"can I have a human moment, please?" I asked quietly after I woke up in Edward's arms again.

"of course."

I grabbed my things and went to take my shower. As usual, it took forever because every time I thought of Edward sitting on my bed, the Greek god that he is, I tensed up and got excited again.

I walked back into my room and asked, "so what are we doing today?"

"I thought I would leave that up to you today. What are we going to do?" he said.

"hmm… OH! I know exactly what we are going to do but it is a surprise. Lets go, I'm driving!" I squealed. I grabbed Edward's hand and dragged him to the front door.

As I was opening the door, Edward mumbled something about there being someone on the other side but it was too late. The moment I saw her I screamed.

"Can I come too?" Alice asked.

"God Alice!" I sighed.

"is that a no?" she pouted.

"no. I mean, yes you can come as long as you promise to never give me a heart attack again!" I said, still dazed from her appearance. "oh! don't tell Edward where we're going."

"I haven't, and I won't." she promised.

"ok. Let's go." I said with conviction. We got in the Volvo and Alice drove there.

"Are you serious?" Edward asked.

"you bet I am," I assured.

"we're going mini golfing?"

"yeah." we walked into the course and paid. We got our putters and balls. Mine was blue, Alice's was hot pink, and Edward's was yellow. We went through the first three holes and while Alice and Edward both got par or below, I was at least three over every time. That's when I noticed. On the forth hole as I bent over to hit the ball, Edward looked at my butt.

After that, I started winning because Edward was too focused on my behind to get the ball in the hole, and Alice was laughing too hard. The tables had turned. I was getting par and they were going WAY over.

"are you feeling alright, darling?" I asked Edward at the ninth hole. I rested my hand on his shoulder and pressed my body to his. He mumbled something unintelligible and walked away. Alice burst into a fit of giggles.

We finished the game and I went to claim my prize. It was a gift certificate to come back for a free game. Hmm… maybe for Emmett. I came in first, Alice second, and Edward last.

"WHOO!! I won!!" I yelled while doing the happy victory dance that football players do. I even threw down my ball. It would have been perfect… if I hadn't fallen over my own two feet. Naturally, Edward caught me.

"let's go home. I think there's been enough excitement for today." he whispered in my ear and kissed me on the forehead. Then, he threw me over his shoulder and carried me to the car. I think he did it so he could get a good view of my ass. Whatever. Stupid 107 year old virgin pervert. I love him anyway.