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Chapter 24

Bella's POV

I sat on the couch and looked up at Edward like he had gone mad. My eyes blinked to see if it was all a joke. I shook my head a couple of times but nothing changed. We have been sitting here for what seemed like days as the Cullen's told me everything that has happened since the wedding. None of which I remembered. And the more I thought about it, the less I remembered about why I moved to Forks, Charlie, the wedding, mom – everything seemed to be a fading photograph.

I swallowed back the sting that was in the back of my throat. They kept insisting that I needed to go hunt but the thought of drinking blood repulsed me. My stomach even churned just thinking about it. Jasper kept a critical eye on me the entire time from a safe distance on the other side of the living room. He looked like he was ready to pounce me. If he was using his power, it looked like it hurt.

"Okay, so let's see if I got this straight," I said looking at everyone in my new family. "I was raped, pregnant, moved to Forks to be with my dad. I met Edward and we fell in love, got married. On the honeymoon…"

"We never made it to a honeymoon," Edward interrupted a look of sorrow passed over his face.

It puzzled me on why he would be sorry or mad for not being able to take me on a honeymoon. I pushed it to the back of my mind, anxious to keep going with the facts that I knew. I nodded to let him know I heard and understood him.

"Dean, who was the Captain of the football team from my old school, raped me at a party," the more I kept thinking the more the pictures were not as fuzzy. "I remembered holding the pregnancy test and my mom, Renee, walked in and found it. She and I were not on the best of terms since she married Phil. Immediately she wanted me to get an abortion, but instead I ran here to be with my dad."

The empty hole in my chest began to feel even emptier when I thought about my dad opening the door and seeing me for the first times in years. He opened his arms to me and welcomed me. No thoughts, no explanations. I let out a deep breath and my throat burned a little more. My eyes jumped to Jasper when I sensed him shift.

"She's fine," Alice said quietly and placed a hand on Jasper's arm.

"Eventually, Edward took a liking to me. And I found out he was a vampire as well as the rest of you. Alice, can see the future. Jasper, you can make us feel things. And Edward can read minds."

"Not your," he reminded me.

"Except for me. Dean, somehow was turned into a vampire and these other vampires wanted my unborn baby. Dean came after the wedding and bit me. I remember the baby coming at the same time. My dad's best friend's son is a werewolf and there is a whole pack of them running around. Did I get everything?"

I watched each of them nod their heads slowly.

"That seems to be a good Cliff Notes version," Rosalie said quietly.

"But what I don't understand is why the wolves are still here, how I killed another vampire, and what happened to my daughter."

I looked down to the child in my hands who seemed to have grown months in a matter of minutes.

"Well, the wolves have helped us and we have helped them," Carlisle spoke up. "They are hanging around to help keep an eye on you. Renessmee is growing quickly because of the small amount of venom that did get into her system at least that's my theory. There is no way of really knowing. I never seen anyone like her or have heard of anyone like her. She isn't venomous, so no need to worry about her changing anyone else. And as far as the vampire. Your new and strong. Your instincts took over to protect yourself and the child."

I nodded. It made sense in some strange, twisted way. What other reason is there. "How do you know that she isn't venomous? All of you have can't be bitten twice."

They each looked at one another like they were hiding a secret. Edward took a breath and reached out for my hand which I gave voluntarily.

"Bella, how much do you know about Jacob and his beliefs?"

I thought back as much as I can about my memories of him, which wasn't much. Never spent much time with him when I moved up here. "Not much, why?"

"Well, the wolves' belief in something called imprinting. A love at first sight sort of thing. They are gravitated to each other. Not sure how it works really, all I know is the imprinter cannot live without the imprintee. He is whatever the other person needs at the time. Rather it be a brother, a friend, or a lover."

My eyes looked at him. The lids felt like they were falling back into my smooth forehead. "Are you telling me he loves me?"

I looked up when I hear Rosalie snick. "If only!"

Edward shook his head and growled.

"If not me, then who…"

Everyone seemed to have looked down at the baby who was sleeping in my arms. "My baby?!"

That burn in my throat was stronger now. The need to rip something apart was on the top of my list. My baby, who was only a few weeks old, was already destined to marry a wolf.

"How does that work, a half human, half vampire and a werewolf?"

I could tell no one had any answers. And I could tell that we may never have any answers. Not for a while anyways.

I sat still taking in this new information. Letting it all sink in. It could have been worse I guess. I could have had Renessmee grow up and fall in love with someone I totally hated. The age difference is what's odd.

"He's so old for her," I mused quietly.

"Well, actually, Jacob won't age anymore. As long as he keeps phasing, he will always look like he does," Carlisle said.

"Oh, but my baby?"

"She should eventually stop growing. At the rate she is growing, I would think that by the time she is 6 or so, she will be like a 16 year old. Maybe not emotionally or intellectually, but physically."

I realized in that moment that not only was I in new territory but so was the rest of them.

"So what next?" I asked.

Everyone looked at each other and I could tell that no one had an answer.

"We live forever," Edward said and planted a kiss on my forehead and then on Renessmee's.

"Forever," I mused.

I came here in hopes of making a wrong choice into a right decision. Things had an odd way of playing out.

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