The War of Haruhi Suzumiya – A Haruhi Suzumiya Fanfic

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Kyon finds himself in the middle of a cataclysmic war between aliens, espers, time travelers and two girls that have the ability to change the universe… How will he react?

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Chapter 7: Sacrifice

"Sasaki, it is time for you to perish."

Haruhi and Sasaki stared daggers at each other. I felt the Earth shake and quake from the combined power of these two titans. This was a scene out of an award-nominated action movie with a ridiculous filming budget. If only this was a fake scene and something that didn't determine the fate of the universe.

While the all-powerful classmate of mine and the all-powerful ex-classmate of mine glared at each other preparing for a showdown, I began to calculate the odds of Haruhi winning this slugfest of supernatural powers, this battle of light and darkness, this ultimate showdown between good and evil. Tachibana, Fujiwara and Suou were dead, but on the other hand, regrettably, so were Koizumi and Asahina-san. I didn't know if Nagato was dead or just out of commission, but the alien's lifeless body remained where it lay when she cast the final blow on Tachibana. Sasaki had no one left on her side. Haruhi had me left.

So basically, it was one-on-one.

I had my weapons but they were pretty much useless against Sasaki; even firing my shotgun point-blank at her would probably have the effect a mosquito would on a dragon. I had no choice but to play spectator in this war for the world. The two girls remained still and intensely staring at each other in the air. Then without warning, Sasaki decided to strike. With an energy-charged fist, she swung at Haruhi and failed to connect. The white-winged girl took the opportunity to grab the dark-winged girl's wrist and throw her into the foundation of a crumbled building. With no hesitation, Haruhi sent a volley of energy balls into the rubble. A humongous explosion resonated within the area, knocking down the buildings lucky enough to remain standing. Is it possible for inanimate objects to have luck? Does that make sense? Gah, my mind isn't functioning properly right now. I must focus on the battle in front of me. Did Haruhi's attack get rid of Sasaki? Another large explosion rocked the area. When the smoke cleared, a black-winged angel radiating in an aura of darkness emerged.

"It's going to take more than that to get rid of me, Haruhi Suzumiya!"

Guess it didn't.

Sasaki raised her right hand with her palm facing up and sent her own massive number of energy balls at Haruhi. She dodged and swatted the attacks away but failed to see the energy tentacle that Sasaki formed with her other hand coming at her. The elongated limb connected with Haruhi and knocked her through several buildings and collapsing them on top of her. Flying high above the wreckage, the dark angel began to chuckle softly, an action which did not fit her look and demeanor, I must say. The chuckle then became louder and more pronounced, and a hell of a lot more insane-sounding. Ah, that fits Sasaki better. She then yelled out in the direction of Haruhi.

"You fool! You thought that you could win against me? I have the power of three of the most powerful supernatural beings in me, whereas you have only the power of yourself. That does not equate to a victory on your behalf, Suzumiya! The world is mine! That does not matter to me, however. Kyon is mine. All mine! Do you know what you get? DEATH!"

The black-winged girl then did something utterly unexpected. Her mouth still open from yelling at Haruhi, Sasaki fired a gigantic black energy wave from it. The explosion from the beam decimated the surrounding area. Buildings began to collapse and debris began to fly everywhere. If there were any people in the vicinity of the blast, they were sure to be eviscerated by the pure power of the explosion. That made me worry about the state of Haruhi. There were aftershocks to the explosion as well, almost as if Mother Nature herself was suffering at the hands (or mouth, I should say) of the dark-winged girl. I somehow remained unscathed through this storm of hellfire. I didn't want to just stand around and take my chances, however. Looking around for somewhere I could find cover, my gaze was caught by a small glint of blue. What could that be? It seemed to be a shield of blue energy surrounding a small figure. The powerful aftershocks of the cataclysmic explosion glanced off the shield.


My attention was grabbed by the ruined, twisted metal frame of a building had been kicked up by the explosion and was coming at me with the speed of a go-for-broke racecar driver dedicated to nothing more than winning the cup. Impending doom was coming my way and all I could think of was a sarcastic metaphor for it. That was the first thing that came to my mind before oncoming death. I truly am a pathetic individual. All of a sudden, a flash of blue and purple entered my vision. I then proceeded to close my eyes, however. Instead of feeling myself getting flattened like a bug amongst a herd of sugar-addled grade-schoolers, I heard a cracking noise and several clunking noises, as if multiple objects had hit the ground. Opening my eyes, a small, purple-haired girl stood in front of me with her right fist extended. On the ground was the metal frame, although it now lay in several pieces. I'm alive! Thank God! Wait a minute, was I just saved by a small, purple-haired girl?

Nagato's alive! NAGATO! I hugged her uncharacteristically before quickly letting her go. Are you okay?

"The current functional capacity of the Interface is 42%. Enabling Full Recovery Mode would disable any offensive or defensive capabilities. In order to sustain offensive data and defensive tactics, Marginal Recovery Mode will be activated. Full Assault Mode will be activated if the threat level indicates it is necessary. Recovery Mode will be disabled at that point and Full Assault Mode will negatively affect functional capacity." Does that mean that you won't be using your power in order to fully recover? No, Nagato! You need to heal yourself fully! Don't go into Full Assault Mode either. You don't need to attack, Nagato; you need to recover! The alien in the completely torn North High uniform looked at me with her big, golden eyes.

"I will protect you."

I knew I could say nothing to her. From day one, Nagato had strict orders from her superiors to watch over and observe Haruhi. Nothing more and nothing less. However, more times than not, I found her fighting for me and doing things that helped me out. Sure, I helped her out when the Sky Canopy Domain attacked her on that snowy mountain, but more often than not, it was Nagato saving me. She had her own special place in my heart for that reason, and I hope that somewhere in her Interface's body or heart, that I had my own special place too. All I could say to her for taking on the responsibility of protecting me in spite of her grievous injuries was "thanks". She nodded with one of those nods that one could only notice if they spent a lot of time with her.

"Well, I hate to break this moment up but Nagato, would you mind stepping away from my Kyon?" Sasaki descended to the ground and began to walk toward us. The small alien next to me began to mouth her magic gibberish code. You better not be going into Full Assault Mode, Nagato!

"Full Assault Mode, activated." You ought to listen to when people say not to do things, Nagato! She did not hear me, however, as she made her way toward Sasaki with blinding speed. Burning with a blue flame surrounding her, the purple-haired alien ducked under a series of punches from the black-winged girl. Nagato landed a devastating gut punch followed by an energy-charged uppercut that knocked Sasaki off of her feet about fifteen feet away. The alien then started to run and then engaged in a slide kick that lifted Sasaki off the ground. Nagato followed this with a powerful roundhouse that sent her counterpart flying into a mountain of debris. Maybe we have a chance with this Full Assault Mode of Nagato's…

The small girl then punched the ground, causing a wave of energy to pulsate toward and into the mountain of debris holding Sasaki. Another massive explosion devastated the area; any action movie fan would have their eyes glued to the screen and their behinds glued to their seat due to the amount of explosions and destruction. Too bad that this is not an action movie. Back to the matter at hand, Nagato's ground wave had turned the debris holding Sasaki into fine dust. Yes, Nagato! Nice shot!

Looking at her, she was not in good shape. She was supporting herself on one knee, hunched over the ground. The only other time I had ever seen her looking like this was during the episode on the snowy mountain. If she were a regular human being, I think she would have keeled over from exhaustion already. I began to walk toward her. I would try and do my best to protect her and let her recover. As I opened my mouth to call out to her, I saw a flash of black and felt a gust of wind, as if something zoomed past me. BOOM!

Sasaki had recovered from the attack, flew past me and had pinned Nagato down to the ground. The dark God began delivering an onslaught of energy-charged fists into the Interface of the Integrated Data Sentient Entity. A look of pure malice was glued on the visage of the attacker, a look I had never seen on Sasaki's face before. I couldn't take it anymore. I was not going to lose another one of my friends, another one of the SOS Brigade that I had come to love and appreciate. Grabbing the Beretta pistol out of its holster on my hip, I walked toward Sasaki. She was so immersed in beating Nagato, she seemingly did not notice me behind her. Once I got behind her, I placed the pistol at the back of her head. Trying to put on the toughest act I possibly could, I spoke.

"Stop it, Sasaki." Great, I sound like I'm a little kid pleading with the bully to not beat him up. Way to sound tough! Ahem, I mean…

Sasaki stopped punching Nagato but remained with the back of her head to me.

"Dearest Kyon, you know that the weaponry you carry isn't nearly enough to hurt me, let alone kill me right? You should just accept the fact that Suzumiya and her merry gang have all perished, and you should accept the fact that you and I will rule the universe together! You've always been rational, Kyon, ever since middle school. You see what I'm capable of and you know what your weapons aren't capable of, so just join me, okay?" She chuckled softly again. Stop laughing, Sasaki. My weapons aren't capable of hurting you, however, they may inflict quite a bit of damage on myself. Cocking back the Beretta, I placed it to my temple.

In a heartbeat, Sasaki turned herself around to look at me. For the first time in my entire time knowing her, I saw fear in her eyes.

"What are you doing, Kyon?" She said softly. "You're not being rational right now. Put the gun down."

"I'm causing quite a mess for everybody, so I might as well just nip this problem in the bud. Maybe I'll get to see my family, Asahina-san, Koizumi and all my other friends who you killed today. You've turned me against you, Sasaki. The way I look at it now, if Haruhi can't have me, you definitely can't." I placed my finger on the trigger.

"Stop." The voice who said that did not belong to the black-winged angel of death. It began to a small, purple-haired girl who remained calm and expressionless despite her bloody and beaten-to-a-pulp face. "There is no need."

"I will protect you."

Looking in her golden eyes, I knew that this was the last time I'd see her. I owed her my life for all the times she saved my neck, for all the times she had protected me from the ridiculous things that happened to me due to my association with Haruhi. She was going to save my neck one last time. She was going to sacrifice her all for me. She would always be special to me, as my alien, as my powerful protector, as my emotionless guardian, as my friend. All I wanted was to see was her smile, like she did in that alternate reality. Now, I knew that I'd never have a chance to see it in this world...

Looking in her golden eyes, I saw a glint of sadness and emotion. Hmm, I guess she did learn how to convey emotion, albeit in her own special and subtle way.

Looking in her golden eyes, I knew this was goodbye.

A blue aura covered Nagato, a blinding light ensnared my vision and a meteoric rumbling resonated in my hearing.

Another explosion. This time, I was caught in the middle of it. I closed my eyes. I felt myself floating. Was I dead? Opening my eyes, I saw myself engulfed in a white aura. I felt calm. Truly, I was dead. I was on my way to Heaven, I suppose. I could see it now; an eternity playing video games with my sister, playing board games with Koizumi, drinking Asahina-san's tea (I wonder how good it would be in Heaven, considering it already tasted heavenly on Earth) and just hanging out with Nagato. If Haruhi was in Heaven too, she'd probably send us all on an "angel search" or something. I felt something brush my cheek softly. That feels nice.


"SNAP OUT OF IT, KYON! IT'S JUST YOU AND ME NOW!" Shaking my head, I saw that I was in fact, still alive. Still alive and still in a land of carnage and despair. I was also in Haruhi's arms. WHOA! Isn't this backwards? More importantly though, how did I survive? How did you survive?

"Somehow, you escaped from that big explosion unscathed. I found you and picked you up after I regained consciousness… I-I didn't think I'd make it, Kyon." I looked up at her face. It still shone with the beauty of an angel although there was dried blood and cuts all across her visage. You're stronger than that, Haruhi. If anyone could do it, you have the resolve to. Hearing that, she donned a wide grin. I couldn't help but smile. I also couldn't help but look in her eyes and her lips, and begin to get drawn in. Haruhi was initially surprised to see me going for a kiss, but then she smiled, closed her eyes and moved her face closer to mine. I closed my eyes as our faces approached each other. I could feel her breath on my face. Nothing could ruin this moment...

Out of nowhere, a soft chuckle resonated in the quiet air.

"What do you think you're doing, Suzumiya?"

Nothing could ruin this moment but that.


(What I've Done begins to play.)

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