A/N: I am not really sure where this story is going to go. I had an idea come and I am letting it fly out of my mind and onto the paper. Please let me know what you all think…

Summary: AU to Twilight. Bella Swan had to make a choice, one of right or wrong. Canon pairing and Vampires.


There are times in our lives that we sometimes need to step up and do what is right. Sometimes it may not be what we want to do, but in the end, you know that it is the right thing to do. Of course, what you think is the right thing can end up being the wrong thing. However, you do not know that it is the wrong thing until it is too late. Then, when it is too late, you are unable to make changes to make it right again.

Then there is doing the right thing for the wrong reasons and vice versa. But how does one really know what the right thing is, when so many people are telling you that it's wrong?

That is, until one person walks into your life and you realize that it doesn't matter anymore - right or wrong. In the end, all that matters is just doing it.

This is my story. Of a wrong, trying to make it right, to find out it was wrong, until he told me that it was all right.

Chapter 1

I held the small white stick in my hands, trying hard to stop the tremors that had been racking my body since that night almost two months ago. I did not want to think about it. I tried every day to close it out, constantly thinking of other things to make that night disappear. But now, as I held the small plastic in my hands, the memory of that night came barreling back with tremendous speed and force. I can almost feel it, taste it, and hear it, as though it were happening all over again.

The small blue line began to slide up the stick, to let me know that it was working. My inner self was saying, no praying, that it was going to be negative. It had to be negative. I was only seventeen years old and a victim of…

I sighed as I wiped a tear from my eyes. I couldn't even say the word.

"Bella," I heard my mother, Renee, yell from down the hall of our small apartment in Phoenix. "You're going to be late for school! Hurry up!"

"I'm…um…coming," I hollered back, my voice weak.

I could make out my mother's footsteps on the hardwood floor and knew that she had more than likely caught onto the tone - or lack of - in my voice. I heard the soft tap on the door and quickly moved my hands behind my back.

"Bella, are you alright?" Renee asked from the other side of the door.

"Yeah, mom, I'm fine," I stammered, quickly looking for a place to hide the pregnancy test. I hadn't said anything to anyone and still was not ready to do so.

I watched as my mother began to turn the knob and slowly open the door. I knew that she would be able to see right through my facade and have an idea of what was wrong. I made an impulsive decision, not even realizing what was coming out of my mouth until I heard it myself.

"I want to go live with Charlie," the words came out quickly, throwing my mother off guard.

Renee stopped in mid stride and looked at me like I had officially gone off the deep end.

"Bella," her lips pursed together, the thick brows over her eyes coming together to make a frown. "I know that my marriage to Phil has been hard on you. I have seen the changes in you the past couple of months. But, I think that we can work this out. We'll talk about it tonight at dinner."

"I'm not going to school," I said quietly. Momentarily forgetting the pregnancy test in my hand, I turned around to face the mirror. The little white stick fell down, hitting the floor with a deafening clank in the small porcelain room.

My mother's eyes dropped from my face and then to the thin plastic stick on the ground. She knelt down and picked it up, her eyes wide as she read the results that I had yet to see for myself.

"Bella?" Renee's voice was quiet, she sounded scared, uncertain.

I swallowed hard and tucked a strand of my mahogany hair behind my ear, turning slowly to face her and the stick that had already changed my life.

My mother's face had changed drastically. Her pale skin had become even paler, if that was even possible. Her eyes were wide and dark. But what scared me the most was the disappointment written all over it.

"What is this?" she asked, holding the stick up n the air and I could see the pink plus sign waving at me.

I closed my eyes, fighting the tears. "A pregnancy test," I whispered.

"I can see that. What I don't understand is why?"

"I don't want to talk about it," my voice still low. "I'm not ready. Please, mom."

"Who's the father?"

I lowered my eyes, my long dark lashes covering the fear that I knew Renee could see and more than likely sense. "I don't know."

I heard Renee take in a sharp breath and chances were she was covering her mouth. She let the breath out slowly and then came to place a hand on my shoulder, giving me a small, gentle squeeze.

"Finish getting dressed," she started. "We are going to take care of the problem right now."

I popped my head up and looked at her bright eyes, confused as to what she was really talking about.

Renee let out another small breath. "You are too young to be a mother, and the fact that you don't even know who the father is concerns me. So, we will go down to the clinic. Within an hour, we can put this all behind us."

I nodded my head numbly, not sure if "putting this behind us" would truly work. I walked out of the bathroom and then proceeded down the hall to my room where I picked up my backpack and took out my school books. I placed my wallet and iPod into my bag along with a couple of books and a change of clothes for just in case.

I looked around my room one last time and then closed the door softly behind me. I saw my mother already waiting by the front door, purse and car keys in hand.

The drive to the clinic was a quiet one. I knew that Renee wanted to ask questions, but thankfully she kept quiet. My eyes still stung with unshed tears as we drove through downtown Phoenix.

I saw the small brick building off to the right and fortunately, I had prepared myself for the possibility of seeing picketers out front, holding signs and chanting loudly to all of those that drove by.

We parked in the parking garage and began the walk that somehow felt like walking the plank over a sea of hungry sharks.

I tried to keep my eyes down, but it was difficult. All the brightly colored signs, the pamphlets that were being handed out. My eyes saw it all.

Abortion Kills!

You're a murder!

Give life a chance!

All the sayings were about being against abortion, very few were about the woman's choice.

I began to get this ache in my heart. Something deep down was telling me that this was not the way "to put it behind us." I had other choices, the baby had other choices.

I turned and looked at my mother, who was walking tall, her head straight, eyes not seeing anything. But I saw it all.

We came to the front door, my mother opening it and holding it for me to pass through. I walked in, but I knew that I was not going to be staying long.

I took a seat, while Renee took charge of filling out paperwork, turning over the insurance card. Eventually she came and sat down next to me.

"Um, mom, I need to go the bathroom," I said, standing up. I did not even wait for her to let me know it was okay, I just began to follow the signs for the restroom.

But instead of going into the door marked for women, I turned on my heel and went through the door marked EXIT.

Once outside in the blazing Arizona sun, I bolted. I ran for my life and now the life that I knew was quickly growing inside of me. I rounded a few corners until I could see a taxi parked outside the mall. I banged on the window and then opened the door.

"To the airport," I said, slamming the door behind me, breathing hard.

I looked out the window as the cab driver merged into the traffic, wondering if my mother had realized yet that I was taking far too long.

I placed my hand on my flat stomach and began to rub small circles. This felt right, the other option felt wrong.

I didn't really know where I could go, but figured I would start with Charlie's house.

At the airport, I walked to the ticket counter and requested a ticket to Seattle, Washington. From there I would need to take a small plane to Port Angeles.

This might not be the right decision, in fact, it might be a very wrong one, but it was a decision that I could live with. At least for right now.

I lowered myself into the seat and closed my eyes.