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Chapter 10

I heard later that General Hammond and Walter went to the surveillance room to see what happened between Jack and myself… and apparently Daniel and Teal'c joined them, followed by Siler, most of the technicians from the control room, a few scientist led by Bill Lee, Janet's whole staff, and Janet herself. How the word spread out so quickly, I have no idea.

I'm glad now we decided to go to the surface and have our little 'chat' somewhere private. So they had nothing much to see.

Janet still hasn't forgiven me for that.

On our way to Jack's house little was said, but the one thing we could decide on was to take things slow.

That plan went straight through the window once we made it to our destination. Clothes got ripped away, furniture got broken, all coherent thought non existent, while the bed remained undisturbed. Very cliché. Jack's words, not mine.

Still, even though married, and consummating our relationship, it seemed best to keep our separate lives for the time being.

After the head sucking thing, I moved in. Enough was enough.

That's when the things really started to heat up.

I bought him a new yo-yo, one that went to the wall when we were glued together, which of course I broke again in frustration.

Jack taped me snoring. Said it was cute. I trashed his favorite mug.

He didn't wash the sink after his shave. Something that I really, really hate, so I broke the razors.

The final straw was when he found his Simpson's DVDs scratched. Unwatchable. Jack strolled out of the house, mad as hell. I don't even remember why I was upset.

Waiting for him then, has been the worst time of my life. He came back after five hours with nothing but understanding.

"This breaking thing you got going has got to stop."

Apparently, with some alone time, the love of my life realized I felt threatened. So, Jack said he didn't look for a relationship where he'll be the leader or where he'll issue orders for me to follow, he wanted an equal partnership. One where we will share, but still keep our individuality and one where I could say anything that bothers me, not go around destroying our house.

Haven't broken anything since. And of course replaced the Simpsons DVD set the next day. Even watched a few episodes.

Jack became a General, leading the SGC, and I got a promotion to Lt. Colonel. Not bad really. The proudest moment of my life, for both of us.

There were days when General O'Neill would join us on an off world missions, and Daniel couldn't stop teasing us about not sharing a tent.

"Daniel, you may think Carter has complete control, but," Jack paused, "you have no idea how out of control she is." he said as if I'd jump him the moment he stepped through the tent.

As if!

Like those arms are irresistible! Or his six. Lips… the way his hands go over my body… ahm… Anyway. Daniel never talked about it again, and I continued to sleep in Teal'c's tent.

Teal'c being Teal'c gave us his silent support.

We went to visit dad, to tell him the news. He already knew. I don't know how, but the moment dad saw us, his eyes locked with Jack's and my husband started running. With my father on his heals. Old men my ass.

They came back after three hours, neither wanting to tell me what has happened and Jack still wont talk about it, but apparently at ease with each other. Dad promised to come and visit, which he did, taking the boys drinking. To celebrate, he said. Fun isn't the way I'd describe that night.

We beat the replicators that year. Anubis as well. Well, Oma did that, according to Daniel. What ever the case, I was glad.

However, that meant end in more ways than one.

Dad died not long after. Couldn't believe it. When I look back at it now, I realize I was in a state of shock. I did make peace with him, and our relationship improved immensely after his blending, but still, he was supposed to out live me.

It never occurred to me to do a real wedding while he was alive. I'll regret that for the rest of my life - not giving him the opportunity to walk me down the aisle.

He knew I was happy, completely, but still…

Jack was always there. Didn't leave my side for days, and we finally went fishing, all of us.

We were saying goodbye.

Teal'c decided to rejoin the newly formed Jaffa nation as the leader of his people, while Daniel decided to go to Atlantis. Jack received another promotion, which meant moving to Washington, while I got my transfer orders to Nevada. Long distance marriage for us.

I thought I'd miss them terribly. And I did. For a while.

Daniel never really left. Vala kidnapped him and effectively stopped my friend from going so far away. Come to think of it, I never really thanked her for that. Huh.

Teal'c came back as the new threat to the Galaxy appeared.

The Ori.

General Landry recalled me to the SGC, and eventually to SG-1 under the leadership of Cameron Mitchell. I didn't really care who held the leading position, and I really didn't want to go back. But orders are orders, or so Jack told me. Ironic, right?

"We need you out there Carter."

He said that one night, effectively breaking our rule of no work related stuff when we're together. I remember glaring at him, but Jack remained firm.

Two years after that, and the Ori were finally gone.

That's when we actually got married for real. Invited all our friends and had a big, big party, celebrating not just our marriage but also our victory.

Janet, Cassie and Vala stood as bridesmaids and Daniel as Jack's best men.

Nobody gave me away as I walked alone in memory of my father.

Than came Atlantis.

IOA recommended me for the spot, and the military rejoiced and heavily supported their decision. I wanted to turn it down, when General O'Neill called me for an official meeting.

"I was the one who recommended you for the leadership of Atlantis in the first place Colonel. Well, from the military anyway," he waved his hand as if it didn't really matter. "They need you out there Carter," the General spoke solemnly and to that I had no other answer than:

"Yes, sir."

Just like that, I was going to Atlantis.

Later that evening when Jack got home, I had trouble distinguishing my husband and my superior officer. It took every ounce of my strength not to pick up his favorite game boy to take it apart. And I wouldn't have stopped there.

Instead I broke into tears, and asked him if he still loved me.

"Always," he said.

The word that I carried with me all this time. Engraved on my ring, and in my heart.

I loved Atlantis, as Jack knew I would. We even talked about him retiring there. However, that's not going to happen, and Jack probably knows already.

Walking into our house, which is unlocked (leave it to Jack…), I find myself staring into those beautiful brown eyes, completely forgetting my anger with Woolsey and the worries of the galaxy.

"Welcome home," Jack smiles.

I jump into his arms as if there's no tomorrow. "Hi," is all I can manage before kissing him deeply.

So, now?

Now it's time for a moon base.

And finally…

…time for Grace.

The End.