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Chapter 12

Eddy groaned, struggling to regain consciousness. This was not the first time he had felt this way; he had felt similar the night he and Jack had been shot out of the sky in Jack's makeshift "sleigh."

For some reason…now that he thought about it, Eddy felt like that had happened ages ago. But…it had happened a few months after he had turned thirteen.

Eddy suddenly realized that he, Double D, and Ed had been through a lot the past few years. They had first met Noodle back when they were all still twelve, during the summer. Then, that Halloween, they first met Jack. A year after that, on Christmas Eve, the Stouthearted Eds were helping Jack save Christmas from Oogie…again. The year after that, when they were around fifteen years of age, they were saving Peach Creek from Oogie and preparing for the school play…and then they found out how Eddy's brother first met Jack.

But now…Eddy and his two friends were sixteen. Eddy could drive (although he no longer had a car to drive in), he was beginning to think about college (seriously!), and…he actually had someone he could consider a "girlfriend." And…they had saved the world one last time, from a vengeful ghost and a pest of a demon boy.

But was it all worth it?

As Eddy tried to answer that question, he was suddenly interrupted by some familiar voices.

"Ooh! Ooh! I think he's waking up!"

"Ed, don't loom over him! We want Eddy to be breathing!"

"Oh…I hope he's all right…"

Eddy finally found the strength to open his eyes, and he was relieved when his vision became clearer. When he could finally focus, he saw that he was in a large bed in a small, white room. Ed, Double D, and Noodle were standing over him.

"Hi, Eddy!" said Ed, in his happy-go-lucky manner. Eddy couldn't help but remember how excited Ed had been to meet Santa Claus…

"My goodness…" said Double D. "We've been going through this a lot over the years, haven't we?" A memory of Double D coming up with an idea to scare monsters out of pumpkins flashed through Eddy's mind…

"Thank God…" was all Noodle mumbled. That's when Eddy remembered…the kisses

"Uh…" Eddy forced himself to find his voice. "H-hey, guys…where are we?"

"We're in a hospital," said Noodle. "Murdoc got us here as fast as he could."

"We were stopped by the cops once because Murdoc was driving so fast," said Double D. "But they let us go when they realized it was Gorillaz. Though I'm not exactly sure if that's legal…"

"Murdoc almost went warp speed!" Ed said excitedly. "It was so cool!"

"Really…" said Eddy. He took another look around the room; it looked like a normal hospital room. "Uh…how long have we been here?"

"We got here yesterday," said Noodle. "You've been asleep this whole time. We didn't leave your side once."

"Well…" said Ed. "There was that time at 3 a.m. where I had to go to the bathroom real bad, but…"

"Anyway…" Double D cut in, "miraculously, all you suffered from your little stunt was a broken arm and a few bruises and burns. But since you wouldn't wake up, the doctors wanted to keep you overnight, just in case."

At this point, Eddy looked down and realized that his left arm was in a cast.

"Also…Eddy?" Double D continued. "While you were sleeping, we happened to make contact with your brother…"

"What?!" Eddy snapped to attention. "You…didn't tell him about…you know…?"

"Well, I wasn't going to tell him about Hoon," said Double D. "But Ed here was so kind enough to mention it as I was trying to gently break it to your brother."

Ed shrugged. "Sorry, Eddy," said Ed.

Eddy groaned, gently laying himself back down on the bed. "Is he gonna kill me when we get home?" he asked.

"Well…" Double D tried to find the right words. "While he did seem a little…ballistic over the phone, he calmed down a little after I explained our little adventure to him. But he still seemed upset."

"Great," said Eddy. "I might not want to go home for a couple more days."

"You don't have to, right?" asked Noodle.

All three Eds turned to the Japanese guitarist.

"What?" asked Ed.

"Well…you still have a few days of Spring Break left, right?" asked Noodle. "You see…I had something salvaged from the El Manana music video, and I was thinking we all could ride it."

"Ride it?" asked Double D. "What do you…?"

Then, suddenly, all three Eds got it.

"Really, Noodle?" asked Eddy.

Noodle smiled. "I heard the doctor say that Eddy is free to leave the hospital when he wakes up."

"Cool!" said Ed.

Double D turned to Eddy. "Eddy, are you up for it?" he asked.

Eddy glanced at Noodle, and smiled. "Right now, I'm up for anything," he said.


So, thanks to 2D, Murdoc, and Russel (who all decided to stay on the ground), the Eds and Noodle suddenly found themselves on a floating windmill island (with a few patches sewn on it) flying above the England landscapes.

Eddy and Noodle were sitting up near the front, right next to each other, while Ed and Double D were a few feet behind them. Double D was busy explaining to Ed how Ed's saliva was not a scientific way to see how far up they were. In other words, they were too busy to notice Eddy or Noodle.

Noodle was holding Eddy's left arm, gently stroking his cast. They were watching the sun slowly set over the horizon; something that was nearly impossible with the thick, ugly clouds hanging over Kong Studios.

"Nice, isn't it?" Noodle quietly asked.

"Yeah, it is," said Eddy. "Wasn't exactly how I was planning to spend Spring Break, but I'm not complaining."

Noodle turned her head toward Eddy and gave a small smile. Then, the two slowly leaned in and gently kissed each other on the lips. When they finally separated, they exchanged a small giggle between each other.

After that, they went back to watching the sunset for a while. Then, Noodle decided to speak up again.

"Eddy?" she asked.

"Yeah?" Eddy replied.

"You know that story you guys told me about the other day?" Noodle asked. "About how you met me, and your friend Jack, and everything else that you guys have gone through over the past few years?"

"Yeah," said Eddy. "What about it?"

"Well, I was just wondering…" Noodle paused. "If you were to know all of that was going to happen, everything up until right now…" She paused again. "…Would you want to do it all over again?"

Eddy was surprised by that question. Suddenly, he felt a thousand memories swirl through his head:

Making a lemonade stand on the first day of summer…nearly getting run over by Murdoc…selling little Noodle lemonade…playing with Noodle in the park…finding out Noodle had to leave…exchanging his e-mail address with Noodle…finding his brother's map in the attic…first meeting Jack Skellington…going along with Jack's plan…finding out that Jack knew Eddy's brother…getting shot out of the sky…defeating Oogie Boogie for the first time…giving his jawbreaker to Jack…getting his Yo-Yo Mace…preventing Oogie from becoming the Seven Holidays King…playing a hippie in the school's production of Hair…seeing Oogie fall into that lava-filled crevice deep in Peach Creek Woods…hearing his brother's story about how he met Jack…hooking up with Noodle again…going to Los Angeles with his best friends…driving Hoon into a Hell Hole to stop demons from taking over the world…and Noodle becoming his girlfriend.

Eddy then turned to Ed and Double D, who were also looking at the sunset with serenity on their faces. They'd gone through their share of excitement the past few years…but no matter what happened, the three Stouthearted Eds had stuck together. No matter what had happened. It was amazing.

After thinking about all this, Eddy finally turned back to Noodle, who was waiting for an answer. He stared at her for a few seconds, before a smile slowly crept its way onto his face. And then, Eddy summed up everything he was feeling about the past few years in two little words that explained it all:

"Wouldn't you?"

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