after she had settled into the comforting warmth of her bathtub, she had a rather normal reaction.

            "GO AWAY!" she yelled. She didn't care who it was at the door, they were interrupting her 'me' time, dammit! It could have been General Sephiroth, back from the dead, for all she cared. He'd just have to wait until she was done with her bath before he took revenge on her. She giggled a little at the mental image of the almighty Sephiroth waiting rather impatiently at her door while she bathed. Another series of loud pounds on her door turned her amused smile into an annoyed grimace.

            "KISARAGI YUFFIE! COME TO THE DOOR, NOW!" came her father's annoyed voice. Grumbling angrily, Yuffie stepped out of the bath and grabbed the biggest towel she could find, wrapping it around herself and stalking off through the cold house to answer the door. The furious look that Godo gave her almost surpassed the look of sheer annoyance that she wore on her face.

            "What?!" she demanded, angrily. Godo just pushed past her, into her house, and she closed the door behind him.

            "Yuffie, we need to talk," he said, sitting down on her couch.       

            "Can't it wait until I'm done with my bath, old man? The water's gonna get cold soon!" Yuffie demanded, clutching the huge white towel around her and giving him a very frustrated look.

            "No, it can't," Godo replied, glaring at her and motioning for her to sit down.

            "I've never interrupted you during YOUR baths!" she exclaimed, stalking off.

            "Where are you going, young lady?" Godo demanded.

            "To put on some CLOTHES!" she exclaimed, as she reached her door and flung it open. She was more than annoyed now. She was pissed. What the heck was so important that it couldn't wait another fifteen minutes, at the most? Sure, she and Godo weren't on the best terms right now, but that was no reason for him to be so blatantly mean to her!

            That was another thing that puzzled her. She and Godo were never really on good terms with eachother, but lately it seemed a whole lot worse. The thing was, she'd been trying to get on semi-good terms with her father, ever since she returned from saving the world from Meteor.

            'You'd think that being one of the saviors of the planet would account for something. Or all the frickin' Materia I brought back from my travels with Spike an' company. Or the fact that I came back to Wutai at all after Meteor. I coulda stayed and helped Tifa an' Spike with the bar they're running. But noooo, I came back to Wutai. And still...'

            "This really is urgent, Yuffie. Hurry up," Godo said, with a commanding tone to his voice. She glared at her door, and pulled on her shirt, a green t-shirt that had been a gift from Tifa. She'd chosen that shirt, along with the pair of jeans that she'd gotten from the same martial artist, for a reason. She knew that Godo hated seeing her wearing them, though he'd never admit it. Wutai women were supposed to dress in an elegant traditional kimono with fifty layers, not in the typical garb of Midgarian teenagers. He'd barely tolerated the ninja's former attire of a tank top and shorts, which had become damaged beyond repair in the final battle with Sephiroth two years ago.

            Yuffie barely hid her smirk at the scowl Godo wore when she emerged from her room in her new attire and plopped down unceremoniously in a large, white chair near him.

            "What's up, pops?" she asked, now unable to hide her smirk as Godo's scowl deepened so much that it looked as if his face was going to break. He opened his mouth, probably to berate her, but closed it again. Finally, he took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and opened them again, composed.

            Now she knew something was wrong. Along with sleeping, drinking tea, and sitting around like the lazy old geezer he was, one of Godo's favorite things to do was argue with his daughter, and he'd just passed up the chance for not one, but two kinda-valid arguments.

            "As you are well aware of, your eighteenth birthday approaches," Godo said. Yuffie shrugged.


            "...and I am sure that you are equally aware that eighteen is the legal age for ascension to the throne..."


            Godo sighed, exasperatedly.

            "Yuffie, you cannot ascend to the throne unmarried," he said. The room was silent for a Yuffie seethed in anger. Godo had been bringing up the topic of marriage to her since she returned from the Meteor incident, and she'd always replied the same way.

            "No," she said. Godo's eye twitched.

            "Don't give me that. Wutai law requires that the ruler of Wutai be married while he or she is on the throne," he replied.

            "Well, then, I guess the throne'll just hafta wait until I get married, then," she replied, in a cold tone. This was the one thing she was unwilling to debate about. She was not getting married until she was ready to do so. And she wasn't ready to do so. There was still so much of her life left, and if she got married now how could she live it?!

           "It doesn't work that way, Yuffie. You cannot just ascend to the throne whenever you feel like it. Now, I have a few suitors around your age at the Pagoda--"

            "No means NO, pops!" Yuffie exclaimed, standing up out of her chair, rage flashing in her eyes.

            "You will!" Godo exclaimed, also standing up.

            "No I WON'T! And YOU CAN'T MAKE ME!!" Yuffie screamed.

            She would grow to regret those words.

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